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Nicole Gilskilz chapter 6 . 6/30/2013
Name: Nikki the Hedgehog

Don't know how to describe her but ist in the first chapter of my stories Nikki:The Second Generation and The Missing Rose:A Nikki Saga. If you put her in than ill mention you and this story in my next chapter :) thanks

Kurosaki Juria chapter 6 . 3/8/2013
Plz put in my oc plz!
Name: Skylar
Race: leopard
Gender: Female
Fur/hair colors: Light blue body with lavender highlights in hair and on spots.
Light tan stomach and muzzle.
Personality: fun, funny, headstrong, cute, beautiful, convincing, calm, cool,
Has the hits for: shadow the hedgehog but is real cool about it and doesn't let it show easily she's able to talk to him without huypervenalating.
Eye color: cloudy sky gray ( but they always sparkle)
Back story: had a mother and father when she was real little but mother died in a car accident when she was 5 so she was raised by her father who was very kind and taught her every thing she has the abilities to do almost any physical activity you can think of.
Powers: mind reading shapeshifter.
Age: 16
Hope u can use me!
Skylar the Leopard696
ChelseaTheBlondie chapter 1 . 10/12/2010
Name: Chelsea

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 15

Description: She has light blue fur and quills, she has sapphire eyes, she wears a dark blue halter top, a white mini-skirt, white scandals (like Tikals), a silver heart necklace along with silver braclets around her wrists, and she wears a whitte bow in her quills.

Personality: She's very outgoing, she loves to make new friends, caring, nice, and she has a good sense of humor. (WARNING: SHE CAN BE MEAN IF SHE HAS TO...)

Info: Her parents died in a car accident a week after she was born, so another family took her in. She doesn't remember her parents, but she still misses them. She tries not to be TOO depressed, and tries to act as calm as possible. She's a very sweet person once you get to know her.
CutelittleMouseygirl chapter 6 . 8/23/2010
Hi! Authoress of "The Next Sonic: Truth or Dare" Here! I'll repost soon! As soon as I get my laptop fixed! I have some OCs

Emma: NO... no... no...

MG: Please, oh Chaos no...

Me: I'm doing a guy, and a girl!



Name: Maria-Gem Hedgebat

Eyes: Blood Red

Age: 16

Fur/Quills: Mostly black with red streaks on her arms and legs and going down the center of her quills. Said quills are styled so that they cover her left eye. She was born like this, but nobody believes her, hence she is called "emo-girl" a lot.

Clothes: A black T-shirt with a red heart design on on the front. Sometimes her shirt has a band logo or something on the back, like "Bean Day" her favorite band, or "Team Super Slam" Her boyfriend's band. Also wears jeans that cover the tops of her shoes. Her shoes are purple with a white stripe down the middle, from a club she was part of as a young child, the "Little Heroes." Her gloves are red and black, go up to her elbows. They are also fingerless.

Personality: Dark, often violent. Don't make her mad, as she has several sharp objects on her at all times. You might wanna search her...

Other stuff:

Theme: My Immortal- Evanescence

Past: Born to Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, little Maria-Gem was named for her father's dearest friend, and her mother's love for precious stones. Her sister, Sapphire was born when Maria-Gem was two years old. Sapphire was born with a rare sickness called "Speech Pattern Deficiency Syndrome," which Shadow had as a child also. Because of Sapphire's inability to speak normally, she clung to her big sister, the only one who could understand her fully. When Maria-Gem was five, and Sapphire three, the family's home burnt to the ground, part of GUN's plan to get rid of Shadow and Maria-Gem, whom they deemed a threat. Shadow, somewhere else at the time, and Maria-Gem with her mother at the grocery store, were fine. Sapphire, being babysat by E-123 Omega, who also emerged unharmed, wasn't so lucky. It hit Maria-Gem hard.

Shadow and Rouge divorced when she was 14, so now Maria-Gem mostly lives with her father, and all of his bad habits that the fangirls never heard about. Like staying out all night at the nightclub, then sleeping all day. And teaching a ten-year-old how to shoot an AK-47.

Yeah, I'll give the other profile later. PICK ME!
Snookie chapter 1 . 7/23/2010
Your Interviewing O.c's? Cool. Please Interview My O.c's! :D

NAME: Logan

RACE: Hedgehog

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16

LOOKS: Red Fur & Hair. Usually Seen Wearing A Short Black Dress And Black Boots.

PERSONALITY: Nice. Caring. Friendly. Funny. Smart. Cheerful. And A BIT Flirty.

LIKES: Crush. (Her BFF! NO HOMO.) Twinkies. Music. Her Phone. Chocolate. Ice Cream. Shopping.

DISLIKES: Snobs. Nerds.

SHOWS INTEREST IN: Shadow The Hedgehog

And Here's My Other O.C!

NAME: Crush

RACE: Skunk

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16

LOOKS: Purple Fur And Black Hair. Has A Black Stripe On Her Tail. Usually Seen Wearing Black Tank Top And Dark Jeans With Black Boots. Has Right Ear Pierced. Wears Spiked Choker And Matching Bracelets On Both Wrists. She's A Punk.
PERSONALITY: Usually Nice. Caring. Friendly. Loving. Supportive. Strong. (Physically!)

LIKES: Her Bff, Logan. (NO HOMO.)
Drawing. Music. Hanging Out With Her Friends.

DISLIKES: Girly Girls. Rapists. Racists.

SHOWS INTEREST IN: Espio The Chameleon.
how do delete chapter 6 . 7/12/2010
I request you interview... Actually, take your pick~! Of course, it's up to you if you want to use any of them. I suggest Wulph, it's hard to question him about anything but he can be easy to pick at if you mention good ol' brother Ronald
Ashes of Chaos chapter 6 . 7/11/2010
Keiji the Coyote

Sky-blue coyote with cool-grey eyes.

A quiet, out of the way kind of person, but not shy. Hides her emotions like Blaze, and around the same personality, without the temper though.

She doesn't flirt with anyone, but has a strong liking towards Shadow. She is very secretive about that though, and is NOT a total fangirl about it.

She is a 17 year old female who hails from 50 years in the future*.

the main reason that Keiji has a liking towards Shadow is because she had grown up with him training her in the future. The mentor-apprentice bond grew, and eventually it turned into something more like a brother-sister kind of thing. When she was oddly transported to the present, things changed for Keiji. (I am not going to continue, lest I spoil my story!)
Shiny one chapter 6 . 7/4/2010
Here's an OC I'd like to suggest.

Name: Dolly

Species: Pomeranian/dog

Age: 14

Description: A female dog that is very small, compared to other characters of the same age. She is light green (mint) and has White furred muzzle and belly. She has light red eyes and has white scruffy short hair. She wears a violet jacket, White gloves, blue trainers with a silver buckles and sometimes wears a police badge and hat.

Personality: can be shy at times, but once comfortable in a situation she is very social. She has a habit of day dreaming and is quite clumsy, bumps into things. She sometimes says things without thinking, but will apologise afterwards, she will get moody if someone critizises her job or her size. Has a good sense of humour.

Friends: Tango the American Pitbull Terrier and Shrub the Shiba Inu.

Info: Works as a police detective at the Mobotropolis police centre along with her collueges, Shrub and Tango (who is the leader of the police). They sometimes work alongside the Freedom fighters against Eggman.
Saikazo the Writer chapter 5 . 6/27/2010
Well, if you need a physical descrition for Raptor... here it is.

He’s about as tall as Cream. He has brown scales and sapphire blue eyes. His head curves back into a single spike, and he has only three toes on each foot. Two are normal, and the middle toe is sickle shaped.

For some reason... I think I need to give you Rap's personalitity... here it is.

He’s hyper! He’s easily distracted by anything. He can also weird out anyone. He also loves to pull pranks.
Ashes of Chaos chapter 5 . 6/26/2010
I would like to enter my OC. What do i have to do?

pupLaura chapter 1 . 6/26/2010
Hi could you do my OC Leah the hedgehog?
Frost the Hedgehog chapter 1 . 2/12/2010
I hope that you still have room for more OCs, if so you can have these three.

Paladin the Light

Age: Immortal

Species: He transforms to whatever Mephiles has tranformed to. Since Mephiles took Shadow's shadow to take that form, Paladin also took that form.

Description: He looks like Mephiles but he is pure white, his eyes are green, he wears exactly what Mephiles wears.

Forms are like Shadow's but his eyes do not change color, and the way he looks doesn't change at all.

Power: Light, Super speed, and fire

Friends: None

Love interest: None

Info: Him and Mephiles are twin brothers. He fuses with a supernatural being named Iris (the good twin of Ibilis). When Paladin and Iris fuse they become Tatarus.


Age: Immortal

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Description: He his a green hedgehog with blue eyes, quills like Shadow's, his build is like Knuckles, he has brown streaks on his arms, quills, back, and legs, he wears white shoes, white gloves, and a white cloak

Forms: He fuses with Paladin the light to become Tatarus. Which is a green hedgehog, with quills like Shadow's, a build between muscular and lean, he has brown and white streaks on his quills, legs, arms, and back, his hears are white and brown tipped, he wears white gloves, white cloak, white shoes, and a gray head band.

Powers: Super speed, light, super strength, and fire

Friends: None

Love interest: None

Info: Ibilis and Iris are twin brothers, but Ibilis was probably cursed and Iris wasn't.

Genie the Cat (Full name is Ginevera Andrea the Cat)

Age: 14

Species: Cat

Description: she is blue cat, with yellow eyes, her left eye is robotic but you can't tell, her hair is long in the front, but short in the back, she has yellow highlights, the she has long bangs that gently fall in her face but she pushes them back once in a while,she has three tails, her build is like Rouge's, she is normally wears a white buttoned up shirt, black sunglasses perched on her head, blue jeans, a black leather belt around her waist, and black boots. What she also wears: A gray buttoned up shirt, blue denim mini skirt, black leather belt around her waist, and black high heeled boots. She secretly carries daggers and sharp knifes to defend her self.

Love interest: None right now

Powers: Super speed, electricity, and master in martial arts and fighting with daggers, swords, spears, and javalins.

Friends: Only those she can trust.

Personality: Her personality matches Shadow's

Info: Her father is a scientist and her mother is a doctor, she lives in a manor in the middle of lush country. She lost her left when she was three. Her left eye was damaged because of the G.U.N. Her father destroyed half of the orginazation, he was nearly killed. He was trying to stop the G.U.N from hurting his family. She now doesn't trust many people, it takes her a long time to trust someone. She is planning revenge against GUN, she is holding her plans in an old abandoned warehouse.

I hope you enjoy!
kyosplosion chapter 4 . 1/5/2010

Name: Gerzelda

Species: British Shorthair Cat

Fur Color: Gray with blond pigtails & bangs

Eye Color: Purple

Clothing: Yellow cabled shirt. Jean shorts. Brown trench coat. Purple-trimmed white gloves. Pink socks. Blue wrap-up sandals. Peanut-shaped necklace.

Personality: Annoying & short-tempered. Clever & short attention span.

Theme Song: watch?v5-1DaNyZcnE (remove the space)
Demon is dead chapter 4 . 11/28/2009
Echie! You made that oc cry! bad bro, Bad bro. Keep it up
Ashes of Chaos chapter 1 . 11/22/2009
Heres my OC:

Keiji the Coyote~Has blue fur and brown/black eyes.

-Can control stone/earth, but her temper is overwhelming enough he he.

-Hates: Shadow -due to crush- ~giggle~, Knuckles, and some others -Eggbutt included-, people making fun of her, peeps who hurt her friends.

- Likes: Sonic, Tails, teams Rose, Dark, and Chaotic, pushing Knux & Shads off cliffs -Sorry to all Shadow &Knuckles fans-

-Powers: can run at 657mph, martial arts, close range combat, shoots stone balls, super form with the help of Chaos Emeralds,very knowledgeable about guns -No wonder Shadow likes her!-.

-Personality: Sonic'stemper

i probably sound like an idiot but, what does OC stand for? (pm the answer)
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