Reviews for Pokemon Legends: Sidestories
Naryfiel Lilith chapter 20 . 12/20/2009
yes! i like this couple. the entire date was fun to read. too bad for Ashley losing in that match, but she did make the mistake of relying on just one move.

great chapter. but really, eevee are that popular? i've never noticed.

good explanation w/ Blaine, though. And i like slightly mature gary. he rocks.
Chaosblazer chapter 20 . 12/20/2009
how deceptively clever of you to pair them up that suddlely, I figured you weren't going to pair Ashley up with Gary but with another OC of your own creation but this works all the same, lol and nice to see Gary get a little payback on her by beating her with Gyarados.

I do believe May got the short end of the stick on that trade though, because if I recall wasn't the pelliper shiny? I kinda skimmed over that part a little fast but the battle was intense and intresting.

Can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the great work.
Fenrir of the Shadows chapter 20 . 12/20/2009
"Oh?" Gary smirked. "So, if you were to try it, who would you consider pairing me with?"

"Hmm..." Ashley pondered for a moment and then shrugged. "Your right hand?" Gary nearly fell over again.


Out of the thousands of words I have read typed by your hands, those 35 are by far the greatest.
BioDragon chapter 19 . 12/14/2009
I think Melany is in the doghouse again, can't wait for the next chapter :D
Chaosblazer chapter 19 . 12/14/2009
rather..intresting update; yeah I think Melany did go abit to far, but hey love is love i'm sure they can work something out.

Latios was also awsome in this chapter, keep up the great work_
Naryfiel Lilith chapter 19 . 12/13/2009
oh... poor may. hormones really bite.

the movie was hilarious, though. absolutely hilarious. lol i liked it.

so two more chapters before sinnoh? i've got a feeling we've got a couple of large time jumps ahead, don't we?

good chapter as always.
Shizuka Taiyou chapter 18 . 12/7/2009
I'm not for one for eqipment either. Except for ones like EXP. Share, Amulet Coin, and things like that that can help with battle and help me get potions and other meds for my pokemon.

Chaosblazer chapter 18 . 12/7/2009
Another intresting update, and what an intresting concept to have the strongest trainers from two games do battle with each other.

Shame Red lost but then again his battling style is what costed him, Steven was simply the better tactician which matters in some cases.

keep up the great work, can't wait to see what happens next_
BioDragon chapter 18 . 12/7/2009
Epic! This fight was so cool and Steven is so awesome :D
Naryfiel Lilith chapter 18 . 12/6/2009
awesome battle. I am suitably impressed. Not a lot of the girls in this (were they in it at all?), but another motivation for Red to get stronger. That seems like the only plot in it, though.

you mentioned almost being at the end of the sidestories, but we're only half-way through the 3-year gap between generations 1 & 3 and 2 & 4. So, my guess is that we are going to have a huge time jump next chapter?
BioDragon chapter 17 . 11/29/2009
I love this chapter so much,Porygon Z is the best XD
Chaosblazer chapter 17 . 11/29/2009
intresting update, may and Melany's interactions were cool, porygon's gone insane which is funny and i can't wait to see what happens next.

keep up the great work peace out.
Naryfiel Lilith chapter 17 . 11/29/2009
So Angela's going to be a somewhat major character coming up, then? Interesting. Bodyguard, though? Is it really necessary?

May's a Yaoi fangirl? who would have thought it? hah hah, one of my friends (a rabid yaoi fangirl) has officially declared May her favorite.

A nice chapter, sets up for later events as well as gives us an idea of how May gets along w/ the rest of the Elite Four.

what is going on next chapter? another date between Melany/Alex and May? Ashley will tease them mercilessly.
Shizuka Taiyou chapter 16 . 11/23/2009
Man this just stays awsome.

jackinafrickinbox chapter 16 . 11/23/2009
Aww, best friends. So, Rina is now Red's friend. Oh just you wait Rina, soon you shall be more than that. Even if I have to infiltrate the enemy base myself! -

So, does this mean that Red, Ashley, and Gary would have grown up into polygamy? -_ Anyway, nice job including Lucas into this. He seems to be overlooked and unappreciated in the games. Though Rowan is a tough professor to have compared to some of the others.

Great chapter yet again! By the way, will Lucas have a role in the Sinnoh Saga of Legends? Of course, if he starts training now he could probably be a little above average. Poor Lucas. Though I like Dawn better, so nyah! :P Yes, I just had a conversation with myself. I need to lay off the caffeine and sugar.
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