Reviews for One hour that changed everything
Trade Master chapter 2 . 11/13
Ok haven't read the chapter yet but I liked your writing style last chapter and the current title and summary are underwhelming and make you seem a poor writer just based on the title so I avoided this story for awhile but decided to try it today, if more readers matters to you or if you'd just like more to see your story I'd switch it.
loganhunter2 chapter 62 . 11/6
There is no way this will end well at all ...there's just too much shit against them even if naruto uses all the tails or goes sage...where the fuck is sage mode in all this...that's it ino and Sakura die and he goes ape shit...that's the final baddie, a broken naruto hell bent on the destruction of the world
loganhunter2 chapter 61 . 11/6
I doubt as well but maybe konan has the most too lose here so maybe? (I just want that reward to be more updates for troll lol )
loganhunter2 chapter 60 . 11/6
The lemon gods demand a full lemon for the 3 before this ends 9 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 59 . 11/6
You sir shut up and take my 10
loganhunter2 chapter 58 . 11/6
I was about to blow until the end and begin a long line of flaming the likes no troll has ever trolled 8 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 57 . 11/6
I'm actually glad this wasn't it with how sad things have been the last few chapters it would have been like eating an union dipped in vinegar. ...the naruino lemon should be a hot and happy affair filled with all the dirty Ness and love that can be 7 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 56 . 11/6
I called it...8 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 55 . 11/5
Inoichi is dead. ...9 / 10
loganhunter2 chapter 54 . 11/5
(Puts on glasses ) things are getting windy. ...I'm sorry
9 / 10
loganhunter2 chapter 53 . 11/5
Let's see how they get out this 9 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 52 . 11/5
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damit you took my naruino from me ya bastard 9 / 10 I knew this was going to well
loganhunter2 chapter 51 . 11/5
This almost makes up for the hour of cat videos I watched to get happy after the depressing ones XD 10 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 50 . 11/5
Narusakuino wooooot let it happen 9.5 / 10.
loganhunter2 chapter 49 . 11/5
For the big baddy I have to ask if it is in fact a canon character but my actual guess for final boss...the would fall to orochipedo why I say this...because you have taken time to show what akatsuki has been planning and just because madara (or obito not sure that direction you're going with it yet) may have started the whole mess doesn't mean he'll finish it the same with nagato. ..nope the one hiding for real that has had all the time to scheme has been orochipedo he in my opinion will show up out of nowhere and fuck shit up at the end he has been the true ninja here and it's not just about power plus the sublte mention of uzumaki and 3 tails tells me he'll likely posses Karin and because the jinchuriki of the 3 long life ,shit ton of chakra, unlimited amount of jutsu and experience rivaling the currently living shinobi yeah definitely him
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