Reviews for Vampire Lady
xNEONxKINGx chapter 1 . 8/5/2010
wicthes, werewolfs, vampires,and ... mermaids that right there is just to funny
AkatsukIxGirL chapter 3 . 3/23/2010
I love that song!
Ms. RomanceFan chapter 8 . 12/31/2009
Hell yeah I want you to write a sequal. I can't believe you would just end it like that, so please write a sequal.
firegoat chapter 3 . 12/31/2009
wow never expected to see this song in a fic :/

why does she have to keep it secret though?

will she not be a normal vampire?
Saki-Hime chapter 7 . 9/4/2009
Great chapter.

What did Temari say? Why is she so sad?
GoddessSumizofVenus chapter 7 . 9/1/2009
...i wanna know what startled hinata! good chapter :) please update soon thanks :D
Saki-Hime chapter 6 . 8/19/2009
Who punched her? Why?

Good story so far. I like it.

How can the cards predict she will die in 2 months and at the same time say she will have babies (9 months), it doesn't compute.

Please update soon.
Tsukiakari no Tenshi chapter 6 . 8/19/2009

Nt ways very good. very good. plz update soon
GoddessSumizofVenus chapter 5 . 8/18/2009
please update soon thanks i really wanna know what is going to happen to hinata thanks
Tsukiakari no Tenshi chapter 4 . 8/16/2009
YIPPY! update soon
Tsukiakari no Tenshi chapter 3 . 8/13/2009

I just love this story!

I hope that u can continue to do speedy updates like this!
Tsukiakari no Tenshi chapter 2 . 8/11/2009
WHO OH! this story gets two thumbs up :-) Please update soon
cheh chapter 2 . 8/10/2009
Cool story i like it. I bet to was an Uchiha that scared them.
Evil - My demon chapter 2 . 8/10/2009
Cute story...