Reviews for Faith in Chaos
Tachiglassbender chapter 1 . 8/1/2009
I am going to post the rating here, and state my reasons bellow. i just need to take a deep breath before i do so mind so bare with me. 9/10

*deep breaths* now.

This was incredibly deep. i don't think i have ever read something like this before but i want to find other stories like this, the psychology explored from all the other characters as well is incredibly well done, especially on part of shikimaru. Also leaving most of the actions to the readers imagination and having the story be told mostly in shikimaru's notes of what happened in the day is, and i will take what ever slack i deserve for saying this, genius. The imagination allows the reader to fill in the blanks of everything else that happens and creates such a creepy atmosphere as you start to question, just who can be trusted.

The end reveal and question, is also quite the question and again leaving it to the reader to decide is again another good stroke on the creativity stroke as it makes the reader think. Which sadly not many stories do any more.

Length wise, its good. It doesn't overstay itself and its long enough so the information flow isn't extreme, or to weak, every line is some what vital.

I only nocked a point of for making me take a breather before reviewing ... tho thats more a fault of mine than yours so take it for what you will.
DarkRyan75 chapter 10 . 8/1/2009
Even though I already reviewed on IMDb, I've decided to review here too. If only to promote the story to other readers who look at reviews or something.

And the story is brilliant. I don't know many writers who can pull off a good suspense and psychological story, but you're one of them. You make the reader think about what might happen next, theorizing over what's happening to the characters. Then realize what's really happening, only to ask more questions. And then chapter ten comes along...

So, yeah. Brilliant read. Minor spelling and grammical errors every now and then ('Byuakuguan', though I'm not sure if that's like the whole translation thing or not, like Choji to Chouji). Hardly noticeable after the first chapter, though. So, yeah. Brilliant read.
Gabsterella chapter 4 . 7/28/2009
I like it! It's super interesting and I really like where its headed