Reviews for Liberty Rock
Talonis Wolf chapter 12 . 3/6
This story sent chills down my spine. Links characterization alone is worth the read, but the interactions between him and the rest of the garrison are amazing.

You can really tell that these are simple soldiers who believe they are in the presence of a legend, and that's what really sells this fic. I am really looking forward to reading ficus by this author.

~Talonis Wolf
Niftu Cal chapter 3 . 5/25/2016
Deeply invested, and I'm only on Chapter 3. I don't know why, but desperate seige stories always get to me. I'm glad I found this one!
Washed Clean chapter 13 . 2/25/2014
This well done. All of the side-characters were distinct, the action and setting gave me a perfect mental image, and you seriously had me shocked at some of the later developments even if I knew how it was going to turn out.

I have very few criticisms. Firstly, while the OCs aren't cookie-cutter, we didn't see too much of them so it's hard to get a feel for how exactly they're different. The sequence of events sometimes felt like it dragged on, especially in the earlier chapters where no fighting was taking place.

On the other hand, some of the lines mange to be hilarious even in a tale that goes this tragic, especially when it considers things like Link's magnetic wall-walking. Excellent work! One of the better short, multi-chapter fics I've seen on this site.
Superbleh11 chapter 13 . 8/13/2010
Wow... Very nicely done! Its very refreshing after leafing through pages and pages of Link getting together with Zelda in 1,000 different ways to read a well-written epic war fic. I'm shocked that a project this grandiose in scope hasn't received hundreds of reviews, but the Zelda fandom has been a bit dead lately...

Well, you asked for detailed reviews, so I'm going to take you at your word and leave a long one. Hope you don't mind!

As for praise, I have a lot of it. As a fellow lover of war-fics, martial history, and the Alamo (I'm a native Texan who, if my grandpa is to be believed, has ancedtors that fought in the Texan War of Independence), I was impressed by the little references to it you had throughout, such as Link playing the violin to the rebel death song and the incredible lack of foresight that lead to what essentially boiled down to a death sentence for the inhabiting soldiers. The fights were fun and memorable, but what I think I really liked best were the little campfire moments, where we really got into the heads of the characters. Your prose flows very well, and I really liked how tense and terse the dialogue was: it conveyed a sense of tension without explicitly saying so, which is a very good thing. I also really enjoyed the tactical element to the story: it flowed well and made a lot of sense.

If I had a couple of complaints to make (which I will, since you asked for them :D), they'd mostly focus on character and story development. Links motivations at the end were somewhat enigmatic to me, since your OC nation didn't seem to ring the same bells that a nation such as Hyrule would. However, upon thinking about it more, I think I figured out why: Davy Crockett as an analogy for Link didn't seem to synch perfectly enough to make him completely understandable. Davy Crockett seemed to cultivate his own legend, while Link was just kind of thrown into his (and also seems to be attempting to escape it). As such, while Crockett may have found the concept of a glorious death in battle appealing (especially as his political career was flagging), Link doesn't seem to, at least in my mind. however, other than that, this was a successful and brave war fic that didn't pull any punches, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good job!
Jaden Lariya chapter 12 . 8/5/2010
That was so wonderful. It showed just what war is really about. I love how you made Link how I see him, humble and soft-spoken, but still a strong and powerful person. At several points in this story, there were tears in my eyes. At the end you even had me crying. Very good, but sad as hell. May the writing gods be with you...
CarmelCorn24 chapter 11 . 8/4/2010

(Sorry I know thats a terrible review but it's just so epic and so sad I just...
CarmelCorn24 chapter 6 . 8/4/2010
I LOVE this story! It's so epic, but sad at the same time. I like the older, more mature Link, and some of the things you did as an after effect to the game, like marrying Hena... I also like the fact that it's told by a different unknown person, it definetly adds an air of mystery to the story! The wind music was really cool, and I'm definetely going to go back and listen for that in the game.
S.R.H. Fade chapter 13 . 7/30/2010
The first in-depth review? I /tried/, but as we both know, I stick my foot in my mouth every other time I open it. (Islams… Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhh…) So can that really be called in-depth?

The very last thing I wanted to happen was for this fic to die. When you wouldn't update for long periods of time, I'd panic and when it finally showed, I'd review because I didn't want it to die. (And because it felt good to sugar-wiki gush about stuff I like, even if sugar-wiki gushing was a little embarrassing. But hey, it's the 'net.)

So you finished Majora's Mask and I finished Snowhead. Who's inefficient now?

You have given us a cliffhanger at the end of a story, not to mention you have made me bang my head on the keyboard. You are cruel to do that. *twitch*

Lawleit says that the first thing that sprung to mind when you mentioned running out of fairies was Shadsie's "Between the Wasteland and the Sky" fic.

Aaand we're done! Finished! Caput! Fin! Pau!

…Update "No Good" soon, 'kay?
Shadsie chapter 13 . 7/30/2010
Well, I don't tolerate most humans well... But remember, I'm *not* special, I'm just insane.

Alright, my reviews made you feel "beating Majora's Mask after a ten-year struggle" level of special? *Sniff!* I've only beaten MM once, it took me a few months (but there were times I was about to give up in frustration, stupid saving mechanism!)... and beat it on New Year's Eve of 2008. I remember that because it seemed appropriate for the "Dawn of a New Day" to come at the Dawn of a New Year. Too bad 2009, as a year, seemed to be bent upon trying to kill me.

I recommended this story to a friend of mine who has only a passing knowledge of Zelda ("You can read and understand this! Mostly OCs and they're good!") because I liked it that much - she may not review, (Sunoko on here if you want to bother her. Trigun fandom friend) but she loved it and we were talking on AIM last night about how privileged I felt when you praised me in one of your notes on an early chapter and she agreed that coming from you, it was a *tremendous* compliment.

I honestly think I can learn from Liberty Rock when it comes to war scenes – if I need to write war in-depth. Peacenick though I may be, I’ve written gritty battles in my original work. (Some of the same inspiration – Tolkien). I think I can learn from LR for future projects. Speaking of inspiration, I like how you admit to pulling all kinds of inspiration out of the air. I do that too. I do, however, name fictional cities and characters out of real towns and cities entirely on purpose… mostly small Arizona towns – the character Benson of The Great Desert is an example.

As much as I’d like to see a story about the cleanup after the siege (see what the other side thinks of the whole mess, especially the dudes who had some honor), I can see why not detailing Vael is for the best. The 50-Foot Insect principle – scary things are scarier if we don’t know too much about them.

Don’t be too humble or surprised over the reaction to your OCs. In fan fiction, very, very few people write good OCs. Fandom – any fandom, is rife with the Mary Sues, Gary Stus and generally flat characters. In fact, I think the things that are the rarest gems in fan fiction are the “Actually Good Alternate Universe” and “Original Character-Heavy Stories That Are Actually Readable.” I can count on my hand the fandom-writers who’s OCs I really, truly liked: My fiancé… (ArkNorth), Sailor Lilithchan, Sunoko/Laihiriel – but not so much fic with her as roleplay… and you. And, I like to think I write OCs well – I try.

I consider good OCs and the ability to build or add to a world in a significant way the mark that a fan writer ought to get heavy into writing original stuff and see if they can go pro. Of course, I’m one to talk… I write whole original novels and far from becoming pro, I’ve got a big box of rejection letters I can show you. So, again, I’m no one special, but wow, knowing that my reviews can make someone feel Majora’s Mask conquest-levels of good really touches me.
Tex chapter 12 . 7/19/2010
Best fan fic ever. It brought tears to my eyes. I just can't describe how i feel. Thank you.
Tex chapter 6 . 7/19/2010
I absolutley love this fan fic. Keep writing! Also this seems to me like the Alamo
Joe chapter 12 . 7/12/2010
A truely beautiful and moving story, you sir, have a real talent. I am glad to have stumbled across this story in a random fit of looking for fanfiction... which followed beating Twilight Princess again, but that's beside the point. A shame that I only came across this story as it comes to an end, and was unable to enjoy the ride with those who followed from the start. ...Yeah... I ran out of ideas for things to say.

It also doesn't help that I can't think of anything silly to say! But yeah, definately a good, great, AMAZING read. Kudos and all that. Keep up the writing.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/12/2010
I read this thing, rued the day I decided to switch from violin to viola, couldn't think of anything to say, wound up having to bookmark the page and wait until I had more time, came back to it, STILL couldn't think of anything to say, couldn't NOT review because the chapter is too good, bookmarked it, came back…

It went on like this for a while. Let's start, though.

Vael escaping pissed me off. I swore out loud when I read that paragraph. I agree wholeheartedly with the narrator when he says Vael's fate disgusts me. After all that jerk did to Link, before and after death, he still gets to take the easy way out. And then, of course, I was outraged when Zelda gave him a proper burial. Partially because I totally agree with her, and partially because I still want that guy to get quartered. Or brought back to life and introduced to the toy called the Crocodile Shears (and I know they're reserved for regicide, but I don't care). Or at least he should have botched his own suicide and ended up dying a horrible, slow, painful death. I don't know why I'm fixating so much on him escaping punishment, but it's just WRONG that he gets to bail out like that. Aggh!

I hope people still get to spit on his grave. And I also hope people are banned from doing so. (Talk about mixed reactions…)

Then there's the violin. For me, throughout the story, the violin kept getting better and better. It started off as just that random instrument Link happened to be playing when he was introduced to the story, then morphed to the still-random instrument he took with him to the Rock, to the not-very random instrument Link used to keep morale up, to the awesome non-random instrument he used to play the Calatian anthem, to this…epic…Crowning Moment of Awesome…touching…statue…tearjerker…wad of awesome…THING.

It's like the violin is the symbol of Link being a symbol of hope. (I know that sounded goofy, but I'm not changing it.) Dunno, but that's how I'd see it if I were analyzing this fic.

Whiiiich…brings me to the third point here: the last line.

It was, all in all, perfect. It reflected the story as a whole. It had a beautiful meaning. It even relates to the Zelda canon. And it sure sounded great. I loved it.

Teach me how to make epic last lines like that… o.O

Anyway…now that I've gotten that review out of my system…later.
Kiseki Fan chapter 12 . 7/5/2010
That was touching. I had tears in my eyes from reading this story. I liked the part where Veals men spirited Links body away and buried it because they recognized him as a great warrior who deserved a true warriors end.
Shadsie chapter 12 . 7/5/2010
I am misty. The last line was absolutely perfect. I really love the thing with the Calatian statue just being Link, simple with his violin - in being a contrast to Hyrule's more gallant-styled monuments. I'd say that it's like something I would write, but whenever I've had Link honored with a statue in my fics, it's actually been gallant (... only in "The Great Desert" reports of his death were greatly exagerrated and he felt really *weird* about his bronze upon seeing it).

Hmm. I like how you leave it a mystery whether or not his only child is a son or daughter. Gonna be tough growing up in Daddy's shadow, I'll bet, unless Hena takes care to guard their privacy. I'm glad that they got the land that was promised.

I am so totally jazzed that you used my ideas for the burial of Link's head - the sash around the eyes and a simple box. Thank you! I guess you can say that the young man's head is in one country while his heart is in another.

There's just so many little things that make this fic. This is possibly one of the most "human" fanfics I've ever read - for any fandom.

Try writing for Trigun and maybe that'll be all I'll need to get back into that fandom?
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