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ItWasEpicAndILol'd chapter 5 . 9/21/2011
Ou, please tell me you have plans on continuing this eventually, its really good and I'd like to read more of it!
Hyperactiveice chapter 5 . 10/28/2009
So... I really like this story. A lot.

I'm glad that you gave a reason that Axel yelled out "Roxas"

in the earlier chapter :)


This is really well-written and I like the voice you put into Axel. He has a nice and rather refreshing attitude. _

Hope to see the next chapter soon. Have a nice halloween.
reddoggie chapter 5 . 9/7/2009
leave us right at the good part dont you? i liked it when cap-man and little buddy would have their own personal cooking cant wait for them to make up! im glad roxas didnt revert back to his frozen food haven life of eating. cant wait for the next chapt!QQ
Bazil-kun chapter 5 . 8/15/2009
Noo! Jashin-curse you! Update soon! This is too good!
Momma's Freaky Child chapter 5 . 8/7/2009
Aww poor Axel D: Ahaha Sorry, I was screaming when I read this story! I was like "Roxas, you PMSing paranoid boy!"

lol sorry xD
Sexy-Tacos-Emo-Waffles chapter 5 . 8/6/2009
...Oh I do hope they make up!

They're such kyoot friends! And what will happen to the evil food demons, if Axel and Roxy aren't there to tame them, together? D8

This story is really refreshing.

Not only can I relate, because I LOVE cooking, but it's pretty original 8D

Jellybeans-steh chapter 5 . 8/4/2009
... wow... Now I noticed that everytime I feel something specific and strong (anger, happiness, sadness) I always end up in my kitchen slurping cinnamon milk... It because the things really shows how fiery I am when showing them... Mom told me after talking to her... She's such a food expert...

And NO! *dies*

Roxas you biatch! *slaps him* Don't you dare to make famous-chef-Axi suffer! *teary eyes* He's a psycho, a stalker, but he didn't lie exactly... He just omitted the thruth! Two different things,blondie! *grins* I use 'omitting the truth' all the time, specially whe Mom starts her talks about sexuality... LOL

BUT! I still laughed at the beginning... Sadly Roxas is a bit tempered and such in this fic, so mainly, he screws things up,yes.

But we have hopes! *cheers*

Next chappie! I shall WAIT!HAA!


Cirque du Lune chapter 5 . 8/4/2009
I was having an argument with the two sides of me during this chapter:

Fangirl me: No! Roxas! How could you do that? WHY KICK HIM OUT? TTTT

Logical me: Well, me, it's only logical for Roxas to be angry at Axel for invading his privacy, therefore, kicking him out.

Fangirl me: B-but, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

Logical me: Cirque...


And at that point, I almost forgot that I was supposed to be reviewing this chapter. XD

Come on Roxas, be a MAN and APOLOGIZE! -stabbed with a kitchen knife by Roxas- No fair Roxas...TT_TT

Axel! Yay! You're back! But...why ARE you back? xD.

Ah! A THREE PAGE ESSAY IS WAITING TO BE DONE! TTTT How can I finish chapter 2 now? x_x

Lots of Love.


P.S. Remember, Roxas, Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts! xD
Insanecat6 chapter 5 . 8/3/2009
Axel's identity has finally been revealed! Yay! ...too bad Roxas kicked him out almost right away. And then he wouldn't even talk to him for so long and when he finally did, what he do? He made Axel go all wierd and serious and disappear for a long time! Well, not entirely. He was still on TV, otherwise there would be a lot of people freaking out over it.

Overall it was a good chapter. However, it felt like the ending was a bit rushed. I think it would've been better if you had left off while Axel was still out of contact and then started the next chapter by saying he showed up again. My mind just thinks it makes more sense when you seperate it like that. And that would've left us wondering when Axel would show up again for dramatic suspence. But I guess it's alright how it is too.

My sister was a bit frustrated in the baking department last night. You see, today is her fiances B-Day and she wanted to make a cake with a certain type of frosting. However, after three attempt of the frosting not coming out right she gave up and just bought the frosting to make a german chocolate one instead. We'll be eating it in a bit. Otherwise, we went out to eat and he bought his first officially legal alcoholic beverage. Yes, he just turned 21.

Love to you for the chapter. I'll be looking forward to the next one. Bye.
The mental patient chapter 5 . 8/3/2009
Agh! the sadness...Update soon! *sends mental huggs* *dances with a papou fruit* too left feet...what a shame...ah wells! :D


The mental patient
holyunholy chapter 5 . 8/3/2009
Love this story, such an original idea. - AACK, caught up in the moment. HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING?

Yes, yes, do continue posting. :P
mei lynn 64 chapter 5 . 8/3/2009
-flailing arms-OH NOES! WHY LEAVE IT THERE? YOU'RE SO MEAN!-pulls out hair- Man, oh man! lmao I can just hear Axel's theme song playing in my head... and the sad music playing as he drove off...-rubs nose- WHY RUN OFF WITHOUT WAITING TO BE PROVEN RIGHT? YOU DUMB ARSE! YOU IDIOT!-slaps Axel repeatedly-


Me~-continues slapping-Heheh... Well, I don't know that seeing as how she hasn't posted the next chapter! Moron!


Me~Well this was lovely, but I gotta beat Axel AND Roxas.

Roxas~-looks up-WHAT? WHY ME?


Insanecat6 chapter 4 . 8/3/2009
I'm actually more adept at baking then cooking myself. I've had more instruction in it from people like my grandmother.

And by the way, you had Axel say that it was his "first time in cooking" when I'm pretty sure you meant "first time in baking", otherwise it wouldn't make sense. And you had Axel yelling Roxas' name while he was trying to wake him up when he still hasn't learned it yet. So unless you're having Axel impliment stalker tatics to learn his name, you should probably change that.

I think it's cute how Axel cares so much about Roxas and wants to have an excuse to do things that make him happy, like with the banana bread. Too bad that sometimes comes with collateral damage, such as the doors. But at least he replaced them before someone else noticed.

And Roxas is starting to get smart and realize the connection between Cap-man and Axel's TV show. That means we could be getting a confrontation about it soon, right? I really can't wait till Axel loses the cap.

Your advertisement is on my profile now. Hope you like it. And sense you mentioned it in your reply to my DU review, when is your birthday? I want to at least send you a PM on it to wish you a happy B-Day. Maybe I'll try writing you a one-shot too. I've always wanted to do a gift fic for someone.

Love to you for the chapter. I'll be looking forward to the next one. Bye.
Jellybeans-steh chapter 4 . 8/3/2009
"There was a simple reason.

Those two were whacked in the head."

This was epic! I never laughed so hard!

AND WTF? Cap-man is like totally CRAZE! Hey, let's slam doors down to make sure Roxy isn't dead! HIYA! *crashes door*

LOL epic!

I loved how you made Roxas flip out about banana bread (even if I don't like bananas...)

And cap-man is showing himself more and more with a psycho personality... I'm afraid for Roxas! :D

Anyways... Penne are noodles (call it pasta before chefs beheads me AKA Mom...) they're a bit like tubes with this form



Since they're tube-like a lot of sauce stucks to them and It's VERY tasty ~Lurvs...

Btw, Ya officially have a own fanclub now. Now I just need to work on getting members~


mei lynn 64 chapter 4 . 8/3/2009
-squeals-AH! BANANA BREAD! I LOVE IT! I WANT SOME NOW! It's the best type of bread ever made! Even more so what there are almonds in it! This is a really awesome chapter!:D FINALLY! I won't have to beat Roxas!XD He's finally smart enough to start making connections! Now... to wait for his reaction! lol That's gunna be a funny sight to see... erm... read. Hahah...

OH! When it's two or more it's not 'foot' it's feet. /"Roxas jumped two foot back..."/ It's should be two feet.
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