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Guest chapter 21 . 11/23/2017
It's a shame to see this story go more than 4 years without an uodate. I at least hope that you are well.
Pata Hikari chapter 1 . 9/11/2015
Please ignore reviewers butthurt about Akane being portrayed competent or in any way positive in fanfiction.

Honestly I don't know how they stand to read Ranma 1/2.
Rendrick chapter 1 . 5/30/2015
Ranma is someone who have to spend nearly 10-13 years of his life to reach the level he is at now. Ryoga "who while didn't spend nearly the same amount of time as much as Ranma" have to endure solitude and pain from traveling through dangerous places around the globe to reach his you threw that all away to make Akane some super powerful being that can almost hurt Ryoga after some training?I hate in canon manga/anime suggest Akane is capable of learning at such a rapid rate as you display in this story and a year or two is not enough to change anything.
Your story might be the best Ranma/Harry Potter crossover on this website and you've to turn out to be an Akane fangirl/fanboy.
AceLore chapter 1 . 5/30/2015
Akane is too learn everything better than overcome challenge that Ranma can't effortlessly and things she can't do so she gets help from a mythical dragon.

Other Reviewer-
No offense but,
Hahahahahahaha beating Kuno show a greatcase of skill in fencing. Doing the finishing blow in a non-canon anime while Ranma nearly did all the work?Random pseudo phoenix scrubs is equal to a skilled opponent?Akane fangirls/fanboys have a fun interpretation of events. Orochi incident was the only time she show a measurable amount of skills but afterwards she start failing hard again to typical opponent,but that like Ranma in the Gambling King story line is just an out-liner, nothing more and nothing less.
jabber185 chapter 21 . 8/30/2014
I do hope you dont plan on waiting another year to update. I am thouroughly enjoying this.
WalkersCrown chapter 2 . 12/8/2013
It seems that this fic seems to favour him being a female more than a male aww man that sucks. I sure ranma's about his curse.. its a nuisance which only allows him get free chocolate. So please cut the man some slack and let his male form get some luck.. infact thought that going to hogwarts could help him with it.
Shinzochi chapter 21 . 10/27/2013
man i Happosai needs to be launched into the sun to be put out of everyone's misery and frustration though i have been loving this story of yours and i think you are doing great with it and i am looking very much forward to reading more
Archangel on the hill chapter 21 . 9/28/2013
I am not going to review each chapter, but simply post one big review for the last chapter to this point, which is this one.

This is an incredible story and one of the best crossovers that I have ever seen done. Ever. The way that you blended and melded the martial arts aspects of Ranma 1/2 with the magic of Rowling's Potterverse is phenomenal. It really and truly feels like the two were always meant to be melded together. This fact alone would be worth praise. However, you don't stop there. You do an excellent job of moving the Ranma 1/2 storyline forward in a believable and well done way, while blending it effortlessly with the Potterverse, and not detracting from either canon.

That being said, there are a few areas of concern and disappointment.

I almost didn't make it past the second chapter of this story. To put it bluntly, the amount of sadism that you had Nodoka, and to a lesser extent even Kasumi and Akane, display toward Ranma and his curse was very off-putting. There is a huge difference between trying to help someone come to terms with who and what they are and what you had the three most important women in Ranma's life doing. It was truly and wholly sadistic how much pleasure they derived from his psychological torment and discomfort. This is not the stuff of helping, but simply psychological torture on a level approaching the neko-ken. I cannot tell you how glad I was to see it stop once Ranma and Akane were away from Nodoka. The story was much stronger and enjoyable for the lack of it.

I am fairly concerned with the development of skills shown for Ranma and Akane. I realize that you are aware of the problems posed in the early chapters where you seemed to imply that Akane was now Ranma's equal in martial arts and where you seemed to imply that Ranma hasn't learned anything, and I can appreciate that. However, there is a deeper problem with Akane. Everything is coming too easy for her. She is learning Western wand magic much faster and easier than Ranma. She was better than Ranma at fencing. She is progressing much faster than Ranma in martial arts. She learned English faster than Ranma. She was a natural at riding a broom while Ranma had constant trouble. I think the real kicker for me is the near Dues Ex Machina way that even the areas where she was weak were so easily and thus uninterestingly removed. She had trouble with potions and cooking. So does she struggle and study and beat her head against a wall and ask for help and bleed and sweat and cry over her struggles of her deficit areas like you have shown Ranma doing? No. Instead she gets a magical dragon to teach her in her sleep how to overcome her weaknesses with little to no effort on her part. It was pretty disappointing and fundamentally reeked of favoritism and unfairness when coupled with the sheer amount of struggle shown for Ranma to do anything and is seemingly gaining virtually nothing from all of his time at Hogwarts. Heck, even this last chapter seemed to kill the one shining moment of awesome that I was expecting from Ranma where he would learn how to appirate all on his own through hard work and observation. Instead now he is in a class with everyone else and any ability that he might gain will simply be another example where he couldn't do it through Western magic and will thus have almost nothing special to show for it all except to once more demonstrate that he is just worse at Western magic than Akane and virtually everyone else. One line from chapter two sums up my concern with all of this when taken together, "he was starting from way behind and Akane hadn't been sitting idle while he learned". Yet, it seems that you have Akane charging ahead at astounding rates while Ranma is stuck spinning his wheels. I like that you have Akane improving, but don't short change Ranma so much. Show that he isn't sitting idle either. You need to give him something special. Right now even what you have given him is just lesser examples of what you have given pretty much everyone else.

Another major area of concern for me is the seeming amount of lost opportunities that you are accumulating. This isn't huge yet, as you could still address them, but you aren't doing a very good job of pacing them out through the story. The biggest one is the issue of Ranma's curse regarding intimacy with Akane. This was a HUGE point in the very first chapter, but was never capitalized on or even mentioned again until chapter eight when it simply reinforced the idea that the margin point and opportunity of that occurrence was completely missed by Akane. Then another instance of the exact same type happened in chapter 18, but even with the lack of extenuating circumstances to confuse Akane regarding Ranma's actions it is again quickly forgotten and abandoned after some jokes from their families. Seriously, you have Akane worry and confront Ranma regarding him being in her room even between chapters, but something as big as this is completely forgotten and seemingly ignored by both parties. That all being said, I do hold out a large portion of hope that the issue will come to a head in this next chapter now that Ranma is stuck as a girl for a while again. After all, it isn't like they can avoid the issue seeing as how much they have been stated to be kissing now.

Added to this are things like the botched handling of the Boggart scene in chapter 14. Not only was this a missed opportunity it was an example of literary dishonesty, you broke the understood contract between reader and author. In chapter three you blatantly state that Ranma's worst nightmare/fear is what happened at Jusendo, thus Akane dying. With the neko-ken being his second biggest. This right here should have been a foreshadowing of what he would see from the Boggart. You yourself state that his biggest fear isn't the neko-ken, but losing Akane. This sentiment was again reiterated, reinforced, and served to further foreshadow that Ranma's biggest fear is losing Akane in chapter 12 when Akane forces him to talk to her or she was leaving him. Your comment that Akane was expecting a cat to appear also served well to set an expectation which for a good turn of story and character growth should have been denied in such a way as the reader has been lead to expect by earlier clues and statements and added new understanding to Akane's character. In this case that Akane is wrong about Ranma's biggest fear being cats, but is in fact losing Akane, which he exemplifies by Jusendo. Thus, I was really disappointed when instead of something like a dead Akane or Saffron or the Akane doll with closed eyes you went for the mostly baseless, unbelievable, easy, and unsatisfying instance of Kuno professing his love. Sure, it is a fear of Ranma's but there is nothing in the story that previously points to it as being his biggest fear and in fact there are several references stating the exact opposite. It is also pretty unbelievable that Ranma would rather have Akane leave him than face what Kuno represents, intimacy with a male. This is what disappointed me about the scene. Not that it wasn't the neko-ken since you had done such an excellent job of laying the literary groundwork that the neko-ken wasn't his biggest fear, but that at the point of most importance. The point in the story where the character growth was supposed to happen. The point where Akane was supposed to find out once and for all that the thing Ranma feared the most is losing her, you fumbled it. You completely ignored all of the groundwork laid over eleven chapters, you broke the pact between author and reader that what the author writes is important and meaningful, and missed a very important opportunity. I was excited for the Boggart scene not because I was expecting the neko-ken, but because you had done some excellent work to build up to a spectacular moment of character growth, for Akane to find out that it wasn't the neko-ken that Ranma most fears, and growth in their relationship because of this discovery, but you didn't deliver.

Which, segues into my next topic of discussion. Ranma and Akane's relationship. Over all I have completely enjoyed your handling of it. Up until the last two chapters you have paced it out very well and done a very good job of showing a believable progression. That was until chapters 20 and 21. Given that you had them kiss right before Christmas, and apparently they were kissing a lot, and by chapter 21 it is February and despite them breaking down a HUGE barrier in their ability to show physical intimacy they haven't displayed any further growth in their relationship. Chapter 20 or 21 really needed a scene or three of them moving past first base, or at least them dealing with it. For a teenage, married couple the idea that once the dam was broken, by their kissing, that nothing came spilling out except a bunch of kissing, is to put it bluntly pretty unbelievable. This isn't a pair of teenagers who have to strive for abstinence. They are married and are quite frankly expected to produce an heir. So, pretty much every reason for normal teenagers to not engage in physical intimacy is shot right out the window. Now, I am not saying that they would have immediately jumped from first base to a home run, although that isn't at all unbelievable and I think that you realize this given your take in "Return of the Fallen", but after the awkwardness of that first intimate act was broken I have a hard time believing that at least second wasn't rounded or at least approached. I strongly hope that this is addressed in the next chapter.

To end on a positive note. This is one of my all-time favorite stories and you have done an excellent job on it. Your attention to detail especially in blending these two universes is exceptional. So keep up the good work, I would hate to see such a promising and well done story never get finished. Especially so close to the end.
FireInLife chapter 21 . 7/29/2013
Did Happosai just turn the entire school into girls? Holy crap ._.

Well, won't have to fear so much regarding rejection now, since every guy has experienced the curse now. And I agree, bring up the problem Akane and Ranma have with being intimate regarding the curse. You just keep putting it off D:

Anyways, I had fun reading this. It's a shame that updates have become slow lately, but that's alright. Can't wait for the next chapter!
FireInLife chapter 9 . 7/29/2013
Bah, I sometimes hate how fan fiction can be realistic. Guys becoming sick when they realize the girl they liked was really a guy. It's really quite disgusting. I do hope Ranma does find out about Ron's fantasies, I certainly do.

Still, the secret is coming out soon. I'm glad it wasn't put off for too long, yet at the same time I worry about the reactions. Snape really did play up on the whole "Jusenkyo is evil and so is eastern magic", so I assume you'll be making it quite horrible.

I thought this wasn't going to be a Harry Potter story? *Shrugs*
FireInLife chapter 8 . 7/29/2013
Darn, that's true that unicorn hair is used in wands for both wizards and witches. Rather common too, even Quirrell had a unicorn hair wand. I rather liked the idea of having a wand that favored only witches, there would be all sorts of fun situations to make out of it with Ranma. Of course, I'm still hoping for a meeting with a unicorn. I'd love the reactions of others if Ranma was somewhat trusted by a unicorn in his male form. Shocking wizards who believe they know everything would be awesome.

Ah, so that's what you mean when you say it's not a Harry Potter story. You won't mess with canon, but you will change the minor events of the story while focusing on Ranma and Akane.
akibara chapter 21 . 7/29/2013
More damnit!
FireInLife chapter 7 . 7/29/2013
You make a good point about Ranma's ki attacks, although it should also be mentioned that Voldemort and Dumbledore were doing some even more fantastic things in their fight. While Ranma is certainly weaker than Dumbledore and Voldemort (not much of a story if he wasn't), he is still highly accomplished. It is unlikely for Ranma to be tossing giant balls of ki around like in Dragon Ball Z though. As far as I know, only Herb is strong enough to do that and only because he is part dragon.

Of course, Ranma's ki seemed to be set up as emotion based. It is unlikely that he'd be able to call up large amounts of power when he's not in a serious fight against a near equal or above. I'd say Ranma would only use large amounts of ki against opponents he feels he seriously needs to win against.

And can't you add ki to your dictionary? Strange that you wouldn't be able to. Eh, doesn't make a difference for me.
FireInLife chapter 3 . 7/28/2013
And it looks like my previous review was completely pointless. Seems like I should have just ignored it instead of reviewing a chapter this far back. I'm just a bit impulsive I suppose.

I would have thought that Dumbledore would have been more suspicious of somebody wary of a Phoenix. They seem a lot like Unicorns, so to have somebody that disliked one seems strange. Ah well.

Glad that Ranma's curse will play a role in this story. There aren't that many stories that involve the curse without it being a female only Ranma or a male only Ranma. I look forward to that, along with the rest of the Hogwarts experience, in future chapters.

I'll probably get this question answer later, but what did the description mean by 'This isn't a Harry Potter story'? It sure seems like one to me. Even if Harry Potter himself doesn't play a large role, the fact that you are using the same setting and featuring multiple characters from Harry Potter certainly makes it a crossover.
FireInLife chapter 2 . 7/28/2013
I noticed in the next chapter that you suddenly gave Ranma a means to nearly always control his curse. I figured there were probably chapter 2 reviews protesting your treatment of Ranma, and I was right. Well, here is what I have to say on the subject of Ranma's curse and Akane's growth.

They appear to be ignoring some of the hints that you have added into the story, such as Ryouga finding mushrooms with his nose in human form. I suppose it is implied that the curse has some effects on both forms. Thus, the reason why Ranma is merely grumbling over spending so much time as a girl instead of outright protesting it (which he has done several times already). Not to mention, but considering what Ranma did to spend time with his mom as Ranko, I can see Ranma becoming a more feminine girl if it gains his mothers approval. Basically, you are getting Ranma to be more comfortable as a girl, Akane more comfortable to be with a girl, and Nodoka being accepting of Ranma entirely. Not at all a bad thing.

Now, for the concerns about people making Ranma act more like a girl. To be honest, it is a bit of a cruel thing to do making Ranma wear feminine hairstyles and make up. That has little to do with being female, and was simple amusement to Nodoka and Kasumi. However, at the same time Ranma has the option to be male or female. Sure, he is unable to completely control the curse, but he isn't stuck as a girl and forced to be a girl. I believe that for somebody who has a fluid gender, stuff like that would come off as little more than an annoyance at worst, and amusement at best. Maybe I'm biased, but if I could turn into a boy and a girl, I honestly wouldn't mind living as a guy part of the time. So it's my opinion that you should go ahead and have Ranma act girlish once in a while. Hell, if you want you can even give him signs of being a bit motherly. I'm all for that (although I'm a bit biased, since I love a gender fluid Ranma). If others have something against that, well, they're just as biased as I am.

Some reviewers mentioned that Akane was getting far too strong in a far too short of time. I have to disagree with that. For one, Akane has shown to be proficient in multiple weapons, such as when she sparred evenly against Kuno or used a staff to block arrows shot by Phoenix people. While she was terrible at Rhythmic Gymnastics, in one week she managed to gain an enormous amount of skill from where she started.
Not just that, but she also trained with Ryouga for a while, and managed to do extremely well against opponents that defeated Ranma in the OVA. Certainly, she couldn't have won without Ranma's help, but she was the one to deal the finishing blow. Also, there was the eight headed Orochi, where she showed a lot of agility being able to jump around and avoid its attacks. She was also able to dodge attacks thrown by Kodachi, Mousse, and Kiima.
Akane easily has the potential to reach up to the level up of Ranma and Ryouga, and given 4 months with Ranma she could improve A LOT. She may not be ready to truly damage Ryouga in a normal spar yet, but she is certainly capable of it should she become enraged at him. Perhaps when she finds out about P-chan? :P

So in a nutshell, your portrayal of Ranma is just fine. Make him as feminine as you want and her as manly as you want. There are so many arguments for how Ranma would act, that it's all a matter of opinion, and only yours matters. Akane's growth is good, just keep it steady. Finally, THANKS FOR WRITING ALL OF THIS!
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