Reviews for Some More Attitude From Giskard and Daneel
Silvara chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
*applause* That little display was quite amusing and refreshing.

I'd have just loveed to actually witness such a scene!

To read more about Daneel and Giskard years of dealing with the zeroth law must be very interesting. I hope you will write more of them. :)
CatBar chapter 1 . 8/12/2009
These are the 4 reviews of the old version, titled: 'A Bit More Attitude from Giskard and Daneel'.


2009-08-06 . chapter 1

Hmm, I thought I'd reviewed this before... in any case, just wanted to tell you how enjoyably hilarious this was. Seriously. I'm still kind of laughing. Brilliantly crazy but fun. :D

...and such epic mental images. Daneel swearing. Ahahahah. Ohgod. XD


2009-03-09 . chapter 1

This is a very interesting idea; I like your premise very much, though I'm not sure you've explored it as much as you might have - that's not necessarily a bad thing, though.

The one thing that I found quite unexplained was the robots' swearing. You begin to explain their suddenly negative attitude to humans, and in a short piece like this I would say it's sufficient, but you don't explain the fairly gratuitous swearing. Personally, I can't see Daneel and Giskard lowering themselves to the level of the human yobs, when they've always seemed so sophisticated. Partly that's due to their reverence for humans, no doubt, but for myself I would see Daneel using stinging sarcasm (or similar) rather than just 'bad words'.

However, that's the only hole I can pick in your story. I enjoyed the ideas you presented and only wished for a little more about them!

Happy writing,


Loki 70

2008-12-29 . chapter 1

From the self plug forum: I think one of the main rules of fan fiction that people break all too often is that they always approach a story like everyone that will read it is familiar with the fandom. That is not the case, and make that even doubly (yes, doubly is a word) for you because I believe this is a rather obscure fandom in the first place.

The good news? the dialogue was colorful, taking into account the the grittiness of the "yobs". Just some backround info on where am I, who's skin am I in, and why should I care is essential. Give those three, then you have a great story.


2008-08-24 . chapter 1

Well, humans can be pretty stupid, and fighting robots. tsk tsk tsk
persian85033 chapter 1 . 8/6/2009
It's SO like people to be getting into dumb fights. Left to themselves, they would just end up killing each other or something. Instead of realizing what the robots do FOR them. Now that's quite an application of both the Zeroth and First Laws.