Reviews for Everyone But Him
SteveSwiu130 chapter 1 . 12/3/2009
I think the story is well written but would have to disagree on the general idea of Sara not wanting to think about Michael. After everything Michael has ever done for her and how well he has cared for her it would only make sense for her to want Michael on her mind. She has fallen in love with Michael and already in the process of a loving relationship. As Michael is so caught up with everything else going on in order to save Sara and to destroy the company he is very pressured and stuck in the worst situations. Sara understands this and I think at this time in the series she was so caught up with everything and trying to escape that the last thing she would be interested in thinking about would be her past with other men. Those to her mean nothing now as Michael and her are happily together. I do strongly agree with her also wishing LJ was there because he was without a doubt a huge comfort to her while she was locked up with him. I think Sara definitely is freaking out at this point and is very worried cause she doesn't exactly know if Michael or Lincoln have been caught or if they could even be alive still. I like how you had her think about her father because in times like this I think the average person would surly think of family and how much strength they give you to keep fighting through the hard time in life. As Sara continues fighting through and hopes that everything will be alright really goes along with the story line and I think was a great way of ending your story.