Reviews for Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own
lucas.rr94 chapter 25 . 11/26
excelent. cntinue, please.
jeannette.rothenberger chapter 25 . 11/23
Sad u haven't updated in a long time...fantastic story though
PaladinAllen chapter 25 . 11/15
Plan update soon
Can't wait to see what happens next
DannyGirl 421 chapter 25 . 11/13
Please,please,please continue.
Dracogriph chapter 25 . 11/9
Just read the story and I am loving it! I hope you have not forgotten about this lovely gem. I actually appreciate how Harry is not over powered but has to learn and grow into his natural abilities.
v.dormouse chapter 11 . 10/28
Hi I really like your fic it a great story and I intend to carry on reading but there are a couple of points that have come up that are making me send a review now when I'm half way through reading.

1) we don't call or refer to America as "the colonies" so it's a little irritating to keep seeing you do that.

2) we don't teach "British history" and "world history" as two different subjects it's all together and we just call it history.

3) no primary school in Britain teaches politics. Even most secondary schools don't teach it only high end ones do and even then it would only be to later years (15 - university).

I am enjoying your fic and look forward to reading the rest.

Keep writing and have fun

guesta chapter 25 . 10/23
continue plz
Guest chapter 25 . 10/21
You have taken 5 years to put up 25 chapters, averaging 5 chapters a year. Since it's almost a year since you updated, hope to see 5 chapters put-up at the same time!
Fick Chick chapter 25 . 10/21
Interesting fic. I hope you decide to continue it sometime.
KiwiSaladFace chapter 25 . 10/20
Hello there! I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated reading that and just wish that you would update it. I think it deserves some sort of ending, even if it wasn't the one you planned.
Anon chapter 6 . 10/9
You are in desperate need of a proof-reader, because the standard of this is comparable to the writing level of a thirteen year old.
sylvelle chapter 25 . 10/7
Hope you finish this.
Specky Clarke chapter 25 . 10/7
Excellent story, but dismayed at a year since update. :-(
Corwyn chapter 25 . 9/28
I am greatly enjoying this story so far. I look forward to when you are able to continue. Thanks for sharing it!
m chapter 25 . 9/27
more please
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