Reviews for Moon Squared
Emirii Erizabesu chapter 5 . 2/10/2002
Hey it didn't suck and it wasn't bad it wasn't as good as the last chapter it was in the middle * everyone falls down anime style* yeah ok bye it was good
Cat's Meow chapter 5 . 2/10/2002
Hey, it's not so bad! I like it! What a interesting situation - Usagi from the past falling for Seiya and Usagi from the future for 'Mamo-Baka'! Too bad the inner senshi won't let Usagi from the past get too close to Seiya...oh well! (I'm a Usagi x Seiya fan, by the way. Keep writing and I'll be watching for the next chapter!
Christina chapter 4 . 1/25/2002
Oh I love this fic, it is so original. Please write soon. Did I mention that this fic is really interesting? Well it is. I love it.
nabiki chapter 4 . 1/22/2002
hi love your story! i cant wait to read more thanks for the fun!


Commander Galos chapter 4 . 1/22/2002
nice chapter! And... well, what can I say? Defeating the DD Girls this early will certainly put a different spin to the overal timeline. But what really cracked me up is that you implied that Usagi had gained weight in the next two years but hadn't grown up otherwise! Alas, poor Rei... her precious manga collection defiled so horribly! I understand her pain, really. I had my mint-condition tape of SMR the movie, left on vacation leaving my nephew alone... and when I return 2 days later I find out he saw it, forgot to remove it from the VCR, and taped a soap opera for his mom on it! ::AHEM:: Anyway, congratulations for a fine story! Keep 'em coming!
Marni chapter 4 . 1/22/2002
Interesting! Please post soon.
Usagi8 chapter 4 . 1/21/2002
PLease Write more soon.
Princess of the Fae don't feel like signing in chapter 4 . 1/21/2002
Very good, I love the idea.
Cat's Meow chapter 4 . 1/21/2002 said that the next chapter the younger Usagi is facing the Galaxia herself? That's not going to be pleasant, I believe!
Vykky chapter 4 . 1/21/2002
Setsuna-sama a little ooc in this chapter? But I can't help liking this. It's funny, and seems to be kinda based on both the anime and the manga. Good fic.
Bun-chan chapter 3 . 1/14/2002
AHH! I love it! ;; Blarg, I don't know exactly what to say except, keep doing what you're doing. *hehe*
Volcana chapter 3 . 1/13/2002
Marni chapter 3 . 1/13/2002
I really like this story, please try to post more soon.
Emirii Erizabesu chapter 3 . 1/13/2002
Good story.
JLSCORPIO78 chapter 3 . 1/13/2002
I like your story. I wonder how far your gonna keep the 2 Usa's in the different time. More soon please. )D
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