Reviews for Hackamore 03 : Fancy Dan
Guest chapter 3 . 8/20/2016
This whole journey, we have experienced through Scott's eyes. Now, on this last leg, of his trip, he sees a West, that is " an entire world away" from San Francisco. As his travel accommodations continue to deteriorate, he grasps the difference between being a train traveler and a pioneer. The rustic encounters also bring about the renued Hell of PTSD. (Very vividly and realistically depicted).
The journeys end also brings about the inevitable confrontation between his comforting childhood fantasies, and the dreaded harsh adult realities.(pain, one wishes, he could be spared). But with the word, "drink", one knows, he won't be.
One can never again, watch E 1, without thinking about Scott's remarkable journey of self discovery. Now, that he has completed the physical distance to get to Lancer,
You know that he will complete the emotional distance to get the answers, he need. The road to home.
August 20 , 2016.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/20/2016
The remark: "In dreams our troubled spirits seek the answers they could not find awake", was very telling regarding Scott. With all the mendacity and subterfuge surrounding his life, his dreams should be nightmares. (and not just about the war years).
The train incident with the Brooks Brothers' jacket, was humorous. The whole journey, by train, was educational. Multiple details. Well researched. (Scott's nod to journalist, Noedhoff: " I take it that a journalist has to be able to turn his pen to any subject", was equally a nod, to this fan fiction writer). Also many humorous tipbits like: Mrs Noedhoff's,"almost operatic talent for vocalizing her disappointment "... But, the jaw dropper came with, the dime novel discussion of a, Johnny Madrid. (Oh, Scott, if you only knew!).
Must applaud the recognition given to the historical and philosophical plight of the Native Americans. Eastern bred, Scott's thoughtful and insightful observations, were
humanistic and ahead of his time.
Journey's end to San Francisco. Again very educational.
(Incorporating : the city during that era; the architecture; the social classes; the food; the languages;
The atmosphere; the entertainment, etc). Great research.
Next, on the road to, all those questions, and Lancer.
August 20, 2016.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/19/2016
The "flea in your ear", encounter with Grandfather Garrett, that we have come to know, all too well, - but, NOT love, was distressing for the reader. (One longs for the time that Scott's eyes will fully be opened, regarding Harlan). However, Grandfather Garrett's, usual deceit did help establish Scott's "post - war lassitude". (One amusing escapade given, was Scott's dalliance with, "Boston Barbara").
Scott is clearly ready for something life changing. A trip from Boston, to the brave new world of California, may just be his ticket.
August 19, 2016.
aloha94 chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
Poor Scott. I've never been quite able to forgive Harlan Garret for keeping Murdoch away from Scott when he was a boy,
aquaesulis76 chapter 3 . 6/23/2011
OK - official feedback for this one now, and I have to say up front that I'm a Scott girl. I love Johnny, but Scott just does... something... to me. This fic basically showed all the reasons why. Just the complete contrast of his life before the series to what it became. The lost little boy who had to deal with the same emotions of being unwanted by his father as Johnny, even if it was in much more comfortable and priviledged surroundings. (I haven't watched Legacy yet, and no I can't wait!) I loved the way you had him drifting back to his childhood imaginings of 'My son' through his journey - and the first mention of Robinson Crusoe too.

This is a fic I will just keep coming back to - and is definitely a sort of 'canon' in my head now!

Plus, you do know the level of research and detail in this is just scary, don't you!
cora chapter 3 . 8/26/2009
Love it. Can't wait to read more. Great character development. Please continue.