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JFDragonFire chapter 33 . 3/20
I meant reading the story as a whole, not just the chapter.
JFDragonFire chapter 32 . 3/20
For some reason I can hear the edited version of Katy Perry's song ET as I read this. Not really sure why, it just seems to fit in my opinion.
Guest chapter 87 . 3/1
Please please please write another fanfic that continues this story...coz the more u read the more u hope it doesn't end...
Lakali chapter 87 . 2/21
Hello . Any chance you finish the story? She is very good.
Guest chapter 87 . 11/30/2014
Oh my lord sweet baby Jesus Murphy! Was that the ending?! It was so sweet, and touching I actually tried not to cry... It's amazing how it's like a perfect loop if I really wanted to read Sakura telling Kakashi the beginning I would just start on chapter one. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story that not only proved love can conquer some many things but that sometimes age does matter and other times it does not ️
Someone's Charm chapter 87 . 11/18/2014
I've reread this fanfic several times. I'll recall it after a year and return just to be captive for three to four days of relentless reading. And when I must pull away for work or otherwise, I'm still thinking of this story. Your love for the fandom and story really shined. I'm usually not one for stories with two point of views, but I loved reading from Kakashi's perspective, because I rooted for him and Sakura equally.
I think my favorite scene is in the "AU" chapter, the dream, where they talk about if he was also 16, or if their roles were reversed. This was one of their few and certainly their longest conversation. The physical is great, but seeing them joke and laugh made me smile.
One thing I really enjoyed is how episodic this is too. The story has archs like the show/manga. My favorite arch? As much as I just absolutely enjoyed the "Assassin Arch," I think my heart was stolen in the "Lost Memory Arch" (yes, I'm naming them. And as I read, I look forward to each one). I felt like who they are, what they're made of, and the strength of their love comes out in the time Kakashi doesn't remember his time with her. How much Sakura has grown really came out in this arch. It's undeniable that Kakashi inspired her into this brave, strong young woman. She's not like others her age anymore. It's so interesting for me, because I'm between them in age, a little closer to Kakashi. Yet, I still buy this. I hope desperately for their happy ending.
Also, major kudos to you for Kakashi losing his memory then regaining it chapters and chapters after the Gan'U shower. Your planning showed and said so much about you as a writer.
Even though I know what would be the responsible thing to do (take a few years break until it is legally appropriate), I can't help but feel pained at the thought of them parting. But because I so want them to work out, I hope you planned for Kakashi to do the responsible thing.
I hope you're doing well and possibly considering bringing this incredible, beautiful romance story to the close it deserves. Reaching the end each time that I do brings something of a heartache to me. No, it is undoubtedly bittersweet.
"I'm going to need you to help me remember exactly what happened between us."
"Start from the beginning."
And so, I do. Back to chapter 1.
Thank you, thank you.
Peachesx chapter 87 . 11/1/2014
I hope you come back again :)
wallops chapter 87 . 9/17/2014
And all caught up! Now I've got to wait like everyone else, bleh. Though, to be honest, the end of this chapter *does* make a good place to loop back to the start for a reread... Dangerous thoughts.
But I'm probably going to do that at some point (soon).
Anyway, thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to the next installment.
wallops chapter 73 . 9/17/2014
URGH. This fic hurts my soul. (In the best way)
Wasn't initially convinced with the amnesia thing (because I never am, and it's usually justified), but you've definitely got this to work.
Still not feeling the Iruka/gossip arc yet, but we'll see :D
21nikki21 chapter 12 . 7/29/2014
I dunno if you are still presently writing on Fanfiction, but quite some time ago... approximately 4 years ago, I began reading this particular story. I fell in love with it instantly! Here I am 4 years later and I had this sudden memory of reading a story involving Sakura and Kakashi. I struggled to search for it and had no luck, however, I remembered my account information and the moment I looked through my favorites, I remembered the title! I am so happy I found it again :D It is just as amazing as the first time I read it, waiting for new posts and being extremely thrilled when I noticed another update. So far I have read 12 chapters in just one morning and plan to finish all that was written. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story :) If it hasn't happened already, you have a bright future in writing :) Your style is great and creativity is outstanding! Best of luck and take care!
fierred chapter 87 . 4/14/2014
hi-kaede chapter 15 . 4/5/2014
15 chapters and I'm loving it. You know the anime so well and can create a plot line which is so realistic and relatable. I love the way you portray Kakashi if not a little imature but that's the beauty of it, we see a new hidden side of him.
zeroCoke chapter 87 . 3/15/2014
Start from the beginning, think I have several times when I get to this chapter. XD

Don't know if this will be updated or not, but this is probably my favorite story on here. I know life can be busy, but I gotta say thanks for writing such a great story even if it doesn't get completed, although I'd like to think Kakashi remembers and they have a ever-after type ending...
Or maybe throw in a few more twist since "adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it".
Thanks again _
Kiranohime Taichou chapter 86 . 2/22/2014
I'm still here! I have to confess I re-read this story like everytime I finish up to where it's at. I've re-read it probably like 20 times since I found it a couple years back. It is one of my absolute favorites and I even share it with people. It's saved to my favorites on my phone and computer! Lol. This is excellent and even when it's hard to read through the tears and or mirth, this is simply beautiful. Thank you for enriching my life. This story got me through a really bad break up and renewed my hope in a roundabout way.
Guest chapter 87 . 2/17/2014
The last two days I havent done anything but read this fic. And while I am deeply saddened by the fact that you probably wont finish this fic anytime soon, I want to thank you for all the laughs and feels I was able to enjoy because of this beautiful story.
Kakasaku is after all the best source for joy!
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