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The Black Arrow chapter 7 . 9/5/2009
What I am impressed with is this.

I've just read a couple of kisses in a classroom, maybe one finger dragged down the vee of her cash sweater, and some dialog. And I'm all flustered and pretty sure my heart and/or stomach flipped while reading it. In this fanfic world of gratuitous sex, I can tell you that what you wrote was hotter, and spoke more of need and desire, than so many more, er, graphic things I have read. *wipes brow*

And such gorgeous, telling dialog. Their word play was exciting, and whilst John has essentially laid his feelings on the line, you didn't make him suddenly soft and vulnerable. It stands to reason that someone who has had such a hard life, with no affection or value placed on him, would probably challenge someone's good feelings or love for him. He'd be suspicious of it; he'd walk around it, testing its structural integrity. Probably by being hard, sometimes being cruel, teasing or taunting. And I love that he is accutely aware of when he is being hard, when he wishes he could be soft. Only after testing Claire so thoroughly could he believe that she would love him despite his faults, both of circumstance and of character.

They challenge each other, and that's the tension that keeps the reader hooked. She calls his bluffs. She stands up to him, but occasionally the frission of fear that runs through her gives her a moment's doubt. And always at that point does he step up and bridge the gap. It reminds me of the movie; I've noticed that every time someone directly challenges Claire, he always steps in front to protect her. Except in your fic, he is almost protecting her from himself.

She was right to taunt him about how many boys she was authorised to be with. Jealous Bender is a sexy Bender. Methinks he does not share well. Am I juvenile to pray for some sort of jealous encounter, with Bender warning off some hideously tanned George Michael wannabe? Probably.

And the eventual words, "Every. Fucking. Thing." Oh, God, I died.

I'm left wondering if Vernon is indeed going to get in touch with Claire's dad, and make trouble for Bender's disgusting parents. I'm wondering what sort of gorgeous dark, beautiful unspoken gesture Bender is eventually going to make to announce to the world that she is his. I'm hoping she's going to flip her friends the bird and walk away from them. I'm hoping for more cashmere sweaters, more of a glimpse into this beautifully broken Bender, more of Claire breaking down the constraints built around her, more kissing, and lots more updates.
Misery LaVey chapter 7 . 9/5/2009
ha, another awesome chapter.

I just LOVE how you're true to characters and how John is not suddenly this sweet-smitten guy, but - it's still John and he's a little bit mean and stingy, but - the chapter is just so well written, John's POV is very authentic, everything - the dialogues, the tension and their almost-argument, it's just .Words.

(plus - you ended the chapter in perfect moment. Or perfectly sadistic, that is :) Please, post another one soon)

This story is really addictive, I must admit it :)
dunderdunfer chapter 6 . 9/4/2009
Wow. This is amazing.

I love how you've developed the John/Claire relationship. The office scene in particular- GENIUS! Most other stories work on getting them alone in some unlikely situation (and usually fizzle out from there) whereas this is truly amazing! As someone else has said, this really is like a sequel to the film.

Also, I have been such a lurker. I would have reviewed sooner but I had problems signing up. Keep up the awesome work!
HKgirl chapter 6 . 9/4/2009
Brilliant story. Really hope you keep up with it, as it's so well written, and lots of fun to read :o)
idon'tlikepeople chapter 6 . 9/4/2009
I really can't wait for the next update... Please update soon!
Misery LaVey chapter 6 . 9/4/2009
The amazingness. I don't know it there's even such a word in english (it's not my first language), but, well, it is amazingness indeed.

BUT - how could you leave it like that, end it in such moment? :) Yeah, it'll better be John who walked in there at the end of the chapter. :)

But now seriously , I think that the whole scene Bender-Vernon, this conversation they had- it was pretty good, I mean, it's very realistic and as over-the-top as Vernon might be expected of.

The last part of the chapter, when Claire is waiting there and having all those rather bitter thoughts - it's so insightful (again, there might not be such a word, heh). It's not just typical Claire "oh-I-wanna-make-out-with-John-and-nothing-else-matters", it's much more complicated and Claire would not be, well, Claire, if she were so one-dimensional.

And, OF COURSE, the way you write, your narration - it just makes me jealous that it's not me who wrote it :) I mean, the story you came up with is cool, but it wouldn't be that cool if it wasn't for the language and, even though it sounds very officious - 'narrative skills'.

PLEASE, don't leave us waiting here. Post next chapter (chapterS, really, loads of them, heh)

The Black Arrow chapter 6 . 9/3/2009
I loved these bits:

"John was pretty impressed by the variety of textures his hate for this man could take on."

"Really, what did make him think he could look at, much less touch, a girl like Claire Standish? Maybe a kiss in a closet or cop a feel of some rich fabric in a doorway. But really touch her. John Bender looked at his own hand. He had to admit. It seemed pretty unlikely."

A little cliffie there, but they're necessary to keep us coming back for more! And come back I will! Promise! I know very well that writing is a process, but if it makes it feel more worthwhile I'm sure there are lots of people reading this- if only they would review, that would be just super. Lurkers- it doesn't take much to write a short note to say you enjoyed someone's efforts!
Snicker212 chapter 6 . 9/3/2009
The Black Arrow chapter 5 . 9/3/2009
Apologies for my delay in reviewing. I did do a huge squee at work when I got the notification, I've just been so busy. In the end, I read it on my iPhone at the physio while I had accupuncture needles in.

And sigh, again, such gorgeousness. I am in love with your Bender so hard.

This part made me smile: "He suspected Claire was a girl who might like to be taken somewhere other than an abandoned building. He suspected he was a guy who would like to take her somewhere other than an abandoned building." I love how under the rough exterior, we can see tiny glimpses of someone who wants more from life, and wants to be loved.

I really love how you use surprising and sensual ways to describe something that is otherwise indescribable. Case in point: "She looked straight at John and smiled with half her mouth in a way he thought looked like real dessert, like icing on a cake." What a elegant, clever way to give the reader the instant impression of how delicious her mouth looked to him.

And the UST was off the charts, as always. I died when his wool coat was brushing against her legs. It's these little touches that make us feel like we're there, and the double meanings of his conversations in the front office were just wonderful and rereadable.

" “I’m just that crazy about Claire Standish.” He hung his head again. He even shuffled his feet." I DIED.

So again, well done, beautifully characterised, you already know I'm a huge fan of your style and really hope that you consider pursuing a multi-chap extended storyline. You've painted your characters so well in five chapters, it seems a shame to end it short. I mean, I understand that the present plotline might be hard to sustain for lots more chapters, but I would be first in line to read a M version of this.

On to chapter 6! Brace for another long review!
Misery LaVey chapter 5 . 9/3/2009
This is the best thing I've read in a long time, it's just so beyond awesome.

If there'd ever been a sequel to the breakfast club - I cannot think of anything better than this :) I mean - the characters are SO extremely 'true-to-themselves', hah, especially Bender - every single thing he says could be a line in a script.

So - keep it coming. Awesome, awesome story.
BlankAccount123 chapter 5 . 9/1/2009
Fricken awesome i love him saying “I’m just that crazy about Claire Standish." And the others comment genious love it
Snicker212 chapter 5 . 9/1/2009
How absolutely brilliant! I loved it! Claire really has become a genius. I like how in your story, instead of John expecting Claire to stand up to her freind immediately, he gives her time to adjust to all of the feelings. i think it's a good change.
blurry chapter 5 . 9/1/2009

awesome, more-than-awesome chapter, especially the masterpiece scene in shool office - the whole conversation with this subtext - it's just, simply, brilliant.

and, once again, I must say - it's SO well written. you are really talented.

SO - keep posting another chapters - and please, please, please, don't leave us waiting that long (but - with a chapters like this, it's worth the wait of course)
KittyKat1717 chapter 5 . 9/1/2009
That was a really good chapter! Keep up the good work.
Troub95 chapter 5 . 9/1/2009
Love, love, love the lunchroom scene! Reading this make me think I need to stop my pitiful little story. Keep it coming!
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