Reviews for Even Tough Girls Cry
KM Rune chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
second chapter please
kaizer20 chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
This story is awesome, I agree with TamaoXNagisaforever, I'm a huge fan of NagXShi, so please make a story about those two, but it wouldn't be aslo bad if it were Amane and Nagisa, Shizuma and Hikari though.
Komuro chapter 1 . 5/9/2010
Oh my god! U are my damn kami of Yaya/Tsubomi stories,it was so beautiful,the emotions,the thoughs,everything man i know u do plenty Yaya/Tsubomi and im very grateful for that and that about Yaya and Tsubomi married its a great idea about tamao i don't really care,she is a hentai,the one that deserves to die is hikari,hikari and hikari now let give you a one-shot about how it would be if Yaya kills Hikari. Yaya-chan!please!-hikari said looking tearfuly and shitless scared of the psico lookingYaya in front of her-why are doing this? Why i am doing this?-shouted Yaya holding a bat with her hands while getting closer to her. the look on her could make birds fall of dead,she was angry,irritiated,furiuos of her ex-best friend,the person that toyed with her feelings,didn't care about them and was forced to smile,to supress her feelings for the blonde but today she couldn't resist anymore,she will get those feelings to dissapear today,no matter how much she tried that bitch didn't cared about how she felt,so in order to clear her mind she decided that she will get rid of her in order to continue her life with her beloved Tsubomi. Now Hikari was against the wall nervously trying to look for a scape route,Yaya noticed it. U may run if u want-yaya smirked-but if u do im gonna catch you up before u could get to a door and-she pointed the bat at hikari's nose making the girl to flinch in horror-im going to slam u so bad in the face that u will never atracct any other tomboise girls like Outori-san Etoile-sama-the girl started to laugh,holding back her hard desire of killing the dense blonde in front of her. Please!Yaya-chan ill do anything-cried out the desperate blonde-just say it-tears starting to fall from her eyes lossing her hopes of conving her. Yaya remained in silence for a few moments savoring the scared face of her ex-friend then with playful smile she though about something. My,my Etoile-sama i really want you to-he replied with her psicotic smirk-umm let's see,oh bow yea bow down and ask for forgivness and if do it properly i may let you live. Yaya didn't even finished answering and Hikari was already bowing. Yaya-chan,im srry! I make you suffer all this long time-her tears couldn't stop falling,the reason could be that she just realized how much suffering has caused to her best friend or because she was scared of the situation-i didn't care any less about your feelings and im srry for being so selfish all this!just thinking of amane-sempai and neglecting you so please Yaya-chan if u are the good friend i always believd u will stop this nonsense,we could be friends again. The girl just ended talking and she heard a soft"Hikari",she craned her head so she could look at her friends only to see a full speed swing of the bat coming to her,she didn't have time to react and got hit just right in the forehead,the hit was so brutal that trow back the girl smashing to the lockers behind her. A sadistic laugh roared in the change room,Hikari was still consious yet her head ached as hell,feeling how the blood was pouring from her head,her body wasn't responding,between cries and yells hikari tried once more to convince her friend. said softly between her cries of pain and holding the blood from coming out of her bruise-Yaya-chan... Don't!-Yaya shouted and swinged again her bat against Hikari head,the bat smacked her in the head,this time the blonde falled to the floor bleeding from the both spots recently hit by Yaya-call me!-another swing to the blondes head,this one more brutal than the others-so friendly!-Yaya continued hitting her dead body around 10 times,from the head,her neck,arms,shoulders,breaking the blonde's bones and throwing blood to each corner of the room with each hit until she calmed down. Yaya was panting seeing the desfigurated body of the etoile in the floor,her head was pouring blood enough to fill the room,her arms dislocated,the so loved etoile-sama or Konohana Hikari was no more. Yaya let fall the bat in the stain of blood,she herself was dried in her ex-friend blood,she quikly took off her clothes taking a new change from her locker,headed for the exit door,just before she was going to get out she glanced again her ex-friend body and smiled. Do not worry Hikari-Yaya playfully said-,i will send that bitch to keep u company in heaven. Well heheh i had to do it i hate so much that hikari and amane,now that i think it its a good story so i may add it to my stories(tho i dont have any) i hope u like it as much i did thinking it with my sick mind
Sakura cc chapter 1 . 3/6/2010
AWESOME! i really liked this! I imagined it as soccer... cuz i dont like americn football and a soccer uniform would look HOT on Yaya XD uh i loved Tsubomi! That lilcute tsundere, i would'v liked a more DIRECT Yaya/Stubomi ending, but this was still very cute _
Ethereal Forest chapter 1 . 12/16/2009
Again really good, I liked the portrayal of Tsubomi's thoughts...was very real and engaging. Would love to see a second Chapter/Sequel to this as it's a really good opening.
Chiyo And Osaka Fan chapter 1 . 8/13/2009
I hope to see a 2nd chapter great job!
Chiharu-senpai chapter 1 . 8/9/2009
Yay YayaxTsubomi ftw! I think we need a bit more YxT fics. So far I like this, and I like the first-person narrative (something I suck at). Ouch, that's gotta hurt. Reminds me of when my team mate's face got cut on an iceskate blade during a hockey game (don't ask, it was very gruesome...)

btw, is Sumire a V reference? If she is, I so lol'd at the idea of her playing football. She might need a shot of the vaccine to play well.

SP! without Tamao would be tragic, but that's just my viewpoint. Seeing as I used to be a SxN fan, I can't object too much to the pairing.