Reviews for Being a Veela's mate
lovergyrl100 chapter 23 . 8/22
'my behindsee each other twice a week' Molly Weasley is brilliant. Out of curiosity is that last one because of the twins?
Bri Kimball chapter 29 . 8/18
OMG I LOVE DOBBY! this chapter made laugh so hard i cried.
Comrade'sRoza chapter 83 . 6/24
Brilliant! This was so so different from all the other veela stories I have read.
Guest chapter 83 . 6/13
This story was amazing, original, and interesting. I loved reading it. Thank you so much
twi-fic luver chapter 83 . 5/29
Awww :)
The only additional thing I wanted from the ending was for you to return to the children that Harry was telling the story to at the beginning (who I now realize must be a group of the children he took in). I also would have liked to see how Draco addressed the issues of completing their bond and getting married with Harry after their argument when Harry flooed out.
That said, I enjoyed the story overall (although it did drag a bit at the beginning) and am glad that Harry and Draco were able to maintain their relastionships with their friends and come to terms with the hardships it took to get to where they are now (like Gabriel's and Viktor's deaths).
Saphira chapter 83 . 4/7
I loved this! Such a great well thought out story.
claire1663 chapter 83 . 3/17

thank you for your story.
All the best
blackrose499 chapter 36 . 2/25
blackrose499 chapter 36 . 2/25
shadow warriors chapter 4 . 2/8
Well do narcissa. U kicked DUMBLEDORE's ass just fine.
HayaoFire chapter 83 . 2/7
This story was so well written ! I am not usually a big fan of such long stories, but it wasn't one bit boring because so many things happened, and I felt for so many different characters as well !
At first, the relation between Draco and Harry was a bit awkward since Harry's treated like a kid most of the time. I really liked how their relationship evolved and how they dealt with the gazillion obstacles you threw on their way haha !

Love the Sirius, Severus and Remus trio, and also the relationship between Lucius and Narcissa.
... I'd say you're just really good at depicting relationships ! That'll cover everything that amazed me, hihihi !

Thank you so much for sharing this and most of all completing it (something I'm still struggling to do, hoho !) ! I might want to re-read this all in the future. Next time I have a lot of time on my hands, surely ! :D
CrimsonQueen24 chapter 83 . 1/12
Lovely story, just wonderful! As a credit to your amazing writing, I just couldn't put this story down! I started it yesterday I believe and have been reading nonstop since then :) amazing character development and plot. Plus tons of wonderful DracoxHarry fluff! Simply amazing my dear!
CrimsonQueen24 chapter 75 . 1/12
Wahhh I loved Gabriel and I'm so sad to see him go! Although I get the impression that his mate had died previously and now Gabriel will be reunited with him. At least Gabriel will get some peace with that I hope. Anyway I adore this story! I can't wait to get back to reading it and see what happens next!
DrarrySxRLover chapter 83 . 12/27/2016
That. Was. Awesome
DrarrySxRLover chapter 78 . 12/27/2016
I cried. literally. on the Fleur explains Alexis part. omg
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