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Jen im chapter 36 . 9/15
Omg how did I miss this update!

I actually can't believe I've been waiting for like a year and a half and didn't see this?! Wow huge apologies AngelKitty I usually just check the BOF fanfiction archive and see what's new but somehow I missed the benevolent monsters update from like three months ago geeeez what is wrong with me! Despite my foolishness I actually really enjoyed this chapter I'm so glad you came back after such a long hiatus! Please don't do that again though this story is still the best on the site as a whole and I want it to keep going until the end!
Ftpkorn chapter 36 . 8/13
Thanks so much for this update. I really like this story. Makes me want to put my ideas for a BoF ff of my own on paper. :)
Yukie chapter 36 . 7/31
Angle kitty you're finally back!

I can't believe I missed this update I thought you might not have had time to write anymore since it had been so long. I'm happy you're back though and with a corker of a chapter full of the beginning of an insight into ryus mums life, I kind of get the feeling that Ryu wasn't really close to her or he has just completely erased those feelings from his life in order to build that heart of ice which miss Nina has successfully melted now! I know he still has a lot to tell her though which is exciting.

I really hope you continue to stay inspired for this story and I'm so excited as always for the next chapter!

Angelalex242 chapter 36 . 7/27
Well, it is traditional to take your mate to be to meet your parents, but Ryu's got an odd way of doing it.
chishaato chapter 19 . 7/7
waging wonder agree, almost jumped for joy when vahn got "ravaged".
Waging Wonder chapter 19 . 7/6
Ah, just as gory and messed up as ever. Chapter 18, I mean, I believe this is where I left off.

It has been awhile, but I just want to say that I still love this story and I am so so SO glad that Vahn has finally been ripped asunder. Its not looking too good for Chasta either.

So, yes, I'm back Angelkitty and I intend to get caught up with your awesomely messed up story as soon as I can.
chishaato chapter 36 . 6/22
Easily the best breath of fire fanfic i've ever read.
reading turtle chapter 36 . 6/7
Just wanted to say i love this series. Been following you for a long time. keep up the great work.
Nina Windia chapter 36 . 4/13
I needed to go through some of the previous chapters to remind myself of stuff but it was worth it. :) Such a good chapter. It's so adorable to see how close Nina and Ryu are now when you compare it to Ryu trying to kill her in the beginning (good story for the grandkids lol).

And ohhhh crap I forgot about Arson. That was funny. I NO CARE HOW YOU FEEL I ONLY CARE ABOUT HAT. lol.

And heh, Deis is a peeping tom. :P

I always like finding out more stuff about the characters' pasts so the scene with Ryu's parents was a good one. Damn do I feel bad for Ryu though. The kid had such a messed up childhood. It was no wonder he was so consumed with rage earlier in the story.

Anyway I'm glad you and your fic are back! :)
Sven chapter 36 . 4/9
Well, my day became a bit brighter, good to see you back at it
Aloo-Delilah chapter 36 . 4/9
AngelKitty! Your back! I'm crying so much I'm so happy right now! Don't you even think about leaving again that was torture I was worried about you :( you weren't even updating your profile as much which got me more upset :( please pretty please don't leave again!

But on the other hand thank you for coming back with such an epic chapter, it's been a while now that I've thought about ryus mother, she seems like a really tragic character from what I can amass from those scenes. Did ryu spend much time with her, I gsvent gotten that impression so far.

I obviously loved the ryu and Nina scenes as per usual keep em coming I'm loving ryus new found adoration for Nina it makes for great reading! ;) every time he calls her sha'lie I get goosebumps thinking about how far they've both come from that first meeting under wyndia so long ago. Ahh memories!

I hope the inspiration comes back to you AngelKitty!
Miss Eloise chapter 36 . 4/6
OH MY FREAKING GOD! Yes! You're back! Where have you been authoress hmm?!

You worried me for like a year! Don't do that again!


I deserved some much needed benevolent monsters to kick start my day, thankyou for allowing ryu to become even more impossiy SMOKEN!

Great progression sharing those memories with Nina! More of that please! And what the heck is Ethan up to now? Please don't let him ruin ryu and ninas bliss again... I'm really enjoying that..
Nina. W chapter 36 . 4/4
Good to see you back thought you might have moved on from this for a second lol silly me. I really enjoy this chapter and can't wait for more. So happy to finally get an insight into the life of ryu's mother, I'd love to see another memory where ryu is with his mom
Enigma-star chapter 36 . 4/3
Aww I'm so glad you're back! I didn't care if it was 20 or 2000 words im just so happy benevolent monsters is back at the top of the fanfic list! Please don't leave us again!

I loved that we finally got to see ryu's momma! She seems like she lived quite an unhappy life until she got those few weeks with fyrion! It's so sad that it went down hill from there, did ryu have a good relationship with his mother?

Please let ryu show her more memories!

I'm glad that Ethan is back on his feet straight away, although I wonder what he's up to, he's become a really brilliant character I kind of hope he becomes an Comrade to ryu in the future once he lets go of his obsession with fighting Nina!

it was super exciting to come back to an update with so much ryu and Nina love which you know I love! I don't mind if that's a key part of every chapter now, seems like ryu cant keep his hands off her I loooove it!

I'm scared for them though now that deis has mentioned how horrible their journey will be to fight nyna :o

I'm not sure if you're feeling in the mood to write again straight away but I'll be checking regularly either way im far too eager for more again now!
Enigma-star chapter 35 . 4/2
Hey angel kitty! Good to see you back!

I read over this chapter again and to be honest I cant remember much difference from the way it used to be so I wouldn't worry too much! I think its more about the way you worded things as opposed to missing chunks of writing out, its basically how I remember it :) The only section which seems to be worded the most different is the last scenes where nina meets izzy again but like I said its exactly the same events and stuff!

Excited to see the long awaited next chapter!
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