Reviews for The Harder they Fall
dianscot chapter 33 . 3/13
Tears for Bs thanksgiving speech
dianscot chapter 31 . 3/13
Yes, totally agree it wasn't safe and B is a bit stupid to think otherwise after the car break in
dianscot chapter 28 . 3/12
Like EC now. What a mess!
dianscot chapter 27 . 3/12
Like the Jessica mystery. She dumped him for his frat brother right? So he can't commit now?
dianscot chapter 26 . 3/12
Wonder if frat kissing games like that really happen? Seems stupid. So probably!

I can't fathom how they are rationalizing the kisses in private when this is supposed to be a non-sex trade escort gig. Other than the drunken accidents. I'd think B would feel upset and put a stop, especially after his demeaning outburst.
dianscot chapter 23 . 3/12
I liked that B was angry w E even after she reined in some and accepted his apology. But then, it seems she totally let go of all of it! What the hell? She seemed to have some self esteem. Would've been better for her to hate him, whether she kept going w the job or not, just as he realized he's in love w her.
dianscot chapter 21 . 3/12
Crazy, how they can pretend that kiss and fore play can be ignored. Or considered part of the job.
dianscot chapter 19 . 3/12
I hope they aren't going to pretend that they're not into each other anymore after this club kiss
dianscot chapter 17 . 3/12
Hee. R and C to the rescue. Guess they see Bs potential as a real GF. Let alone, saving E from being a douche to his date.
dianscot chapter 16 . 3/12
When will B start seeing EC as at least a sex object if not a fantasy BF? Anyone else would!
dianscot chapter 15 . 3/12
So gross, JJ! But dang, B must be super hot to get so much attention
dianscot chapter 14 . 3/12
Glad that EC has some excuse for not obsessing over getting it on in that B isn't his type. But seems a bit weak still consider in that she's apparently so hot.
dianscot chapter 13 . 3/12
Yes, I know E is sick of GF drama, but It's hard to believe that he hasn't been pondering B in bed at a minimum.
dianscot chapter 12 . 3/12
Still love this. But I can't see the issue that Jasper is trying to drum up with whether people see B as being a romantic interest or not. Or B really having a problem w it, because yes, it could be seen as her breaking up T. But that doesn't mean they were having an affair. It's ok to dump a GF to pursue someone else. And for E and Ts deal, he can't help if press think he's moved on immediately after getting dumped. That's still within their deal.
dianscot chapter 10 . 3/11
Surprised E never thought he'd have to hide the fact that she's an escort til J told him to
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