Reviews for Chemical Repercussions
Guest chapter 1 . 7/22
AwesomeFangirlOtaku01 chapter 13 . 7/21
I LOVE this story! Plz continue! I want to see how Spock falls for her!;) #TeamSpock!
Ismira Shadeslayer chapter 13 . 7/1
Please continue this story! I have enjoyed it very much! :)
Heather chapter 13 . 2/24
I had to re read this story. I really am looking forward to the rest of it. I hope you have not abandoned the story due to lack of response.
erinmikawasa chapter 13 . 2/12
The story was truly amazing...I literally rolled on my bed in the 2 am with all the lights off..Im sure my grandmother heard me squeal.. LOL..I wish you would update soon..
Guest chapter 12 . 2/4
Oh Spock, he'll never learn! Great chapters so far!
Guest chapter 2 . 2/4
My heart hurts for her! I love this story though!
Heather chapter 13 . 1/31
I am truly enjoying this story and look forward to next update
Guest chapter 13 . 1/27
I really enjoy reading this. I was excited when I saw an update. I love how it's working out so far.
xXtryingXx chapter 13 . 1/25
I am glad that you are continuing your writing for this story.
starangel4379 chapter 13 . 1/24
You finally updated! Thank you so much!
Christineoftheopera chapter 14 . 1/7
Oh no it stopped. I thought it was good. But it's been so long.

Update Soon(ish) ?

Kat is me. The rubber muffin was spot on. This is an awful review. It's 3 in the mourning though so forgive me.
lisa.gruber.501 chapter 14 . 10/6/2015
Will you continue writing soon? I reeeaaally enjoy reading this. It is so wonderfully embarrassing at times... I love it!
Mirabitur chapter 14 . 8/22/2014
I quite like this story and I'd like to read more... Are you planning on having them engage in some kind of greater conflict? Or concentrate on the characters?
Update soon!
sammy.boughan chapter 14 . 7/24/2014
I really like the story and I know it has been a while cense you have written and thing on it I would love to see you update and continue with it, I would be glad to help if you would like it I have an idea or two.
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