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The fuck chapter 26 . 10/31/2020
How on Earth did that ending seem like enough to you? That was the worst ending I think I’ve ever read. Absolutely no closure to this story. So many things left unsaid... Bella literally said last chapter that she didn’t think she could forgive Edward. Why would you leave this story on that note without confronting that specific point? That hopeless ending. WHY would you end such a good story in the worst way possible.
a reviewer chapter 26 . 5/29/2020
Hey, I can understand why you have chosen to stop writing if you have lost interest, but there are some open ended questions. Did Edward have sex with Tanya just the one time? In previous chapters, it seems like he chose to continue having sex with her. Did Bella ever have sex with Victor?

Why did the Cullens side with Tanya instead of Bella. Does Bella ever reconcile with Edward, but makes him leave the family that did not want her? Will Tanya ever get punished? I laughed at the reviews that want Tanya's head, and well, I'm siding with them.

If you don't want to write a chapter, can you at least write a synopsis of what would have happened? Or answer the questions, please.
CapriSunnyD chapter 1 . 12/4/2019
Thankfully I read some reviews before starting. OC's and Edward sleeping with Tanya... whew talk about dodging a bullet.
readicted chapter 26 . 8/26/2018
Hi again, Air! Well since I loved your other story Secret Sex so much, I decided to take a peak at ACE to see if it might pique my interest. I didn't realize that it wasn't complete, yikes! As the story progressed, I felt myself being drawn in. I apologize for not reviewing as I went along, as I did with SS, but I read this story with little access to WiFi. I took it with me on the road. Probably not the wisest choice because I was dealing with some real life heaviness, mourning. I should've read something lighter. Alas, reading ACE intensified the feelings of sadness and loss, but it also helped me to FEEL, to release rather than stifle. The forest so intense and as I've come to expect from you, beautifully, deeply emotive. I was on tenterhooks waiting to see just how Edward was going to respond to all that Bella laid out at his feet. She held nothing back, spared no concern for hurt feelings. She relished in his despair, as temporary as it may turn out to have been. I'm assuming this was going to end in an HEA, though Bella has said she cannot forgive, that she is no longer capable of it. That leaves me to wonder how can they possibly move forward without a glimmer of hope of forgiveness. They can't rebuild without that. Not truly. I feel so emotionally invested in the outcome, I do feel sad that it is not complete. The last chapter was beautifully written, it sheds light on some things, but still leaves me wishing for more of a resolution. Still, I don't regret reading it. Anything that can make me feel so deeply, I cannot regret reading. I love the way you paint with your words, the way you infuse such depth and power and visceral emotion into your words. Thank you for sharing your story.
scarlet5 chapter 26 . 5/11/2018
So happy you wrote more! I haven’t checked this site in a long time but always remembered your story. Wish maybe someday you will finish it all the way.
Farewellrealism chapter 1 . 12/16/2017
So I read the whole thing but as soon as I got to the part of edward having sex with tanya I just couldnt read this story without a bitter taste in my mouth
three colors chapter 24 . 10/12/2017
Oh Crikey!
Air, I apologize on behalf of your loyal readers for that sad person's tirade . Please consider adding a conclusion to this story! Your fans are still hoping to enjoy the conclusion and reconciliation. All my best, SG
Guest chapter 26 . 9/23/2017
Huh. I'm not gonna lie, this seems like a MASSIVE cop out and poor writing. You needed some reason to add drama, so you had E sleep with T. But then you needed it to not actually be him betraying her, so you made some weird dream scenario where E slept with t thinking it was B, which honestly makes no fucking sense. I'm sorry, I would realize that it wasn't the person I loved that I was kissing and fucking. And no amount of weird delusion can explain it away. Really it's super poor writing and plotting
Reinbeau chapter 26 . 7/6/2017
Nope, not enough. Not good closure.

I am left with as many or more questions as there were before this was posted.

I sure hope you can see to continue at some time. I love your writing and this story.
debslmac chapter 26 . 1/26/2017
Love this story. I hope you do complete it
icrodriguez chapter 26 . 1/12/2017
YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS, PLEASE. Your latest and LONG AWAITED update did manage to explain a lot, but it also has brought up new questions. Did Edward sleep with Tanya only once? Because if he did, and he did after seemingly having lost his mind and sense of reason in his grief, then Bella will most certainly see this differently now I imagine. I've also been trying to figure out why the Cullens took so long to rush to him. I've come to one possibility: they, of course, overheard what Tanya and Edward were doing, so they left them alone, thinking that Edward was moving on and that they had no right to intervene in that moment. BUT...THEN HE SAID "BELLA". Aha! They all shot up fire was licking their behinds and realized that Edward was hallucinating that Tanya was Bella! AM I RIGHT? THAT'S THE ONLY EXPLANATION, RIGHT?

Please, Darlin', FINISH THIS. I'm begging you, honestly. You know I've always loved this story, and now I just want to know WHAT IT ALL MEANT AND HOW IT ENDS.

dlajmc chapter 26 . 12/20/2016
Love this story, appreciate all your work, would love a bit more. What happened with Bella and Edward?
LadyIce5 chapter 26 . 12/9/2016
Thank you for this long awaited chapter. Was Edward that distraught that he could not tell that it was Tanya and not Bella? Why did his family wait so long to intervene? How could Tanya take advantage of him knowing it was Bella on his mind all along? If I were Bella, forgiveness and trust would take some time to gain again. He is her mate and love, I would live with him away from the family for a few years just so they can learn to trust each other. Once they were able to get over all the pain and finally found joy, then she may let the Cullen's into her life again. I hope we have encouraged you to continue this story at least one or two more chapters.
kikirev chapter 26 . 12/9/2016

It has been a long time and I am first and foremost glad to see that you are doing well :-)

I also definitely want to express my appreciation that you thought of your readers with respect to this story and knew how deeply attached many of us were/are to what you started here. I too have periodically checked to see if there was a hint that you were planning to complete this intense tale. If there was any way for pure encouragement to transmit through a review, it would be intended here.

I wish I could say that this scene answered questions or left me with a feeling of closure, but I cannot. After skimming the reviews of this chapter, I would concur that I have the same questions that most others are left with as well. The problem is that your core readers were/are so intensely connected to what was developed here (thanks to the depth of your writing and characterization) that what is essentially a hint to what actually happened between Edward and Tanya (at least the first time) is akin to a yes or no answer to a question that begs for so much more.

I think many readers were intensely curious as to what transpired between Edward and Tanya and wondering how they (and Bella) could possibly reconcile it with Edward's claims of love and devotion to his mate. I know that was a dominant piece to this story and the reviews. But it was also so much more. Your writing in the last five chapters touched on so many other aspects of this relationship as well as beginning to explore what Bella had experienced and how she had changed since she fled from him and bringing the shredded pieces of their history together. The answer that the first time Edward had sex with Tanya was because he was fantasizing about Bella is information, but nowhere near closure to what was so lovingly developed and built here.

At first I was a bit frustrated that all the fond memories and feelings and questions regarding this story were stirred up again only to be left without much hope of an ending. But I also know and understand how difficult it is to immerse yourself in a world or project that has grown cold, to regain the inspiration and motivation. I do sincerely thank you for your efforts and your acknowledgement of those of us who are very devoted to this story. I shall simply hope that this story takes a hold of you again and that you are inspired to bring these characters full circle and that we can come along for the ride.
Stacey chapter 26 . 12/5/2016
I understand that this story is yours, and you can end it whenever you want, but you left so many questions unanswered. Did Edward only have sex with Tanya once? Or did he continue having sex with her? Did Bella ever forgive the Cullens or did she leave them for her own coven? And Tanya? What happenes to her? This whole story was Bella leaving Edward because she could not handle his betrayal with Tanya, so I don't think she will ever get over it, or does she?
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