Reviews for Getting Technical
DixieChicrules123 chapter 5 . 3/5/2013
very good story. You are a good writer.
Have.Gone.Byebye chapter 5 . 12/28/2010
I love this story! Can't wait until the sequel comes up. I laso like the idea of Unknown.

Keep up with the awesome writing
delete this acccount please chapter 5 . 6/13/2010
Sweet! Wish I was good at sports. Bye. (.n_n.)
Academia Cicero chapter 5 . 9/8/2009
In story-telling, a closing scene like this is called a "tag". It acts to, not exactly tie up all the loose ends, but close one chapter so you can start another. Many TV shows use this same technique when they have multiple story arcs, and want to keep viewers guessing about what'll happen in the next episode.

Simply put, for a story that's meant to act as an introduction to future tales, this was a clever way to end it. We get a sensation of how everyone's accepting the addition of Kylie, and the direction to expect as their adventures continue. There's questions galore still floating around, but luckily, the tag technique reassures us that there's much more to come. And for any readers intrigued by the story, that's a comforting relief.

Bajillions of writers are victim to writer's block (CURSE THAT CUBE!), but I've only seen a few who turned it into a strength, instead of a weakness. You didn't let it consume your progression of events, you used it as an indicator of when and how this particular story should conclude. Somehow, you keep surprising me by really exemplifying good literary tactics, effectively and very naturally.

I'm sure I'll be nitpicking future stories of yours, hopefully, in a productive manner over just annoying. But there's no doubt that I want to read more in your Kylie Adventures. There's a special spark in this story, and that's just what's snagged my attention to itself, and it's excellent author.

P.S. I appologise for my accusations of "cloning" in the last chapter. I see your perspective on which animals were chosen, and don't really have a problem with a little coincidental species matching. Especially since you put in a fair share of time and effort in developing Unknown, which definitely shows.
Academia Cicero chapter 4 . 8/25/2009
You were right, that was pretty quick for an update. Of which I'm very glad, cause I'm really liking this story thus far.

I have to be honest for the begining. Having Danny and Angela be a duck and roadrunner, respectively, made me a bit worried that Unknown would just end up being a female clone of the Loonatics. It was a good save on your part to then make the rest of the team different animals, and not just spin-offs of the 'tics. With the diversity in creatures, and not basing them all as descendents of the Looney Tunes, I applaud your choice for the seven members of Unknown.

It was also fun to watch the Loonatics behold everyone's powers before their eyes, and pretty casually too. Like Danny's ceiling walk on the phone, Angela's convenient beverage cooling, and Kylie's uncontrollable fit of illusions. However, it seriously would have been much more fun to watch the rest of the team demonstrate their skills, instead of just telling what they are out loud in this chapter. Either that or waiting til the next chapter, and doing so in the face of danger, would have helped transition into the life of Unknown better. It's just a lot better for the narrative that way.

That was probably your biggest blunder, leaving little else to criticize. The character interactions and heartfelt talk about Unknown's creation was well excecuted, especially Kylie's desire to be above ground and her difficulty in controlling her ability to give illusions of pain. I have to admit, that's a pretty intriging power to give someone, one that I don't think I've ever heard of before. Usually illusions of fear are more common, and this one seems to be more of a curse then a gifted power. In keeping with a darker tone of story, that definitely gets you bonus points.

The cultural diversity was also a good touch, one that made the whole group feel a bit less homogenous. It's not a typecast of animals with their country of origin, but more of a melting pot created from generations of different backgrounds. And no, I don't think it's insulting to anyone. Like I said, actually seeing this group get to demonstrate their abilities should add to the audience's ability to accept them as a part of this story. We get a small taste of it here, and hopefully future chapters will allow you to really demonstrate why Unknown deserves it's name.

A bit short for my liking, but still a nice place to stop. I'm starting to like Kylie, for both her powers and the unique ism that she brings to the Loonatics. This was a pretty good explaination chapter, and I hope it'll open the way for more action and drama later on. With multi-dimension, and strong character usage, this could very well become the Loonatic's most epic adventure yet.
CassidyCoyote chapter 4 . 8/25/2009
Good job! 8D I can't wait to read the next chapter!
CadillacJack chapter 4 . 8/24/2009
Great Chapter!

I really loved the other characters and their powers and I loved the fact that not only does Tech have a crush but also Rev and Duck seem to have a few crushes as well. _

Update Soon!
Academia Cicero chapter 3 . 8/22/2009
Wow! Forgive me lil-and-sweet, but I was caught completely by surprise in this chapter. And I mean in a good way, definitely. If I had three thumbs, that's what your chapter would get.

Kylie really proved herself in this chapter, a trait that I was hoping she would. Instead of simply accepting a person who happens to have powers, the Loonatics actually get a taste of her full potential in combat, which felt much more dramatic AND realistic.

The real reading enjoyment though was, by far, your imagining of Kylie's background. In the TV show, we never really get an idea of the darker affects that the meteor caused, only instead focusing on the good-vs.-evil storylines. That's why it was really cool to read instead about victims being institutionalized, dissected, and driven underground to protect themselves. Even the name was awesomely creative. Unknown. That whole idea was pretty creative, and completely unexpected.

It's interesting to notice that this story started out as a seeminly basic love story for Tech, and is now taking on a more engaging and kind of epic direction with Unknown. I'm really anticipating the progress of this story, and how the Loonatics cope with both the new group AND their own nemisis.

Well done indeed. If I've ever done a double take for reading a story, it'd be for the 180 degree turn on this one. Bravo.
Academia Cicero chapter 2 . 7/31/2009
Oh I get it. "KYLIE" Coyote rhymes with "WILE E." Coyote. That's a pretty clever name idea.

I like your direction for this story. It's nice to see an OC actually demonstrate their powers in combat to prove they can hold their own. However, it would have been more enjoyable if she had showed her other powers in action, rather then just explain them right after the fight. That made the transition feel really rushed.

Conflicting with Tech's regularly anti-social style though is a fun idea. I hope you take your time with this and not rush their relationship too much. If we're going to find this story convincing, the character interactions have to be casual and natural. Lexi's thoughts on Ace in the first chapter were a good example.

Actually, that's the only thing that bothered me about the story flow. Call me crazy, but the Loonatics seem to accept Kylie into the group a little too quickly, even if they've seen her in action. It'd have been better to see her earn her position for another chapter or two. Remember, it's OK to not rush events and actually have some fun with the characters for a bit.

Other then that though, not too bad. I'm really hoping to see Kylie develop some character in the following chapters, especially with the dangers of a stalker in her life. It'd be great to have this be a character driven story, with a good touch of action, to make for a rollercoaster ride of an adventure.
PurpleGirly chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
Hmm, an interesting start to a story, I can't wait for the next update!