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dormant user chapter 9 . 9/18/2009
When I see the new chapter 'finally' (with exclamation sign or however this -!- is called, hah) is really my first thought, you know :) So - finally. Not that it's not worth the waiting. On the other hand, though, it would be cool it you were posting a new chapt every day. I'm kidding. But consider this :)

Anyway, Andy's perfect line? “Hi. I’m Andy Clark. I’m a wrestler. This is my girlfriend. I’m not gay and I don’t sell Avon.” - I seriously doubted there could be anything funnier. But then I kept on reading and I realized how wrong I was:) (and how wrong is my use of words here, but whatever). Scene with Brian - awesome, I laughed out loud. At first I was like, why the hell you write so much about others, about Andy, Brian, etc, but I've got to admit - every scene with them is brilliant. Maybe it's because you make their way of speaking so Bender's part in this chapter, all those dark thoughts - I am so impressed, because it was really insightful and you always manage to go beyond the obvious statements, way deeper into what he might feel. Not to mention, totally Bender-style. As well as his idea of another false alarm and what it meant.

BUT now - the end of this chapter- please don't prove me wrong and make the next chapter what I'm hoping it to be, haha. To call it a cliff-hanger, would be a miserable understatement.
Vampellzy chapter 2 . 9/16/2009
perfect ending, reading more.
The Black Arrow chapter 8 . 9/12/2009
I laughed out loud when I read Percy talking to Claire. My prayers for a beige haired 80's lothario were answered! WIN! A duet? I am sensing trouble and more jealous Bender outrage in the near future. Also really looking forward to seeing how the poker game plays out.

This was my favourite bit:

"The kindness and the surprising sweetness, though, John was not getting any of that. Not from himself. Not from his family. She wasn’t sure he ever had, not where it really mattered. Was it any wonder he didn’t know what to do with it when it turned up?"

Poor Bender, just dying for a little love. We understand how he is twisting against this love, and this girl who is going to have so much power over him, he is no doubt really scared and protective of his heart. Boys like him seem so harsh, but they usually feel things more accutely than anyone.

Thanks for writing.
RogueAvril chapter 8 . 9/11/2009
Words CANNOT express how much I love your story! I go away on vacation for a week, and I come home to several new chapters in what is without a doubt shaping up to be the best Breakfast Club fan fic I've ever is good. Everything from your narration to the dialogue between the characters is completely spot on, and the heat between Claire and John is real, tangible, and fucking mind-blowing. You have me laughing out loud in many scenes, like this latest chapter's convos between Andy and John, and John's initial reaction to Claire's button-pushing question in the classroom: "Fuck you, by the way." Totally awesome. You're dragging Claire and John's courtship out in the most deliciously pleasure/painful way (exactly the way it should be handled, 'cause it's not believable if it's too easy), and I'm loving every second of the ride. I'm desperately looking forward to the next chapter, and I hope you'll understand when I say I wish you will never finish this story.
faux-prada chapter 8 . 9/11/2009
:D That was great! I especially loved John and Andy's interaction, there isn't enough of that on ! And John comparing algebra to Claire was classic. Please update soon!
jillianfish chapter 8 . 9/11/2009
I really enjoyed this chapter. Claire's bit in the beginning where she's thinking in circles and is already planning on punishing him for doing something he hasn't even done yet is spot on. You managed to capture the way girl's think when they're head over heels for a guy but are so unsure. Yours is the first story I've read to actually describe that train of thought in a way it can be understood. Fantastic.

I'm glad Brian was there to help Claire deal and to hear Vernon's rant. Brian trying to play intermediary is so cute. He's like a kid who's parents are fighting.

I loved Andy and John talking there at the end. John needs someone to talk to, someone to hang out with so he's not stewing in his own juices. And I know I said earlier that Andy wasn't really developed but you've done a great job here of showing us who he is and what he stands for.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more, especially seeing more of the rest of the Breakfast Club dealing with Vernon and his asshole ways towards John.
dormant user chapter 8 . 9/11/2009
whoa, FINALLY :)

well, first of all - the quote from an excellent song that is, so it started well:) As for the chapter - it amazes me how you can make Claire's narration so totally different then when it's written from John's POV. I mean, the difference is obvious, but - your choice of words is excellent. I cannot think of better way this could be written. ALSO - every single thing that Brian says is SO brilliant - in his unique way, plus - his lines are hillarious.

I liked how you wrote how Claire tried to somehow rationalize this whole thing (aka last chapter, hah), and, even though, it really is complicated, you managed to make it quite clear, not get lost in the teenage thoughts:) When it comes to whole Bender-Clark conversation - it was great, the way John was talking about what happened between him and Claire - it was 'true to the character' that he is. You do have a way with words. As for Vernon - his actions are just as infuriating as they should be (shouldn't really, but, you make him believable)

So now I'm just curious what Claire's plan will be. And - the wham wannabe? Just how awesome that part was? :) As for my fav quotes - you know, pasting whole chapter here is pointless.:)

This is awesome, awesome story. Did I mention that I'm becoming obsessed with it, or - is it just too obvious? :)

Anyway - great chapter, update soon.:)
zanzibarr bear chapter 7 . 9/9/2009
please - update? :) next chapter would totally and definitely make my day, even though an expression "make my day" is such a ridiculous understatement here.

this is the best story ever.
jillianfish chapter 7 . 9/8/2009
This story is absolutely fantastic. The characters in incredibly well developed and each one is so true to form. Allison being just a little crazy and deranged, Brian tripping over his words around Bender, Claire trying to stay true to the Club but still trying to fit in with her old friends and Bender, madly in love but still unsure and venomous when provoked.

You write their introspections so well. Especially Claire, trying to come to terms with this new person she wants to become but at the same time realizing that her old friends are really also her friends. I'd like to see a little more of Andy, especially him interacting with the rest of them. Right now he just follows Allison around like a puppy dog.

Allison and Claire's friendship is wonderful. Claire standing up for Allison, even just a little, and Allison nudging her and Bender together.

Also your writing, your actual writing is superb. It is very rare to see a word misspelled or out of place, the dialogue is written perfectly and your use of italics is just enough to emphasize but not beat us over the head with it. I can not wait to see where this is going and how Claire is going to come to terms with this person she wants to be versus this person that she inherently is. And Bender, who will sadly, probably never believe he's good enough for her trying to become this better person. I love it.
Leisha chapter 7 . 9/7/2009
So I have only been reading TBC fanfiction for the week or so, but this is by far the best I have read.

Especially this last chapter, you have written their characters so well, I am thoroughly impressed.

Looking forward to reading more :)
ezza chapter 7 . 9/7/2009
agh that was so HOT!

please please please updae soon.
idon'tlikepeople chapter 7 . 9/6/2009
Another great chapter!

Update soon please.
faux-prada chapter 7 . 9/5/2009

Really. This chapter had such raw intensity and was so gut-wrenchingly *real* that I could really feel their every emotion. It is true what they say, I guess: Love. Is. Confusing! It's a grey area. You may be utterly and completely consumed with the person, yet at the same time, you kinda want to ring their neck! This chapter brought that together, I think.

Update soon!
The Black Arrow chapter 7 . 9/5/2009
What I am impressed with is this.

I've just read a couple of kisses in a classroom, maybe one finger dragged down the vee of her cash sweater, and some dialog. And I'm all flustered and pretty sure my heart and/or stomach flipped while reading it. In this fanfic world of gratuitous sex, I can tell you that what you wrote was hotter, and spoke more of need and desire, than so many more, er, graphic things I have read. *wipes brow*

And such gorgeous, telling dialog. Their word play was exciting, and whilst John has essentially laid his feelings on the line, you didn't make him suddenly soft and vulnerable. It stands to reason that someone who has had such a hard life, with no affection or value placed on him, would probably challenge someone's good feelings or love for him. He'd be suspicious of it; he'd walk around it, testing its structural integrity. Probably by being hard, sometimes being cruel, teasing or taunting. And I love that he is accutely aware of when he is being hard, when he wishes he could be soft. Only after testing Claire so thoroughly could he believe that she would love him despite his faults, both of circumstance and of character.

They challenge each other, and that's the tension that keeps the reader hooked. She calls his bluffs. She stands up to him, but occasionally the frission of fear that runs through her gives her a moment's doubt. And always at that point does he step up and bridge the gap. It reminds me of the movie; I've noticed that every time someone directly challenges Claire, he always steps in front to protect her. Except in your fic, he is almost protecting her from himself.

She was right to taunt him about how many boys she was authorised to be with. Jealous Bender is a sexy Bender. Methinks he does not share well. Am I juvenile to pray for some sort of jealous encounter, with Bender warning off some hideously tanned George Michael wannabe? Probably.

And the eventual words, "Every. Fucking. Thing." Oh, God, I died.

I'm left wondering if Vernon is indeed going to get in touch with Claire's dad, and make trouble for Bender's disgusting parents. I'm wondering what sort of gorgeous dark, beautiful unspoken gesture Bender is eventually going to make to announce to the world that she is his. I'm hoping she's going to flip her friends the bird and walk away from them. I'm hoping for more cashmere sweaters, more of a glimpse into this beautifully broken Bender, more of Claire breaking down the constraints built around her, more kissing, and lots more updates.
dormant user chapter 7 . 9/5/2009
ha, another awesome chapter.

I just LOVE how you're true to characters and how John is not suddenly this sweet-smitten guy, but - it's still John and he's a little bit mean and stingy, but - the chapter is just so well written, John's POV is very authentic, everything - the dialogues, the tension and their almost-argument, it's just .Words.

(plus - you ended the chapter in perfect moment. Or perfectly sadistic, that is :) Please, post another one soon)

This story is really addictive, I must admit it :)
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