Reviews for Closet Land
NTSFroes chapter 1 . 8/23/2014
It might have been creepy as hell. I'm not going to guess. It was very odd. And Dies Irae is one hell of a music. I don't think I understood much and sure I see where you come from when you said it is completely confusing, but I can't stop thinking poor L and that this was very deep, and keep on guessing as to the meaning of it all and never coming to a conclusion or coming to one that is obviously not what it was supposed to be... The cat with green wings is a bitch. And L should probably have seen this all coming, too, I thought him brighter than this. The cane scene had me seeing it double and it was Dr. House instead of L, but that's because I have problems and always associate canes to Dr. House.
Ink Reservoir chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
I feel almost as though any response I could come up with would be inadequate in describing this. It's lovely in the most unsettling way.
inactiveaccount100000 chapter 1 . 1/27/2012
That was creepy. and sorta confusing as hell.
TrebleTwenty chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
That was so creepy it was almost ... I don't know what it was, but it was good.
Lisoata chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
Disturbing, disconcerting, destabilizing, utterly creepy.

What is probably best about this is the transition - it starts with Light being stylishly deranged and L being frustratedly sane, and you've somehow, beautifully, in your word choices and personification of the general environment, managed to make it seem like L is out of place, and the sanity he imposes clashes utterly with the atmosphere of the piece as a whole - wonderful effect. Of course, it couldn't last, and the gradual transition as L starts to blend with the atmosphere is very natural, as though insanity is the default setting here.

The story Light tells runs parallel to both the fic and the death note story as a whole and that works brilliantly too.

I felt I had to review this one, it's definitely a favourite of mine, and I can't help but love the way you write Light.

Completely insane, yes, but still lucid, calculating, and his brand of insanity just has so much style and idiosyncrasy.
UnmercyfulDeath chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
wow, that was so creepy O_O i'll admit, it kinda didn't make sense at all, but then it kinda made all the sense in the world. i like it, unique and mysterious.
Imperial Dragon chapter 1 . 5/13/2010
This story was creey and confusing as hell, but a great read.
Mits chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
(I should mention that I write reviews as I read, so it’s chronological as opposed to by topic (grammer/plot))

Great first sentence. It’s untraditional, vague and full of potential. Your first few paragraphs had me hooked. The description in them is fantastic. I particularly like “flooding the deserted corridor with the crisp, cool commotion of the cane” with the alliteration at the end. You obviously have no trouble with imagery.

“the thought that he shouldn’t be here, that he should pull his hand from the handle and turn away—never come back. And then his fingers are wrapped around the handle” I like this. A lot. He’s telling himself to stop, and yet the sentence immediately after it has him gripping the handle as if there’s no choice but to go on. The drama intensifies.

“He feels the rising of that unnamable power grow between them once more (it is tears in a ghost’s empty eyes, a rope made of sifting sand—contradiction, paradox… impossibility).” More imagery that goes far beyond that of other fanfiction writers (or writers in general, I should say.) I especially like the paradoxes. They’re original and different, and fit perfectly into the setting before us/me/the reader.

Kira, Kira, Kira. You’ve made him absolutely lovely. His cool, collected observations are spot-on. He’s just such a lovely character. The inclusion of his “tranquil smile” is placed so perfectly that the reader can see it. He’s arrogant, but in a subtle way, and you’ve captured that beautifully. He continues to refer to L as “Lawliet” despite being asked to use “Ryuzaki”, once again adding more to his character’s nature. “no subtle complex riddles hidden inside that one single phrase” I guess that summarizes Kira quite well. He’s infuriating and a whole bundle of fun all in one.

“It has worked.” This choppy sentence, this one little sentence, It shows so much.

“There is no door, there is no handle, there is no lock.” A twist, I see? How very interesting. I wasn’t expecting something like this, and I quite like it. Especially Kira’s attitude during it. He’s taunting Lawliet, and nothing could be better. The story, this “closet story” as it were, it’s not something you see. Creepy? Undeniably so. Your telling of it has no faults.

I love you. I do. This is creepiness incarnate. It’s so… I don’t even have a word for it. It’s just amazing. One minutes L’s interrogating Kira, the next he’s insane. I don’t even know what to think because I’m thinking too much. It’s just… wonderful.

“Is this what insanity feels like?”‘No, we’ve always been mad, you and I. This is nothing.”’ Ah, I need to stop quoting you, but it’s so tempting! Every line just screams for attention. I can’t pick a favorite.

What am I supposed to feel after something like this? Creeped out? Stunned? Depressed? Confused? Nothingness? I can’t even conjure a single insult. Way to go?

(Review Race - Mits)
Blanca 'the' Angel Loveless chapter 1 . 12/21/2009
That WAS creepy as hell. And it was so good I can't describe how good it was! Its like I didn't know where the story was going so I didn't want to stop reading. And that's like the Best story(not ) I've every read!

-Luvs Blanca
Sakura Katana chapter 1 . 11/23/2009
Wow. Brilliant and yes, CREEPY AS HELL!

I absolutely loved it. Oh, and one of Kira's lines reminded me of the Joker's "You have all these rules, and you think they'll save you" in The Dark Knight.

Thanks for chipping off a little piece of my sanity today. :)
emiliers chapter 1 . 9/18/2009
That was just... oh, wow.

I felt like I understood absolutely nothing but gained so much from it.

Honestly, there is no words to describe how confused and wonderful and amazing this made me feel.

...It was kinda creepy as hell though. xD
great gospel chapter 1 . 9/12/2009
This was just amazing. All your stories are. This drew me in from the very beginning, and I couldn't stop until I reached the end. It was indeed creepy, but also an interesting read. It was somewhat fulfilling, but left me wanting more. I'm truly in awe of your excellent writing. I hope to see more from you soon. :)
Hat O' Doom chapter 1 . 8/14/2009
Wow! Reading this sent shivers down my sign. Officaily creeped out and loving it. Congrats, you succeded in your mission objectivve for the story
MKayx3 chapter 1 . 7/31/2009
i cant think of a time that i've been... drawn into a story like i've been drawn into this one. the image and over all tone this story creates is simply creepy, disturbing. the farther i got into the story, the more i could feel the nothingness. and the end was brilliant, and just added to the creepiness.

but i still dont completely understand. is L dead? And i also kind of lost you when light was telling the end of the story. what exactly happened?

over all terrific story, and to think i almost hadnt read it!
Princess Morte chapter 1 . 7/28/2009
My God.

That was simply amazing.

The imagery was haunting yet contained a sort of beauty and power that had me by a tight grip.

The way you wrote L He evoked so much power and yet at the end, when he realizes what's happening, the way he changes into a broken man. And Kira was the best, with his tale-telling of the child and his very presence; a truly delightful character.

I absolutely love what you wrote.

It was fantastic. Very well done :D

*instantly faves story*
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