Reviews for Pain Killer
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
great story! And this reader realizes it must be Cameron. One of the reasons for me coming to that conclusion is because Cam's already done something like this for him plenty of times on the show, even as late as last few eps of S5.

It obviously can't be Cuddy. Not just because, if this happened, Cuddy would not only not let him be, but she'd somehow try to get him out of his drug haze to yell at him. Or arrange for some other physical suffering for when he woke up. After all, nothing else can be expected of the woman who sentenced, for the second time in her life (after going behind his back the first time), a suffering man YET AGAIN to a life of constant pain and misery and use of cane. And stealing his cane and forcing a CRIPPLE, who is in chronic pain, to walk up several flights of stairs without it...

Therefore it must be Cameron, cause of the canon women only she is capable of that love and caring and tenderness. Especially for House.

Once again, a great fic.