Reviews for The Harder they Fall
KB-94 chapter 56 . 4/21
Next update soon? I really really hope so! PM me if you have the chapters, I'd love to know how the story continues. I love how you've incorporated parts of scenes from twilight into the writing. Great job! I look forward to the rest
mavzus chapter 56 . 4/3
I really hope everything is ok with you. Although unlikely this far on, it'd be great to have an end to this story. I've spent the last few days hooked, spending any spare time I have (and some I should have spent on other things) reading. A great story!
Guest chapter 56 . 3/27
Hi! I was wondering if you ever planned on finishing this story? I'd really like to know how it ends.
Guest chapter 56 . 3/20
One of the biggest underachievers in FF history.
How proud you must be.
Rynn245 chapter 56 . 3/15
Nooooooooo it's not updated!
dianscot chapter 56 . 3/14
Ugh. They are both annoying!
dianscot chapter 54 . 3/14
Soooo annoying! Can't she hear anything he says? And the school thing!
dianscot chapter 53 . 3/14
Argh. I know canon B was insecure too, but not even close to this B and she was a teen and not a model worthy hottie. So unattractive!
dianscot chapter 51 . 3/13
Like the action
dianscot chapter 50 . 3/13
Finally, no more unreasonable hesitations!
dianscot chapter 49 . 3/13
Argh. B is so frustrating!
dianscot chapter 48 . 3/13
Can't believe E throws such a public hissy over B babysitting and yet can't come clean
dianscot chapter 47 . 3/13
Ah! Such a great scheme! Love those kooky kids!
dianscot chapter 46 . 3/13
Omg, Riley is the BEST! And Ang second! B and E are way behind for once
dianscot chapter 45 . 3/13
Ooh, was so tempting by your My Viking rec. but sadly, it's semi pulled.
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