Reviews for Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own
purpleradiance chapter 1 . 7/11
interesting concept
Shattering chapter 1 . 7/1
Kinda went overboard with the whole "Harry hating" thing...
That is the only pronlem I see here, hope your story won't go down the road of those other silly tropes...
Guest chapter 1 . 6/19
Just seems like you're making him into a Sue. Overpowered through this advantage and all.
I love twilight bella Whitlock chapter 25 . 6/13
I like it
Guest chapter 15 . 6/10
Moody would do anything for dumbo I including dying for him. Maybe he should ak lupin & black then use dark arts sent his soul to permanently possess potter all in name of greater good and money
Guest chapter 1 . 6/10
If harry is smart and remembers everything he should have gone to cops to complain about abuse
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9
You make a huge blunder. If harry remembers ev
Draeconin chapter 25 . 6/5
To - is a workhorse that fills a lot of different functions.
Too - means 'also' or 'as well', and is used for nothing else.

Good chapter! I was expecting Harry to be directly involved in the fight with Quirrel, but instead you show him as a general, directing the troops. Something different. Good show!
Draeconin chapter 23 . 6/5
I am SO glad to finally find a fic where Harry isn't slavishly giving into Hermione's demands for information! It just doesn't make sense that he would: that ANYONE would!
Draeconin chapter 21 . 6/5
"Good morning everyone, are we ready to walk around Harry?"

Why would they want to walk around Harry? This is why good punctuation and sentence structure are so important. To begin with, you have spliced two separate sentences into one (a common practice for you, I've seen), and then didn't punctuate either of them properly.

"Good morning, everyone."

At this point a new paragraph should be started, because the speaker is changing to whom they are speaking. The other two instances where a new paragraph should be started is when the speaker changes, or the subject changes.

The next sentence should be, "Are we ready to walk around, Harry?" (When addressing someone by either name or title, a comma needs to come before that name or title. If the name or title comes in the middle of a sentence, a comma should come both before and after the name or title. If the speaker is NOT talking to that person and is only mentioning them, the comma before the name or title is not necessary.)
Draeconin chapter 13 . 6/5
'Then' - denotes a time line. This happened, then that. She said, and then he said. The car passed the lorry, then swerved.
'Than' - denotes choice. I'd rather have this, than that.
'Pasted' means glued, or in a situation where it is like two things are glued together. The word you wanted was 'passed'.
Draeconin chapter 3 . 6/3
While baseball caps are worn in the UK, they are not popular headgear. Fedoras and hats akin to them, and flat caps are more popular if a hat is worn at all.

Such confidence and even arrogance from a 9-year old abused boy in a strange place, talking to non-humans for the first time seems FAR out of place. Enjoying the story, though.
pawelx321 chapter 22 . 6/3
Honestly, up until now I liked your story. OP Harry, often indifferent. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you decided to change nice adventure/OP book into angst. Why?
Crossxx chapter 25 . 5/22
I love this story I couldn't stop reading until the end.
Darkness-ice chapter 25 . 5/21
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