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Azure606 chapter 23 . 5/23
I read this all in one night and this is my first review I have ever written. I really hope you come back, update and finish this story! I love the plot and the personality you made for each character. Hope to read more!
misterela chapter 23 . 5/13
I absolutely adore how your write!
I have been following this story every since you published it, and I want you to know that we'll wait for you, no matter how long it takes, no matter how long you and I age, because that is how much we LOOOOVEEE you and Destined.
Please don't leave us hanging, ne? :)
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 23 . 5/10
Monkeypants87 chapter 23 . 5/6
I just finished rereading this fic again and I felt sadden when I realized it hadn't been updated in three years :( I hope you are doing well and that we get to see an update soon from you! Just when the fic was starting to get better and interesting. I hope you finish it.
ilovesyaoranforever chapter 23 . 5/7
Hello! Please update and finish the story! The story is so good to be left behind. Huhu
pooja.agg50 chapter 1 . 5/2
I would pay u too but I'm just poor but I really wanna read your story
pooja.agg50 chapter 18 . 4/11
is there any way you are still alive?
pooja.agg50 chapter 1 . 4/8
please update, I've read this story at least 10 times now, I need more of it *sobs in a corner*
aaronieroducasse chapter 1 . 3/24
I hope you're still alive and kicking, since you have a solid following on this story. Saw that this story was not updated for several years, and am too hassled to create an account just to PM you. I'm willing to pay you just to see this fic to its conclusion, a la Smashwords. You heard me right. If you ever read this, please change your profile pic as a signal that you're still there and considering the offer. Once that happens, I'll give you the details of payment and mode of communication. I'll be waiting.

Take care.
DopeyDopa chapter 23 . 3/15
I nearly died when I saw this was updated 3 years ago...I can't believe the story was left unfinished just as it was starting to get good T_T 2 days reading this non-stop, to end up like this...why must the best fics always end up unfinished?
Kate chapter 23 . 3/7
This is simply the best fanfic i have ever read! (And i have re-read it several times! Hahahahah)
I wish you would continue writing!
tenshi chapter 23 . 2/28
i discovered your gem of a story just recently and couldn't stop myself from writing a review. I know the last time you updated was...three years ago *cries* but I figured i'd write a review anyway in case you're still reading them and in case there's even a sliver of a chance that you might still be updating the story. Despite your grammar claims, your story is by far one of the best ones I've read grammar wise. Content wise-its unreal how you're able to make me fall in love with Syaoran in almost every chapter. The chemistry you've painted between S&S is electric and I am so looking forward to seeing how long it'll take for Sakura to reciprocate Syaoran's feelings. Ugh. If only there were more chapters...*hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink*. Thank you for providing me with 2 days worth of fangirling over my favorite anime couple.
Sherona849 chapter 23 . 3/2
There are many people up to today who really want you to continue your story, I understand if you are not interested in continue writing because you lost interest in this story, but everyone who has favorited, followed or reviewed this story is dying to hear the epilog. If you really don't want to carry on writing, can you at least do one last note that you are not going to continue? And if you really like to listen to reviews, listen to this one, please.
cherry blossom son chapter 23 . 2/16
hi can you continue please update
Vn819 chapter 1 . 2/16
I have read this fic again and again, still laugh my ass off :)) please keep on writing, i really want to know what happens next!
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