Reviews for Untouchable Innocence
Noname chapter 1 . 4/26/2016
such a divine sasori you make it sound like dei is a wide eye doe in the forest,that you wanna ram your antlers... I'm getting off track *heh*.I doubt you're going to keep writing any more of this fic but I still enjoy it.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/20/2015
Aaaaah~ k-k-k...KAWAII! Aaaaaahhh... SasoDei~
CitrusFlag chapter 2 . 6/12/2013
xcuse me while I read and worship this smutty fic over and over again XD That was amazing :D Great job on the fic!
Starcloudy94 chapter 2 . 12/11/2011
he should puinish deidara with toys lol
Starcloudy94 chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
good inspiration and very interesting i enjoyed it almost had a nose bleed lol
LawlietLover1 chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Hahaha I screamed when I saw this your an amazing writer I love your work you inspire me :D
DeeaE chapter 2 . 7/30/2010
CloudsOfRabbits chapter 1 . 5/5/2010
Amazing! As always! XD
I love your authors notes, "I would apologize, but you see...I'm not sorry.". Best quote ever.
Koolkatk9 chapter 1 . 10/19/2009
i loved this story! so far i love all the stories of yours that i have read! you are on my favs now!
The Bottled Optimist chapter 2 . 9/18/2009
Wow, this was written really well, I refuse to call this a Lemon because that sounds to childish a word to describe this. This was incrdible to read and one of my favorite pairings in Naruto. The perspective was great and you certainly know how to make a reader blush in awe.

MelloxChocolate chapter 2 . 9/17/2009
very hot story! write more!
black55widow chapter 2 . 9/11/2009
Ice cubes are so cool!
Siffel chapter 2 . 9/10/2009
And yay for perversion and pedophiles!

As creepy as that is, I'm enjoying it way more than I should be. Keep up the awesome work! I'd really like a third installment of this! Please?
TheCupcakeMonster chapter 2 . 9/10/2009
WOW. Deidara can pull pants down with his feet. That's truly a skill to be appreciated

I can't get enough shota...I'm a junkie, just like Sasori. We should get together some time XD

YAY FOR CHAPTER TWO! You totally made my day. I want to go write more SasoDei now...maybe I should update Camera Shy o.O

OH WEL. There can only be so much SasoDei greatness on the net...and I think you got that covered
TheNarator chapter 2 . 9/10/2009
hehehe, yay, dialogue in this chapter! you know you write smut so well, love love loved it!
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