Reviews for Me and My Son
ashstar54321 chapter 3 . 5/9/2015
Keep going, I would love to read more!
ashstar54321 chapter 2 . 5/9/2015
Really sweet! (Was the teacher being Ms. Hilty a reference to Megan by any chance, or am I just crazy?)
ashstar54321 chapter 1 . 5/9/2015
Yay! Very cute, and a fic posted in the 9 to5 category which is actually about 9 to 5! Delightful!
fellfromgrace chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
omg omg omg...finally some 9 to 5 fiction.

you made my day :)

Although I have an issue with the story containing Doralee. She wouldn't have been at Consolidated when Josh was that young. It's implied that she hasn't been there all that long and she's not old enough in the musical to have been working there then.

The rest though, I love. I've spent many a day wondering what Violet would have been like with a little Josh and with her husband.
Elphiethegood chapter 1 . 7/28/2009
YAY I'm not alone in the 9 to 5 fanfiction world anymore. That was so sweet. But you forgot to introduce Josh to Judy. LOL. Remember she's there too. Can't wait to read more.