Reviews for One hour that changed everything
drno285 chapter 7 . 5/27
Nicely done man there's not many stories on the site I think that are well-written and Original Stories so very well done
grimlock1987 chapter 64 . 1/29
It has taken about a month to read up to this point and it was great. Hope you keep it up. Thanks for the great read
sagar hussain chapter 64 . 1/20
Awesome chapter
NotAGunForHire chapter 64 . 1/11
Your story is particularly depressing of late, that might explain some of the lack of reviews. You're doing a great job, but it seems clear that a tragic ending is approaching.
Guest chapter 7 . 1/11
Nice chappie
Affably Evil chapter 64 . 1/10
Interesting chapter, the fights we're action packed with some interesting interactions.

That's an interesting idea with kabuto possible being kakashis brother due to the hair colour. I've never seen that before.

Poor jiraya, having to face a former pupil and woman who has certain distracting features must be he'll for him. Very amusing until of cource konan revealed her trump card and almost killed him along with his forces. At least he survived despite his injuries.

Things still looking pretty bad for everyone (oto being naturally quite merciless and inhumane with it's genetically modified army) but hopefully they can pull through.

On my part you updated before I had a chance to read the last chapter because I had a lot on my plate unfortunately. As I'm sure you know sometimes reviews randomly dip off or increase for reasons that likely having to do with the chapter contents itself (though I understand wondering about it regardless).
MaddenMobileJesus chapter 64 . 1/9
Affably Evil chapter 63 . 1/9
Very good chapter.

Really liked shikamaru and cos battle. Always liked the versatility of the Naras jutsu not to mention the strategy to exploit it for all its worth. To bad he had to jinx it seems.

The scenes with itachi (amusingly dense) and konohamaru/Zankaro( their entertaining repertoire based on bickering) were both funny to read.

On the other side you have the suitable grim realities of facing annihilation and the steps needed to possible help secure bloodlines. Nice bit of characterization with fugaku was still thinking about how his clan numbers could give him future political leverage even when he wasnt even sure if his clan would survive.

Also Asumas opinion of kuranai is amusingly ironic given canon, but hes been through different things so its understandable(met tenna and never got to know kurenai).
Akamatt chapter 64 . 1/9
Wow, poor Jiraiya (and these villagers). Good chapter looking forward to the next.
sagar hussain chapter 38 . 1/8
Awesome chapter. But I feel that you're seriously overestimating Asuma. Or rather Asuma is overestimating his own ability in this particular chapter . I honestly doubt that he could've held his own against the two kages .
sagar hussain chapter 21 . 1/7
Awesome chapter.
jwbones2000 chapter 21 . 1/4
I like the story so far. There were a few confusing parts where you weren't really consistent with what Naruto calls his parent figures and the power levels of the characters don't stay consistent. I can't tell if their Genin level or Shippuden level ninja at this point. Overall though good story.
Luna's Meow chapter 63 . 1/1
I guess Konohamaru got better quick? Lmao. Not much to say about this chapter, it was one of those that are needed to press the story forward but aren't very exciting. The humorof those two flirting saved it from being boring filler, as you seem to have planned. Good job there.
Guest chapter 63 . 1/1
I am constantly amazed at how you can pack so much plot into combat. Otherwise I would have you tone down combat, but you do such an awesome job at it, I only worry you'll get burned out before you finish. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing, and happy new year!
Megaplayer49 chapter 1 . 12/11/2015
It oji-san not ojou-san please change it you're actually calling jiraiya princess
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