Reviews for Finding Home
VryUnique chapter 28 . 8/19
Awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing.
VryUnique chapter 19 . 8/18
Poor Charlotte! I feel bad for her even though she admitted she was
being an ass to Bella.
Bella needs some guidance from Rose, she will set her straight.
He took her scarf so he is definitely stalking her and pretty invested.
It’s pretty scary. She needs to cut him loose.
VryUnique chapter 18 . 8/18
Bella is heading toward trouble with James and is too naive to see it.
I think he is sweet on her and is playing a long game. Then again
he may just want to take her away from Edward. He knew where she
worked and had shown himself at the right time to rescue her, he might
be stalking her.
I’m going to guess her perfect housewife persona is very attractive to
him, she even only wears dresses. His hands tightening on the steering
wheel made me think that he doesn’t like that she has a job but figures
he can eventually change that, if in fact he is actually wanting to take her
from Edward.
VryUnique chapter 17 . 8/18
I’m glad she at least got a job but would love to see her in school.
She should have got her transcripts when she was in school.
VryUnique chapter 16 . 8/18
That’s the Bella I want to see!
It seems pretty awful to just send a letter to the wife
that her husband has been deployed. If they were worried
about information than they shouldn’t have given him any
until after his goodbyes.
VryUnique chapter 14 . 8/18
I think that James didn’t do anything wrong except to actually reach out
and touch Bella.
Bella should have emphasized how he was off alone with a girl who was
touching him and batting her eyelashes at him, while he was whispering
in her ear and how unacceptable that was.
VryUnique chapter 13 . 8/18
I assume that since Edward is working in intelligence he maybe making
decisions that are ending in deaths, that can take a toll.
VryUnique chapter 12 . 8/18
There was obviously nothing really wrong with Edward flipping Bella except
it’s probably something he should have worked up to with her.
I don’t want to think of Bella as weak but that’s the way she is acting.
She needs to go to school and stop revolving around Edward.
She should also probably have a bit of sex talk with Rosalie.
VryUnique chapter 11 . 8/18
I’m glad they made some friends. I did feel apprehensive when James was introduced.
I know the name doesn’t always mean bad news but his disrespect didn’t inspire
VryUnique chapter 10 . 8/18
I’m so happy for Edward bad nervous for Jasper.
VryUnique chapter 9 . 8/18
It will take communication and practice.
Unease? Over what? The fight? Not having climax during sex?
Feeling unease usually means something is coming.
Edward being controlling? I hope not.
VryUnique chapter 8 . 8/18
They definitely need some practice, it will only get better.
Poor Alice! I hope she doesn’t take Jasper’s mothers sour
reception out on Bella. That mother in law reaction isn’t
uncommon, especially with boys.
VryUnique chapter 7 . 8/11
I’m sure he will be there, the military can be unpredictable where leaves are concerned.
I think Bella should stay in Hawaii by Edward’s parents and maybe fly to him on his leaves
or they can meet half way.
VryUnique chapter 6 . 8/11
I suppose Bella could redo her house and make it her own. I assume she owns it now
and has the funds for the upkeep and she is 18.
VryUnique chapter 5 . 8/11
So sad. The first day Charlie goes back to duty on the ocean is his last, after staying land
ridden all that time.
I wonder if Bella is pregnant.
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