Reviews for A Series of Unfortunate Events
thedarkwhiteangel chapter 1 . 9/19
malfoy is a prat sometimes... I love little Teddy... hehe...
Lna Anwar chapter 18 . 9/13
gosh I'm loving this fic, its giving every character its own depth, no one is pure evil nor pure good. 3
Lna Anwar chapter 17 . 9/13
Ok I officially adore Ginny here, well done writing her. spot on
Lna Anwar chapter 9 . 9/12
I like how Hermione said that she was insulted before on things she had no control of, referring to Draco's insults when they were in Hogwarts. Interesting
EleMaBa chapter 21 . 8/18
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD FAN FIC! You have incredible choice of words and you make Malfoy seem so realistic. I could read this and easily think it was actually Rowling. You are a very advanced writer, obviously and I am a huge fan. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE AN EPILOGUE! That would make my life incredible, because this is my all time favorite fan fiction ever. I strongly urge you to consider just writing a short epilogue because I think it would make a lot of people very happpy.
Reader chapter 16 . 8/14
Soooooo how did Hermione apparate back to her flat w/o her wand?
Guest chapter 10 . 8/1
I was reading Chapter 10. Malfoy's sparkling vampires comment just about killed me. I'm not sure if that was a fully intentional Twilight reference or not, but it was hilarious nonetheless.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/26
I really loved this story and am really upset that you never came up won th an epilogue. But good job on the story though. (Although if anything I was missing a little more action at the end)
iheartdraco95 chapter 21 . 7/24
Thank you so much for this story.
Honestly, in my whatever years since I started to read Dramione, I always felt I had yet to come across that story which I felt described a perfect Draco-Hermione relationship. And this story is that perfect Dramione story for me.
It had all the things that I wanted it to have. From basics like it being after Hogwarts, both Draco and Hermon being in character, just the right about of story lines of Harry Ginny and Ron ;
to the more main things like Draco joking about their future (the park scene - and yes I've always wanted to read a scene like this so thank you so much for writing it!) And it had just the right amount of jealousy (which is always welcome because what better than getting our 2 favourite characters so riled up?! ;) ) and their first kiss, and all there kisses after that and honestly everything about this story was perfectly timed and perfectly written.
I wish this were made into a movie, I would watch it over and over again.
And I generally do not read any K stories because once you've read Dramione smut, I don't think there is amy going back :p so I was wondering whether I would like this story or not when I read it. And I wouldn't want to change this story in anyway. (Except maybe write more and more about them and continue it, I'd love to read about their future :D )
Words cannot describe the emotions that your writing has made me feel while reading this story.
You are honestly the only person who has portrayed this relationship the way I always perceived it to be and I can't stop thanking you enough for it.
Also A series of unfortunate events has been in my favourite books since I've read them so this wonderful piece of fanfiction makes it even more beloved to me.
I can assure you that whenever in the future if I need a Dramione story to come back to, it will be this one.
I really do think too that you're a Dramione Fanfiction Goddess.
Thank you for writing the perfect Draco Malfoy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lots and lots of love and hugs are being sent your way.
Please continue writing stories like these.
I love your work
okay bye.
3 :)
iheartdraco95 chapter 18 . 7/24
God bless your soul. You wonderful authoress. I love your writing and I don't want to read further but I have to finish the story but I really don't.
Thank you for writing this story. It is exactly how I've perceived a perfect dramione to be. I'll post a long review at the end now
iheartdraco95 chapter 16 . 7/24
Thank you for your writing. That is all i can say right now. Moving on to the next chapter..
iheartdraco95 chapter 14 . 7/24
I am almost in tears because of the way this chapter went. And mind you, they are happy tears. It has been SO long since I got to read a dramione scene like this which was able to brig out the feelings I am feeling now. It was so fucking good. I haven't even finished the story yet and I just want to keep reading your writing. Back to the story now aaaah
elizabethlauger chapter 21 . 7/20
i really enjoyed this entire story. it was really a lovely ray of sunshine
Guest chapter 1 . 6/17
Yeah, I don't like stories that start out with Downtrodden Hermione having no backbone and the "love interest" being a complete ass.
redqueen22 chapter 1 . 5/15
I love this story so much. Its been years since I first read it and I always come back. I adore Draco and Hermione in this. So clever of you to use the tittles from Lemony Snicket. They went with this story perfectly. Thank you for this fic! I live in hope that one day you will write a epilogue. :)
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