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reality deviant chapter 8 . 8/2/2014
great to have this update
Quathis chapter 8 . 7/28/2014
Mari is having some fun and getting in trouble. That she inadvertently saves Shinji's life is a cool coincidence. I kept expecting her to take down the three cultists, especially since it was established that she's very capable of hand to hand combat. Guess she's the whole shebang instead of just the minions. Fun chapter to read. Until next time.
Mike313 chapter 8 . 7/28/2014
It's always nice to see you update something, and it's good to see Mari getting caught up in some action immediately, no matter how bad her luck had to be to make that happen.

I know I probably sound like a broken record on this issue, but I really do think you should pick up the pace. You're over 120K words and you just got Mari to Tokyo-3, after all. I know she requires more setup than most of the others, but still. At this rate it'll take you about a million words or more to get through the story.

Also, I have to say I'm really surprised Asuka apparently likes Maria.
animefan29 chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
Ouch, that was pretty harsh, though I suppose portraying Fury as the cold calculating bas****. And the Infinity Serum sounds like a typical DC plot device to explain why individuals who should be ancient are still young and spry.

One thing I still love is how SHIELD knows/suspects something is wrong with NERV, but are completely inaccurate in regards to what the end result will be.
Quathis chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
During Fury's rant against her for helping, I thought about how Steve would approach this, and the process I came up with was: 1. Act the good soldier boy 2. Sweet talk the medical head to getting himself made Fury's exercise coach 3. Pay the Colonel back in bruises and really long runs (50 miles sounds good). Either that or do pretty much what Mari did in argue the point. Very passionate section, even if Fury's side came across cold.

The omake with the MREs was an interesting idea on why they tasted so bad, cause mine, while bland and blah, never were "used kitty litter" level. But, yeah, MREs as old as you are can't be good. And I was hoping for the Samuel Jackson Nick Fury. Kind of who I was picturing and whose voice I heard saying everything. Now it's the one from the 90's Spiderman cartoon. And he's just not as cool.

Until next time.
Zaralann chapter 6 . 12/1/2012
Blitzstrahl chapter 1 . 3/22/2012
hmm Anno stated in a interview Mari is British dont that kind of fly in the face of her being captain america? wouldnt basing her off of union jack be better
Cylon One chapter 6 . 12/12/2011
Everything gone on so far is very cool.

Continuation someday is a must.

I would just love to read more.
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 6 . 8/26/2011
awesome story so far, wonderful battle scenes and detailed. Keep up the good work!
ephemeral violet chapter 6 . 4/19/2011
Love the last omake XD Keep up the good work!
Gundam Kaiser chapter 6 . 4/3/2011
Well, this is certainly interesting. Reading this has inspired in me the urge to do a Shinji/Mari Eva crossover, or rather a fusion... Anyhow, I look forward to future chapters with a voracious hunger that would put Luciela, Isley, Riful, and Priscilla (Abyssal Ones, "Claymore") to shame!
carlos13 chapter 1 . 2/7/2011
god job
Generator X chapter 6 . 11/12/2010
Ok, first I love "American Dream" it's well written and well thought out

But I feel the need to set a few things straight

1# "the hybrid cannons were designed to punch through anything, even an AT-Field!"

No, I don’t think they can. The AT-Field can bend space and take on a nuke head on and not have a paper cut. although the strength of AT-fields varies between angels, for example the angels Zeruel and Ramiel posses extremely powerful AT-fields. The AT-field is one of the most primal forces in the universe, it’s very similar to Spiral Energy from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

2# "The Angel hadn't used its AT-Field when it crashed into the ship"

Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there

3# "Its AT-Field doesn't keep the water away! If it did, the Angel wouldn't be able to swim!"

it don't need to. The AT-Field automatic, it activates when there's real danger. The Angel doesn't even need to know that there's an attack for it to activate.

4# " Light that surged through the water and struck the Angel in its many eyes, momentarily blinding it."

I don’t think you can blind an Angel

5# The grapples

I can't buy that, there’s no way that those grapples can do enough damage to kill it. It was shown in episode 19 that Zeruel's cutting "arms" fail to penetrate Unit 01’s core

6# “growing dark right before the new Captain's eyes."

an Angle would rather self destruct then just let themselves die

7#"So Commander Creep's been pulling some strings to make sure that Shinji was alone and stayed that way. But why?"

there's no evidence to suggest that Gendo had ANYTHING to do with his son's life. Gendo thought that he would awaken Yui’s soul by using Shinji, like using a stake to draw out a lion. of course if Yui ever got her claws in Gendo…

8# Yui

Yui is the biggest unknown. When she is seen as a human, Yui is shown to be kind, optimistic, and motherly. But the most striking part of her personality is her faith in future.

“Girlfriend of Steel 2nd/Angelic Days”

In this series, it is revealed early on that Yui is still alive and working at Nerv in an unspecified capacity. She does not play a major role until the fifth volume, which takes place in the past, when both she and Gendo were junior high students attending the same school. As a junior high student, she is the hard-working class representative with many friends. However, she feels concern for Gendo, and attempts to get him to open up to her. In doing so, she and Gendo manage to become close, but this comes at the cost of her other friendships at the school.

“Shinji Ikari Raising Project”

In this series, Yui is the head of research operations within Nerv (taking over Ritsuko Akagi's place). Here, Rei becomes her distant relative. She is shown to be a jovial mother and hardworking scientist, although she does not tolerate too much foolishness. (When Gendo shone his torch in a scary fashion during a blackout, Yui gave him a comical smack.) Yui keeping Gendo "in line" and smacking him for his antics seems to be a running gag in the series.

One of the murkiest aspects of NGE is Yui's motives. Was it really just an accident that she provided the soul for Eva-01? If she did it on purpose, why? Why would she want Shinji to be present during a risky contact experiment. What were her plans for Third Impact? Does her occasional violent behavior after becoming an Eva indicate at least some degree of mental illness on her part? Did she plan all along to go into exile in outer space?

all that is known is that Yui's intentions are different than Seele's

9# Rei

there's no evidence to suggest that Rei knew anything about her and Yui.


in the comics Nick Fury discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. itself had been under the control of the terrorist organization HYDRA ostensibly from its very beginning. so it makes sense that SEELE controls S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA


some of you do know and some of you don't. There is a ps2 Evangelion 2 game, in this game you can learn secrets you can't find in the manga or the anime; direct from the creators of the anime themselves. but whether or not this can be considered Canon is unknown

Eva 01 :

- It's once again confirmed here that Eva 01 does indeed contain Yui's soul. Also, SEELE consider having Shinji as its pilot a danger to them, for Gendo has his own purpose for it.

Yui :

- Yui is the daughter of a powerful member of SEELE, and she knows about SEELE's plans. This maybe why Gendo deliberately wanted to get close to her.

Gendo :

- It's again confirmed that Gendo's ultimate plan for human complementation project is to meet Yui, and that he did graft Adam onto his hand for this purpose.

Human Complementation project :

- It's a project to elevate humans into a being close to gods. S2 unit is the "base" of god, and Evas are the "body" of god. Once the human souls are merged into them both, and our "last natural enemy", the fail safe device Longinus spear is destroyed, nothing then can stop the process of the complementation. SEELE consider themselves superior humans and our "guides" for completing such process.

NOTE : This is very interesting info, particularly that the Longinus spear can be considered a fail safe device that may be used to stop the complementation. It could be the reason how Shinji is able to reject it, since the spear is merged with Eva 01.

AT field :

- It's confirmed here that when AT field is being expanded into infinite, humans will revert into LCL. ie. A being close to god considered by SEELE.

Angels :

- Angels are Adam based life forms, where humans are Lilith based life forms. It's said here that a planet cannot handle 2 kinds of life forms. It's described that the Angel's actions are basically survival instincts. Some with purpose to access with Lilith, which will "reset" all life (thus give them rooms to start over? not sure exactly what this means), some with purpose to retrieve their own "creator" Adam, and some just don't think about anything. Overall, Angels are sent to ensure the survival of Adam based life forms on Earth.

Note : Extremely interesting bit...finally shed some lights to angel's mysterious actions.

The First Ancestor Civilization :

- This is the "being" that created Angels (and humans).

- It's described that they are "aliens" which spread their "seeds of life" throughout the galaxy, for what purposes or reasons are unknown today. It's said that it's pure "bad luck" that there are 2 seeds spread on the same planet, which results the conflict between Adam based and Lilith based life forms. The 2 seeds are white moon (Adam) and black moon (Lilith)

- The first ancestors are able to make a moon like, hallow carrier of life, and able to send it across the universe. With such technology, the first ancestors are considered as gods to both humans and angels.

NOTE : By far the most interesting bit of all files, the creators actually went towards a more Sci Fi explanation here...certainly gives us more to think about.
Elprimerodelos3 chapter 6 . 7/14/2010
Esta sin duda se ha combertido en una de mis historias favoritas, muuy bien escrita y resuelta por cada capitulo, muy buena, felicidades.
Quathis chapter 6 . 6/16/2010
Oh dang, lots of turmoil in the girl's life springing up here. Big betrayal from Dungan - orders or not, this probably will destroy the trust she had in him. Fury never was good at the whole trust game, and I do hope to see him slugged for it at least once.

Incredibly resourceful and observant of Mari during the fight. She is living up to Steve Rogers legacy, and insanity! Until next time.
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