Reviews for Ascendant
This Muse chapter 35 . 2/24

This is beautiful.

(I'm also squealing because this is the happy ending I wanted.)
ExoticBlackHeart.Fils chapter 34 . 2/4
This is my second time reading this story and most certainly won't be the last. I love how you brought the Uchiha to life and not made them the cold and unloving clan who just evil. You made them human and didn't give into the bias of Uchiha clan bashing. ASWESOME! story.
busaikosensei chapter 35 . 1/20
Oh man. I've been on the edge of my seat reading, and I literally spent at least two hours guiltily sneaking peaks at this while at work, which is so so bad but omg I couldn't help it. I had no idea where you were going with this; I half-expected a bad ending and was bracing myself for it. I'm inexplicably relieved that you ended this the way you did. This was more suspenseful than most books I've read in the same genre, and you did an absolutely superb job.
I loved the little glimpses into the Uchiha family, and the way you didn't try to gloss over the obvious issues they must have been having due to all the unrest. The awesome brotherly love going on with Shisui and Itachi had me all squishy inside and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT KILLING HIM. You almost killed me, too, when Itachi was convinced he'd killed him.
Before this gets too long I just wanted to say that YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you for not getting discouraged or losing interest and abandoning this story. The entire fandom and all Naruto fans everywhere thank you.
Pause143 chapter 34 . 1/19
This is my second time reading Ascendant and its just as awesome as the first! The imagery is so vibrant that I can feel Itachis anguish and agony! It's definitely one of my favorite fanfics! The epilogue is great but now I want to know what happens next. Does Itachis regain use of his chakra? How does he interact with people after all this? Does he get revenge on Madara? How are the other characters like Sasuke, Shisui, Kakashi and etc. affected and influenced? I just have so many questions and not enough answers!
Pause143 chapter 35 . 12/31/2016
My heart broke reading this. I'm so glad that there was a happy ending.
song min ah chapter 35 . 12/25/2016
the last few chapters really make me cry river hahah. good job! keep healthy, stay creative, and always be happy
NatNicole chapter 2 . 12/3/2016
FANTASTIC Chapter! I love your Uchihas! *grins like Obito*
NatNicole chapter 1 . 12/3/2016
Intriguing beginning (& Summary, for that matter)!
Paskuda chapter 35 . 10/31/2016
That was so good. I was reading it in a super leisurely pace just for the pleasure to last longer. I guess there will be no sequel to this one, and maybe its better this way... But damn I would definitely like to read about how he will deal with that bastard Madara, or if he'd met Kisame eventually and what their relationship would be. You made the poor kitten suffer so much (thought he's always suffering, in fics, in canon, everywhere), it's just delightful to think on how he will finally kick some asses, Madara's ass expecially.
And thank you for not killing the Other one, I thought at some moment that they just clashed with Madara and both faded into nothingness... Apparently not. Oh please make a sequel, it'll be so damn good.
fairyninja73 chapter 35 . 10/18/2016
i usually don't read fics where my first impression is that itachi is a killer cuz he's bad... cuz really we find out he's actually not...
but this fic has gotten such good review that i had to check it out... i mean i saw it a few times but was holding off on it...
but it was amazing... i loved how the story didn't make itachi a killer just cuz but because there were other things going on...
thanx for the awesome story... i really couldn't stop once i started
animecutylover chapter 2 . 10/13/2016
Omg! This Fugaku is not so stoic! I'm kinda liking this Fugaku's character. He actually shows he cares for Itachi. This is like a big deal. A real surprise. And I'm loving it! XD

I also love where this story is going, since I read the summary and all. Let me tell you, I got hooked just by reading this story's summary! I'm really excited to see how this is going to turn out! I bet it'll be quite intriguing.
breakeven2007 chapter 35 . 8/29/2016
This truly made me cry, which is hard. I... One thing I've always wished was explored more thoroughly was Itachi's past and everything that went into the Massacre. And as a time-travel fic done in such a different way, this is truly great. I think this ranks as my definite favorite Naruto fic, and probably one of my favorites of all time. Truly a great job.
breakeven2007 chapter 27 . 8/29/2016
"Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack." -Brandon Sanderson, 'The Way of Kings'

This explains Itachi's situation perfectly.
Foxy-Floof chapter 8 . 7/11/2016
I'm clapping for chapter 8's ending. This is real. This is SO many relationships and marriages. Convenience, or because a couple feel like "time is wasting", and hurry to be married, and hurry to have a family, and hurry, hurry, hurry.

I think it's excellent. It shows Mikoto and Fugaku as neither saints nor demons, but simply human beings.
lunatic.meap chapter 35 . 6/20/2016
Straight up saying everyone should read this because this is one of those stories that are painful but immensely satifactory. Interesting since the beginning, so carefully crafted and can be emotionally disturbing (not a bad thing!). I congratulate you becausebi have honestly read no better Itachi centric stories so well written.
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