Reviews for WormsEye View
Goldleaf83 chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
This one is really funny, with all the repartee in the shuttle between Starbuck and Boomer, with Apollo pretending not to be paying attention. There’s lots of wonderful lines, but Apollo’s comment about Starbuck and unicorns is truly one for the ages! Getting to see them analyze the planet’s features and the effects on their own and the aliens’ biology was neat; in fact, the exobiology of the alien species is done very well. The introduction to the alien culture is beautifully visualized. Cla’ree’s evaluation of the art made me laugh quite hard – that affectation is apparently a constant across cultures! The revelation of the nature of Starbuck’s game near the end resolves the intriguing hints about it from earlier, as well as the evolving relationship between himself and Apollo. Apollo’s comment, “I don’t have eggs, Starbuck,” nearly made me choke with laughter. And what a sweet way to mend Starbuck’s bruises!