Reviews for Midnight Run
VoldieBeth chapter 42 . 9/18
I haven't read this story in years and stumbled across it again! I forgot how much I loved your writing and story telling! I'm glad you aren't abandoning it and would love to read more! I hope your health improves and you kick cancers ass!
Guest chapter 42 . 9/1
Hope you get well soon
Brazos chapter 42 . 9/1
Thinking of you this morning and wishing you well.
Brazos chapter 42 . 8/8
Wishing you better days ahead, my good friend.
Kindest Regards,
Guest chapter 42 . 7/24
I have enjoyed your story so much. I'm also saddened by your health issue and am pleased that your diagnosis is positive. Two of my family members have gone through breast cancer and lives to tell about it. I pray that you will too.
Brazos chapter 42 . 7/9
Thinking of you with love and prayers
mynameisicy chapter 42 . 6/8
I came to write a review of this story overall - I haven't read it in about 6 months, but it still brings me such joy... I opened this chapter, just to see what was going on... and I actually burst in to tears. You are such a good person. You are so caring that even though you're going through a tough time, you still bothered to let us know you're there.

This story has been a huge part of my life (and I do not say that lightly). Whenever I'm truly down, I know I can come here. I have so often looked at this story for comfort. If I feel alone, I come here and I feel okay.

Laura, you are amazing and you have given me (and I'm sure many other people as well) a lot of hope. I will pray for you with your treatment. I will pray that you have as many blessings put on you as you have put on me.

Thank you.
Guest chapter 42 . 5/25
Just want to wisch you well
M J Azilem chapter 41 . 5/21
I'd love to see the rest of the reunion!
LucileMB chapter 42 . 5/20
Take care of yourself and get well soon
oblivious24 chapter 42 . 5/11
Stay strong and get well soon. Your story is wonderful and I cant wait to read more but your health is most important.
Jenandberry chapter 42 . 5/10
Brilliant story, glad jasper is back where he belongs and hope he hasnt done himself any more damage, he deserves some good luck now i think. Hope you are doing ok too. I look forward to more chapters when you can
whilewewereyetsinners chapter 42 . 4/27
Oh dear! I'm very glad to hear that your prognosis is good, and hope that you will be fully healed and feeling wonderful very soon.
Stranger chapter 42 . 4/23
Toulouse chapter 42 . 4/23
I feel sadness for you being so sick. I know love and warmness from how you write. Please you know love from me. Blessings from God.
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