Reviews for Naruto: The Next God of Shinobi
my 2 guys chapter 2 . 59m
that was good keep the chapters coming
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 7/26
that was good keep the chapters coming
setokayba2n chapter 54 . 7/2
I liked the story but in the end you did not make a sequel, are you going to make it?
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 6/11
that was good keep the chapters coming
shuujin.takagi chapter 54 . 5/23
Muy buen fic, me encanto el personaje de anko, gracias por escribir
ShadowImageComics chapter 54 . 5/9
I liked the story and keep up with the good work. I can not wait for chapter 55
ShadowImageComics chapter 33 . 5/9
Just tell Critics United to suck it, for they are just jealous that you have a story, and they do not I guess. I been reading since yesterday and was waiting till the end to review, but seeing that PS made me want to review. The cibered bullied a friend of mine, "He was metal illed from the start" to commit sucide last year, but not before he vanished from with all his stories. Lucky, I have them, but have not reposted them yet. Keep up the good work and do not let them bother you.
marquis.shax chapter 43 . 4/10
if you're so hell bent on pairing Naruto with a snake summoner why not just have him paired up with Anko after he make Chunin instead of going through all the trouble of creating a brand new character? Also the last part of the chapter makes absolutely no sense. There's absolutely no way in hell that Hiruzen would teach Naruto the shadow clone and NOT tell him about the memory transfer he's not as stupid or lazy as Jiraiya and Kakashi he'd have taken the time to completely explain everything about the jutsu to Naruto before he even learned it to make sure Naruto understood both the benefits and more importantly the dangers of the jutsu
marquis.shax chapter 14 . 4/9
the chunin exams actually started with the founding of the villages but you're right that they really didn't truly start until after the 3rd war as that's when other nations started competing in them rather than just each doing their own secretly without competition from other villages shinobi's
marquis.shax chapter 9 . 4/9
uhm why would you have Kiba say the academy is going to be a breeze when he'd be in his last year at the academy as he was only a year behind TenTen and her group which is the group that you had Naruto join
Blitzstrahl chapter 38 . 3/19
Well now I need to back track and reread the past couple chapters, when did he actually unlock his eyes?!
Blitzstrahl chapter 37 . 3/19
Really is perplexing when people make special care not to have Sasuke unlock the Sharigan in wave. Only to still copy 'n paste Orochimaru's marking him in the forest, while obsessing over having a body with the eyes. Regardless of Sasuke not having them to begin with.
Blitzstrahl chapter 36 . 3/19
But with no reports of Sasuke unlocking the Sharigan, why would Orochi bother with the exams at all?
ZoomStraightToTheMoon chapter 8 . 3/10
Jakken is annoying as hell. The story lost a lot of its appeal when you put him on Naruto's team. Why would they take off Lee as a Team 12 member? Naruto and Yakumo were undoubtedly near or at the top of the class overall, so him being on their team makes the most sense. It was unnecessary to include your OC in the team. Plus Jakken tried to kill him lol. I think I'll stop here.
May chapter 54 . 2/26
I like it alot. Please mack more. This is a really good story.
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