Reviews for Get Me to You
BellaFlan chapter 6 . 4/24/2012
Ohai! Just reminding you that I think this is one of the best stories in FFn. Yep, that's all.

Flanny xoxoxo
lola8810 chapter 6 . 4/6/2012
my goodness, fantastic story!
ShaunaBelle chapter 6 . 4/3/2012
I love this story and this Jasper. I have found this story twice and read it both times. It is a wonderful growing up story!
StrayingSheep chapter 5 . 3/30/2012
This is the first Twific I remember reading where I ended up rooting for Jasper. Considering what an E/B fanatic I was at the time, I can probably pay no higher compliment to your writing. ;)
The Dark I Know Well chapter 6 . 3/29/2012
Actually, I have no idea how I ended up here. I don't even read fanfic based on Twilight.

But to tell you the truth, I couldn't stop reading. I read all chapters in a row. It's 1 am right now and I have to get up early tomorrow, but I just couldn't stop. I blame your writing skills for that!

Because this is wonderful. I have never ever read anything quite like this. Your way of writing is different and quite amazing. I love how strong their connection is and how they always have to touch each other, as if they'll die if they don't.

So, just wow. And the epilogue was just perfect, I usually don't like it when a story ends with a fragment of a few years later, it is usually extremely cliché. It doesn't do justice to the story. But here, it works, it simply works. And I love it.

Amazing job, I'd love to read more of your work

Fandens chapter 6 . 3/24/2012
I kind of wish I could favourite this more than once! Loved it to death.
orangeapeal chapter 5 . 3/15/2012
Super story, neat how Emmett's the man o' wisdom, how Edward both grows up & doesn't get his way, & how you wrote a deep beautiful H.S. love story without getting sappy or trite or into stereotypes. Creative writing style, well done!
PNW Luna chapter 6 . 3/14/2012
Bella's got a little south in her mouth!

I really enjoyed your twisted love triangle. A refreshing departure from the standard canon cliches.

The story is a good length. You managed to convey so much very succinctly without sacrifice to plot or characters. Well done.

Sorry I didn't review all the chapters.
jumperbean chapter 6 . 3/6/2012
This story was a breath of fresh air. Thanks for writing it!
MakeMeWantToKeepOnReading chapter 5 . 2/19/2012
this one off the best
lindsay51270 chapter 1 . 2/16/2012
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your writing. I've read this story several times before and every single time I come back to it I find myself just as entranced and sucked in as the time before. Thank you for this amazing piece of work.

ThiglDub chapter 6 . 2/10/2012
Beautiful story!
Fran Masen chapter 6 . 1/30/2012
I usually don't read anything that has Bella with someone else, but the rare appears and I've to make that exception sometimes.

Great story
kim chapter 6 . 1/24/2012
Wow- What a moving story, I loved it. you have such a different style of writing, so unique; it just pulls you in and sweeps you away. Thank you! Great interpretaion of the characters- I'm an edward fan but I love what you did with jasper, with all of them really- you have a gift. by the way I've read 20 -30 of these twilight fan fiction stories, and though I've enjoyed most of them, you are the only one I've written to!
maarit chapter 6 . 1/15/2012
I really don't know what to say to you. I'm in awe, really. This fic is beautiful, every word of it.
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