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Call me Mutual chapter 22 . 5/5/2017
Your fics was hands down the best KFP fanfiction iv ever had the pleasure of reading it's was perfect in soo many ways iv read all youre other KFP fics and I'm kinda sad that youve retired from writing fanfiction but I do respect ya decision. Now after finishing this awsome story I'm left with the decision on where to go now if you know of anyour other top quality KFP fanfiction I'd appreciate it if ya briefed me of them so I could read them thanks very much for all your work and good look in your future endeavours. Xx
Call me mutual chapter 9 . 4/21/2017
You've definitely still got it . X
A Forgotten Place chapter 20 . 12/5/2016
The thing is, anyone would have done as Koshchei did in his situation. His parents never wanted him and allowed his siblings to abuse him. They probably abused him themselves. He hated his lot in life. So instead of playing the victim, he rose up to the challenge and rid of the problem. He proved himself stronger, smarter, more ruthless than his siblings.

Koschei did nothing wrong in doing what he did to them.

Shame he didn't succeed in killing Dalang and Shang Jr. end the line then and there.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/20/2016
... a baby?
EtheriousLogia chapter 22 . 4/21/2016
Noooooooo... Done retire :(
Leon chapter 20 . 12/23/2015
Asmodei's siblings hated him and wanted him to die in the winter. Sonya thought he a waste. So it's not his fault he is evil.

They deserved what they got.
dishonorale chapter 20 . 12/22/2015
So it's not Asmodei's fault he is evil. His family deserved what was coming
Windsquid Fu chapter 22 . 11/18/2015
What an incredible journey, this was. A marvelous masterpiece this was, just like "Present". They are the two best fanfics I have ever read. They are god amongst fanfictions with the fantastic amounts of tragedy, drama, heartbreak, romance, joy, family, humour, and of course, a little bit of action. I adored these stories, and when I finished with this one, I couldn't help but get choked up at seeing all of these characters pull through their situations, overcome all the odds, and come out victorious. A million thank you's for allowing us to take in your top-notch writing prowess. Wow, what a journey.
Tigergirl713 chapter 22 . 8/3/2015
I absolutely positively love your writing, and your work. And congrats and thank you, you have really connected to people with your work. I hope and dream that someday you will comeback and write more Kung Fu Panda, because you have really touched my heart with all of the events in your stories including funny, happy, sad, sometimes anger, and events about forgiving. Your stories have truly made my summer and I will always remember you and your work. If you ever have a thought about coming back, then please comeback it would mean something to a lot of your fans.
P.S. Sorry I'm not logged in, but if you ever want to PM me, plz do!
nievelion chapter 22 . 6/18/2014
(cont. from previous review) As for what she revealed, hah, I knew they were legit all along! The fact they lost their family because of Asmodei makes sense…in these sorts of stories, the characters are always interconnected aren't they, especially through tragedy.

And then we come to Altai and what he revealed. Part of me wants to be annoyed with Oogway for keeping Tai in Chorh-Gom just because he was sure Tai was meant to fulfill prophecy and become the Phoenix Warrior, but I seem to recall him doing the same thing because of Chao in my story so I'll shut up. :P Guess we both think Oogway is the sort to be willing to uses the ends and means argument when the ends really are that important and the good is worth the bad that happens along the way? Or to put it another way, Omniscient Morality License. Still think it's rather awful that Oogway allowed Tai to go through that abuse and rape for the sake of prophecy. But he did apologize, he didn't know what exactly would happen, and it can't be denied it made Tai stronger in the end.

So Zang was in it for the money, but also for what Tai did to Vachir. Still pretty pathetic, and definitely not worth killing despite his misogyny. Yet in the end you managed to give him at least some small trace of honor, as he realized what he'd done in the name of vengeance and took the right way out. I don't feel sorry for him, but I do pity what he became and what happened to him because of his vengeance.

Anyway between that, and all the people Black Ops had watching out for Tai Lung…so many secrets, and you sure did enjoying unveiling them now, didn't you?

Speaking of secrets, thanks for finally revealing the one about Quon's heritage you only told me forever ago. :P I really like his relationship with his uncle, although it's clear Quon's line of work as well as their closeness in age is also why he is so mature and distant with Dalang. As for the search for Shang's other offspring…LOL! You totally included that just for my benefit, right? I *know* you included the joke about men for my benefit. ;) Anyway, the punch-line about the 22 letters was perfect. If I can I may make reference to this in the vignette where Shang appears, although I think in mine he may not have quite so many. Or if he does, he still settled down with and married the mother of some of them.

Great callback to TWTCITP at the end there too. And wonderful seeing the kind of brother-sister relationship Tai and Tigress have established. Even when they aren't involved with each other, we all can agree the two of them have a lot in common, which makes it just as easy for them to be close friends, fellow warriors, and siblings.

So much awesomeness!

Hah, so nice to see Poor Communication Kills resolved so easily. But I knew it would be, once Su and Po got to finally, really talk. And OMG they are so cute together, and what Po did for so they could marry was so meaningful and powerful, and her reaction… **babbles happily**

The Emperor is a prick I see. And I had such high hopes for him after he pardoned Tai Lung and wasn't the one behind Zang's orders. He seemed nice and likable in the first scene, but really? Coming after Duo for inciting rebellion…for one offhand comment…that made people rise up against a nasty oppressive duke who had been flouting the Emperor's authority himself? And trying to pull rank the way he did when he was only a fifth son never meant to be emperor, and his actions were flouting both the permanent agreement regarding the Valley and Oogway's past demands of him? Putz. At least he finally came to his senses and remembered the prophecy. He may not be the worst Chinese emperor ever, but he sure doesn't deserve respect IMO. Getting to see Po stand up to him like that was admittedly pretty damn awesome though. (As was him in the Grand Master's garb!) And the Princess Bride line was priceless.

I'd say it's a shame Altai was forced to resign because of all this except he clearly didn't want to keep working for Special Ops anyway…and where he and Duo end up is actually a better place in so many ways—they were both right, becoming monks was the best way to atone (at least as far as their own hearts told them, since as far as I'm concerned they've already made up for any wrongs they committed) and to raise the leopard cub. Love how honorable Altai is, and how he helped Duo bury Lang. And adopting Little Brother was unexpected, but so very sweet and perfect.

Tigress providing relief to the people of the Valley was so heartwarming, it's great to see how far she's come in opening up and expressing her emotions.

LOL at Sonam's petulance over not getting to kill Mei's ex! But Tai is right, being the assassin who can kill with a look is pretty bada$$ at that. How reassuring though that he checked in on Mei's family…and him writing the letter for her mom was deeply moving, as was them getting to reunite-great closure here all around. Between that and the whole bit with Po, Su, and their new house in the orchard (at least the emperor did something right, providing the money for such an endeavor), there's a lot of familial bliss here too. As there should be. :)

The new Phoenix Temple…wow. First, Altai being called Golden Rhino now—shout-out to Ilien's Book of Changes? :D And how appropriate that Duo, now called Sun Wolf, has taken Sun Bear's place…the Phoenix Warrior and Scroll are all about redemption, new beginnings, and getting the chance to atone and make up for your past. I'm sure Sun Bear approves of this as much as he did of Duo raising Lang. The bit with all the kids meeting and becoming friends was absolutely adorable; Duo may have a point, but the world will be a better place if people start believing it really is that easy to make friends. Little Lang is so sweet…I love that he's getting all the love and education he should have gotten. It's very clear he's going to be pretty much the opposite of his previous lives, precisely because he is so focused on scholarly pursuits first, kung fu second; it's like the old adage that those best suited to rule are the ones who don't want to—the best warriors and fighters are also the ones who don't want to do it, but do because it's the right thing to do, to protect others.

Your bit with the meaning of the Phoenix Scroll, how the world isn't ready for it, and how it requires another man, in another place, to spread its message…my first instinct was to wince a bit at the Anviliciousness (this, from someone who had teased me for making my story be about forgiveness and love overcoming the might of the Dark One?), particularly as it coming from Tai seemed to make him even more of a Messiah-figure. But…Some Anvils Need to be Dropped. And I have to agree your sentiment is moving, and so very true, and it was essentially the same theme and point I was making with ADL, that forgiveness is arduous, difficult, even painful, but it absolutely is something we must do and one of if not the most important things we can do in life. And of course it's not as if Tai's story (in either of our works!) isn't inspiring enough in how it shows even the worst sinner can truly repent and become a great force for good and heroism. Plus phoenixes and their resurrective properties have been associated with Christ even longer than the unicorn. So…good show, very good show, powerful, symbolic, and a beautiful way to bring Eastern and Western faith together (which, if scholarship is correct and I believe it is, is even true to life in the source of a good part of Jesus' teachings. I had to also wince at you saying he would know how to properly spread the message of the scroll, considering how few of his followers have shown their ability to do the same, or even understand it. But…there is always hope they will.

The ending was beautiful, absolutely perfect, from the new emperor now respecting the warriors and taking their advice to the fact they have come so far and become such a perfectly balanced force for peace, to you aping the end of the first movie, probably the most heartwarming bit of all. I liked making similar callbacks to ground my work in the source material again. And as for the happiness of it all…you already set up for things being happy with the endings of TWTCITP and the shuffles (heck, even the ending of Memoirs, though all the tragedy Shifu had been through made it much more bittersweet), and as you know I love happy endings as much as you do. So don't apologize. As with ADL, this is definitely a case of it having been earned.

In the end looking back, I still have to say this isn't your strongest work (I'd still call Memoirs that). There were some questionable choices in character arcs, plot developments, and pacing; far too many characters; cases where you either changed your plans mid-stream or, if what you did was planned all along, the results didn't feel organic and streamlined; places where it was rushed, things weren't properly foreshadowed or otherwise set up, there were too many deux ex machinas, or the various plot threads and secrets/reveals were tied up a little too neatly. A lot of this is obviously due to how long it took you to write it, all the changes in your life, and your loss of interest as you moved on to focus on original work. But I am glad you were dedicated to finishing it so you could leave the fandom with a clear conscience and we could find out everyone's final fates. And even with the things I criticized or objected to, particularly near the end, there was still a lot of fantastic mystical imagery, great plot bunnies, some deeply moving and emotional material (I will never forget how you had Po help Tai deal with his rape), incredible fight scenes, and a great balance between being dark and edgy and hilarious humor. So while it isn't your best work, it's still a good story, a great capstone to the universe of your first KFP story, and a satisfying resolution overall. And the shout-outs! _

So thank you for writing
VillageIdiot88 chapter 22 . 6/16/2014
It's in the godless hours where I am so let me simply say this: Thank you for the superb story. Bravo.
Meridian Prime chapter 22 . 6/17/2014
I don't have anything to say other than: Congratulations. You have finished something truly special.
vcj chapter 22 . 6/16/2014
Ms. Luna Goldsun, or whatever you are known as now:

First off, I would like to thank you for making and finishing your stories "Memoirs of a Master", "That's Why They Call it the Present", and of course "Soaring Dragon, Dancing Phoenix". These stories are some of the first great works of fanfiction that I have read from beginning to end, and also some of the best I've read.

After a long journey, we readers finally get to know the end of this tale, and I thank you for making one that works so well. I feel these stories will be ones that I will remember for the better part of my life.

Congratulations for getting married, and the best of luck in your future endeavors!
nievelion chapter 21 . 6/16/2014
So it's been forever since I reviewed, thanks to my life still not being completely under control, but I was finally galvanized by you finishing this story. So, I'm reviewing this chapter now, and expect the final one tomorrow.

So the fight continues, it wasn't over so quickly and easily after all. Kudos! Nice to see Ox in battle, and I have to say old Mr. Lu—makes me think of the old kung fu fighters from the KFP TV series episode "Out With the Old"; were you thinking of them?

LOL at Tai and Po's conversation lampshading the Deus Ex Machina of the baby transformation!
Duo's initial reaction was completely in character, but I absolutely love how Tai tested his ethics so fiercely and directly, and proved that indeed the wolf was not a monster. I don't blame him for how he felt at first, but seeing him backpedal, know he can't kill an innocent baby, and instead swear to raise him right this time is amazing, heartwarming, and shows so much character development and growth.

Also, a bit disturbing (but playing into the changes we've seen all along, and Sun Bear and Oogway's concerns about him) that Po was the one with the anger and wanting to last out at Duo while Tai was the calm, controlled one.

Badass and Baby: You really are pulling out all the tropes here, aren't you? Also, was it my review that made you decide to show the Golden Spear burning baddies? Either way, it's both disturbing to know some of Asmodei's men really were that bad, and awesome to see them taken out.

Yay, more Dalang carnage!

Okay, not only is it awesome you didn't forget the prophecy (and how it came true), but seeing Tian bring Nima's fans, and reveal she was her hero and role model…yup, tears in the eyes again.
*snerks* Love the bit where Tai and Po consider the odds to be in their favor…and they're right.
Don't know which is more awesome: seeing your Wu Sisters fight, or seeing Tigress alongside them. Gives me ideas for one of the last battle scenes I have in mind in my shuffles…

Po channeling the Dragon was creepy as hell, but also awesome. And remember when you praised me for how I had him cleanse the Sacred Pool? What he did to the Devil's Mouth far outclasses that. Holy hell…I also like how his initial prayer over the staff and how he reached out to all of life around him, is reminiscent of his communion with the water drop in KFP2.

Tai healing the wall…that was a nice twist, but it makes sense.

Nice prophecy twist with Tai having destroyed but not killed Asmodei…and I have to agree, after agonizing over not being a monster and not killing Zang, it makes sense he'd end up not literally killing Asmodei either. But I thought Tai knew about what Nima did to Sonam? Oh well, makes for a funny moment anyway. _

LOL…great subversion, having it be Sonam who fainted. Twice! Yup, even a badass like him can have his 'weaknesses'. And not surprised at all that Mei not only made it through the birth like a trooper but was up using a crossbow right afterward. Hah!

Tai not caring if anyone sees him cry…yes, thank you, men can in fact cry, and should. And how amusing, and a nice lampshade on how long it's been since you wrote the earlier part of the story, that Wu and Shifu can't even remember what they were fighting about. :P

More cuteness and hilarity: Zhu going ga-ga over baby Aleksei while her sisters are weirded out; Tian's description of what babies are, with Jiang's perfect response; and little Shang showing he is jealous he's not getting the attention or being called cutest anymore.

What a turnaround, Duo going from wanting to kill the baby, to protecting him from Tian, to outright raising him. But his justification makes perfect sense even before we find out who the baby really is, it would indeed be quite the testimonial to forgiveness, redemption, and second chances. I applaud you, Luna…while I might have had reservations about him in the beginning (I can't recall what I said in early reviews so many years ago), I got to like Duo more and more as the story went on, but I never thought he'd be saved and redeemed, let alone the manner of it. But it fits together perfectly and is definitely a plot twist that brings hope as well as heartwarming.
And it seems he actually will be a good father, if he knows something about children already, or at least childbirth! *marvels*

Viper standing up to Crane's mother: hah!

The secret of the Phoenix Scroll: beautiful and absolutely perfect. Not only does it fit Tai Lung (and what we know of Sun Bear's backstory), and Asmodei, and Lang, and Duo, but it makes a nice contrast to the Dragon Scroll—not blank, which just be copying the movie, but not a long complicated secret technique like Tai expected. (After the Dragon Scroll he really should have known better.) But the fact this also revolved around him doing what he did in my story, forgiving both himself and those who hurt him, is so good and right. The fact you gave it a supernatural element (well, beyond what I did—actual powers rather than how the power of forgiveness was one of those that protected him from Chao) is just the icing on the cake. Since as you note, even without that, forgiveness does have power.

Asmodei had met Sun Bear? I feel really stupid, but this had been mentioned before? If so I really need to re-read your story (not that I shouldn't anyway!). Anyway, the whole tribunal scene…I never did any research to see what the Chinese beliefs about the afterlife were (you'd think I would have, but since I never intended to bring Chao back or show what happened to him… *shrugs*), but even though you say it's not accurate, something faithfulness to history or culture or what have you is not as important as what feels right for the characters and plot, and this was absolutely fitting. I know you told me you originally didn't plan to show what happened to Asmodei.

I'm not sure if your original intention for his body was the same all along, or if after I spoke of my misgivings over Asmodei getting a second chance you changed it to this. But either way…I am much more content now, seeing as he got exactly what he deserved (because of his lack of remorse—if not for that he's right that what happened to him and shaped him into the monster he was would justify another chance), and that wonderfully ghoulish annihilation was deliciously creepy and disturbing. And then of course we get to what is decided about the baby, as well as Ming Hua and Jiao Shen…

Even before you said who it was, I guessed it was Lang's soul in the baby—there really wasn't anyone else it could be, and the eyes clinched it. And…this makes me incredibly happy. Because one you turned Lang around, showed he really wasn't a monster, I had wanted him to receive another chance and redemption, in one life or another. Getting to be reborn, raised right (not in the sense of his morals but the treatment he received), and have it come from Duo of all people, after what he had said about him before…wow. Talk about good karma, for both of them! And after seeing Lang as like a son or younger brother to him, and wishing he could give him the life he should have had, protect him, train him, make up for all the crap he was put through…well now he finally gets his chance, which can only help Duo redeem himself too. The fact it looks like he may be raising him along with Jiang is even better. But yeah, Papa Wolf indeed! That scene was so very awesome, I did indeed love it, Luna (and Dalang deserved what he got—I understand why he was uncomfortable and upset but he was still being an ass).

Loved the bit with Oogway, Sun Bear, and Wang. So in character!

The final fates of the Jiao Clan. First I have to say I love how you mad them all mesh with what you revealed in your shuffles; while the latter obviously came first, you made it all flow together as if it had been planned this way all along. I have to feel sorry for the twins and Huang (though not very much for the latter) because they only became what they did thanks to Shen. Then again it's very clear that choice is as important as upbringing, considering that Shang and Dalang, and even Xiang before he got addicted and went mad, were able to be good or at least better people than their brothers despite getting the same upbringing. I agree, I hope they do well in their lives and Huang learns his lesson. Feng's fate we already knew of course. I love Xiang's.

But oh my God…having Shen be reborn as that lion Lang (appropriate name!), and Ming Hua as Dalang and Tigress's daughter Ming, so that they could be together again and get the romance and love they should have had? I never thought I'd be saying this but that is beautiful, perfect, and fitting. Yes, Shen did horrible things, but as Ming Hua herself said, not all of them were what we thought and there was good in him we didn't see. The fact he seems to be doing so much better as the lion Lang just proves he really can do better this time…and thus he deserved his chance. Talk about forgiveness. Was this planned too, or not? It seems like it, because I can see some of Shen's traits in that lion (either good ones, or bad ones changed to be harmless and amusing, like his stubbornness and cockiness in the way he defeated her in training) but maybe you just retroactively matched them up? Either way, again it is awesome.

Loved Duo's talks with Mei and Wu. So many connections and relationships here I never considered, but they work. As for not teaching kung fu because of what it did to Lang…well considering the baby *is* Lang, he has the chance to teach him right again too.

Loved the scene with Tigress and Shifu. We need more like this! And wow, you really are pulling out all the stops, having Mei Ling show up and turn out to be the Sisters' mysterious boss. I have to giggle at how you completely inverted the relationship I gave them, well done! And you even used the line I gave her to greet Crane with! I rather thought the boss couldn't be Quon or Altai…
As for what she rev
Anrui13 chapter 22 . 6/16/2014
Oh the sweet, sweet closure...! Seriously though, I'm both happy and upset that the story is over. It cannot be said enough that you have extraordinary talent in writing, so it is a shame that you are done with it. Thank you so much for leaving behind this gift for fans of Kung Fu Panda, for both the present and future ones. May you find prosperity in whatever road you decide to take.
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