Reviews for Devoured
Razzle chapter 1 . 8/9/2009
Wow! This is great. This fic is as elegant and expressive and lovely as one of Gavril's own paintings! I particularly like the part where Khezef thought to him 'Do you even mean that, Gavril?' It seems so very like him! So like both of them, actually. You seem to have BOTH Drakhaon and Drakhaoul very VERY in character. Which, incidentally, is a really impressive feat when the fic is this short. Not that they can't be in character in a short fic, but I'm amazed how MUCH characterization you managed to correctly stuff into so few words! You shoulda posted this when you wrote it under 'misc: books' - I'd have read it! What other hoarded jewels haven't you posted? *tries to peer into your documents folder greedily* The thing that blows me away the most about Devoured is that it seems like a "lost scene" out of the books - it totally matches the original style. GO YOU!
Lysana chapter 1 . 8/7/2009
Oh, this is excellent! I'm glad you posted it - I've been waiting so long to see another fanfic of this setting! This one is really beautiful. You've got both Gavril and his Drakhaoul absolutely spot-on in character, not only for who they are overall but for precisely who they are at just this point in the trilogy. I love it!

The only error I noticed was that you misspelled the words that ought to be "Drakhaoul" and "Drakhaon." Other than that, it's all superb. :)

Excellent piece of description here: "Gavril groaned as a sudden wave of vertigo hit him. The floor tilted, and darkened. When his eyes cleared, everything had a slightly bluish tinge to it. The hallway seemed lighter, as well, though he knew it wasn’t." Way to go!

I could just about quote your whole fic back to you in pieces as my favorite parts, but suffice it to say that everything the characters say and do, and the narration around it, is flawless! You really succeeded at writing a "fill-in" type story, since this seems very similar to reading a scene out of the books themselves.

Poor, poor Gavril, trying to hide under PILLOWS from the voice in his mind! I absolutely believe he would try that. And I dearly love how you've got him saying “No. I won’t let Astasia marry a monster," and how the Drakhaoul calls himself Gavril's birthright.

I hope you'll consider writing more of this story? It works wonderfully as a oneshot, but you could expand it to great effect into almost any length of a multichapter work, showing Gavril's gradual changes and his struggles against them. Any other fanfiction you write for Tears of Artamon would be very welcome, too!


P.S. I'm putting this in my Favorite Stories list!