Reviews for Choices
Guest chapter 7 . 10/22/2012
Really enjoy your stories. They're well thought out and manage to capture the essence of the show.
Acrylate chapter 7 . 7/9/2012
I was really scared that Morgan or Jeff will died. I'm glad they were alive. Anyway, please make another Hotch whump story. Thank you for this great story.
AlpineHolly chapter 7 . 5/14/2012
I liked your take on this, stayed true to the characters and overall a nice mix of drama, case and character dynamic. The best bit was realising that jack was laying with Hotch at the end, very nice touch.
DraejonSoul chapter 3 . 10/6/2010
Hi there! I've pounced on this fic of yours now! )

A few questions while I still have a grasp on them before going to the next chapter:

- I might have missed indications in this story or in the episode that Foyet was weakened in some way. True that there might be residual pains or chronic weakness due to his self-inflicted wounds. Though imho I didn't feel that, I'm afraid. I think I'm more exhausted than I thought while reading this...

Then there's Reid's comment: "If he's physically weak, he might be even more tempted to make his move sooner rather than later."

- If Foyet is weaker as Reid assumed, wouldn't that make him more vulnerable, more liable to make mistakes? Foyet seems to be the crafty but careful type of unsub. Otherwise, Hotch would've caught on when he first took on the case. But I might not be following your Reid's deductive train of thought.

I'm not trying to challenge or pick the chapter apart. I apologize if came across that way. And I would have to apologize if I didn't grasp at the gist of it right away. But I'm forging on to the next chapter, regardless! _
L0ading Username chapter 7 . 8/30/2010
Really amazing story and writing.

I've always loved Hotch/Rossi friendship and Dave's thoughts on Hotch throughout the history, his concern for his best friend and how even see it his son, are amazing.

Just love it!
L0ading Username chapter 6 . 8/30/2010
Great chapter, again : )

I really hope Morgan have killed Foyet, he so deserves it. And I'm looking forward the result of Hotch's operation.

*Runs off to read the end*
L0ading Username chapter 5 . 8/30/2010
I think I like Jeffrey, he was very brave telling his father to do the surgery. I just hope that Dr. Barton do the right thing and save Hotch.

Great chapter, again : )
L0ading Username chapter 4 . 8/30/2010
Powerful chapter.

God, I really hope Morgan can beat Foyet and Dr. Barton make the surgery and Hotch made a full recovery.
L0ading Username chapter 3 . 8/30/2010
Very good chapter.

The threat to the doctor's son is a great idea and I hope the team's plan work and Hotch, Morgan and Jeffrey be fine.
L0ading Username chapter 2 . 8/30/2010
I had some problems with my computer, and yesterday I could not continue reading xD

Anyway, great chapter, I love the friendship between Dave and Hotch, and the way that Dave cares and talks about him.
L0ading Username chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
Amazing beginning and truly great idea !

I hope that will Hotch be ok, and soon the team knows that was Foyet.

*Runs off to read the next chapter*
Luvlia chapter 7 . 10/18/2009
I just read your story and I have to say it held me spell bound from the first chapter to the last. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone and I hope that I find more stories from you.
aaz chapter 7 . 8/29/2009
wow...good ending. love to see more of your work!
aaz chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
The story gets better every chapter. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more of your work :-)
Art Is The Weapon chapter 7 . 8/28/2009
Wow! That was a quick story! Or maybe it just felt that way to me! Needless to say, I love your CM work, and enjoy reading more from you.

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