Reviews for Ascendant
jayley chapter 26 . 8/1
well damn, and here i was thinking that itachi only had some weird mind control from danzo that was creating the 'monster' in his mind, but that it's also madara? plus his future self? poor bastard...although really his future self could've made an effort to help younger him. he's almost less than useless
EquusNanashi chapter 35 . 7/22
This was a great story. I loved it and hated it at the same time. You wrote an alluring piece of fiction. Thank you.
Wintercitylights chapter 35 . 7/9
I am an emotional wreck. Thank you so much for writing this, your writing style, the plot, the feelings, everything is amazing and thank you so much for this happy ending that never happened in the original but, in an alternate universe of Naruto, will have happened. Excuse me while I ball my eyes out.
Shebali chapter 34 . 6/29
I've been going through my favs and oh, I have so much love for this story. Every little thing is just so. And reading it again didn't make it any less exciting.

It would be nice if the occasional typo was cleaned up, but the content is so great I can't in good conscious complain.
Onokiyo chapter 34 . 6/13
I would be happy if you make a continuation to this story because I absolutely love how you write the character. Even the villains because you made me hate Danzo more than I did in canon and a special hatred for that original character you made for his savage cruelty in taking joy in the destruction of an entire clan and its effects on a guilty this story ended in a beautiful note although it made me wanted to know more. I'm afraid your story spoiled me and now I have a hard time finding other fics just as skillfully written as this. Lol
Onokiyo chapter 35 . 6/13
One of the best Naruto fanfic I have ever read in my years as a fan! The drama was also so intriguing that I had to read the story all in one go. I might come back to review the rearlier chaoters because this fic certainly deserves 2x and more reviews than it has. Your ascendant has so many "bests" for me: Best Itachi fanfic, Best Itachi comes back in time and prevents thh massacre, Best Drama (because contrary to what other writers and kishimoto especially thinks, bigger and louder fights don't always make the best dramatic stories) Best Itachi amd Shishui cousins moments, best portayal of Fugaku as a caring dad and the part I love most aside from Itachi being Itachi, but the most adorable portrayal of younger brother Sasukd and the love he has fore his brother. I wish Kishimoto took some advice from you in handling the emotional aspects of his characters.
Christinelovbooks chapter 35 . 6/10
One of the best stories that I have ever read.
You, Samurai101, are a genius to write this up. I don't think any other stories that I have read had made me feel this intensity while reading a FanFic. I just loved the plot, how Sasuke actually played a part of bringing Itachi back, how Shisui didn't die(as well as most of the Uchiha clan), and mostly how Fugaku and Mikoto showed their love toward their children. This is frankly because I don't think that Fugaku is an apathetic father, but rather he has to be a clan head before a father, just like in the story. Also, how you described Itachi's inner struggle with Madara was very detailed. It's amazing how you put so much detail into every chapter and word, and everything just sucked me into the story. Thanks for the AWESOME story, once again. Ja ne!
annamydoll chapter 35 . 5/25
This story is just...

(I started reading this at 12 midnight and got no sleep 'cause... I HAD TO FINISH IT!
Even before going to school I was till the last minute GLUED to this story...
and in place of writing an essay for my English test I wrote a review for this instead :3)

The writing, and the way Itachi is portrayed and how much of a difference there is between when he was in the first chapters and the last chapters... is just brilliant.

WinchesterNimrod chapter 35 . 5/25
this story pulled my heart strings and was never ever dull. Brilliant writing and character portrayal.
ThisCat chapter 35 . 5/23
I'm almost crying. This is beautiful.
Natasha chapter 35 . 5/20
Your story is beautifully written and I couldn't have asked to find something better...I really loved reading your fanfic and when it was over I just kept thinking, why? Why finish so fast? I really hope you keep on writing more fanfics and you should know that you really are a magnificent writer and I feel very inspired by you.
Salome Maranya chapter 35 . 5/3
Ugh, just about the best Itachi fic I've ever read - first, because it's complete and second because it has a happy ending. And it was a pretty good story, even if it needs some editing, typos and all. But who cares, I'm so happy right now I want to join them eat watermelon.
Verdantia chapter 35 . 4/20
YES HAPPY ENDING! I'm sorry for shouting, but I just...had to get the happiness out. Angst and a happy endingawesome fic.:) :)
happy ending! squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! xD
Shebali chapter 35 . 4/15
Good God, this story.

It feels like it took me twice the usual time to finish reading because I kept jumping up, pacing around the room when things got tense. So a lot. My hands look awful because i bite nails when I'm anxious AND GUESS WHO'S BEEN VERY ANXIOUS VERY RECENTLY?

I'm so so glad this story is complete. If it wasn't I'd have probably stopped reading because I couldn't handle so much tension without knowing it got resolved one way or another.

This was amazing. I'm amazed. And dazed. It's late and I had little sleep and I wish I could put thoughts in words better. I can't. Sorry. Thank you.

Good night
GaaraLuvCookies chapter 35 . 4/6
Heyy, great story. Love how you portrayed the Uchihas here. Love how they have real emotions, especially Fugaku. The plot was great and unique, though I'm still confused on some things. But anyhow, the story was really good and I'm happy with how you ended it. Keep up the good work. ;)
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