Reviews for High Noon: After Breaking Dawn A Twilight Fanfic
Guest chapter 25 . 10/9
wow seriously this is the best and the most creative fanfic i have ever read.
your creativity is seriously AMAZING ! KEEP IT UP!
Guest chapter 6 . 9/26
awwww, sweet, but damn what a scene to end a chapter, but done rly well! yay
New2Twilight2021 chapter 36 . 9/8
Ha ha ha I just can't with Rene! :D This is the best story ever! I was thinking the whole time if Rene's curiosity would make her start wondering if maybe she wants to become like 'the aliens' especially after Bella mentioned 'not aging' and how hard it would be for her now to keep this from Phil. I don't know how she can.
Nicholai plot was the the best ever but i couldn't understand how did newspaper clipping with Nik's picture ended up in the box in Edwards house? I thought both Edward and his Mother came to the hospital and then Elizabeth died and Edward was saved by Carlisle. When did Nick approached Elizabeth? And who made the clipping? Have i missed the explanation? I was devouring this story so fast I must have. Also werewolves phasing in and out in Voltera made me wonder about the situation with the clothing...
I loved your detailed description of various gifts! Made me appreciate even more how hard it was for Edward, his gift is the hardest! And why not hearing Bella was such a huge deal! The quietness of the mind is the best gift for Edward.
I was hoping to hear more conversations with and among the other Cullens i.e Edward/Carlisle and Bella/Carlisle about a soul thing, Edward/Rosalie about being a vampire... Bella/Rosalie about Bella bringing a baby to the family... So many possibilities! I don't want this story to ever end! Thank you so much!
New2Twilight2021 chapter 35 . 9/7
Wow! That was quite a chapter! Ohh I can't believe St. Marcus is gone :( and Aro! As conniving as Aro was he always seemed to be the one who never wanted the story to end! Caius had it long coming... but Marcus! Poor Marcus :'(
I was also wondering if Bellas shield would ever become physically impenetrable
New2Twilight2021 chapter 33 . 9/7
"Renée's combination of insightfulness and obliviousness was truly unparalleled. " I'm laughing so hard. I love your super secret agent government cover story! It works out so great! James a rogue agent... Bella is 'invited' to join the agency...
New2Twilight2021 chapter 31 . 9/7
Vampire snowball fight is the cutest thing ever!
New2Twilight2021 chapter 28 . 9/7
Great plot twist with more flavors of vampire super powers! You know what's long overdue?! A vampire who can heal humans! Not like Carlisle with conventional methods but with superpowers and from the distance preferably so Chloe's mom can be helped!
New2Twilight2021 chapter 23 . 9/7
I just can't! I love this story so much! When Aro took his glasses off and revealed his golden eyes I literally screamed. I love how positive your plot is. It's like everything is amazing and even if something dramatic is about to happen it gets even better. Thank you so much!
Guest chapter 36 . 5/28
I would like to start off by saying this story was absolutely amazing. The twilight saga were the first young adult books I read. I bought twilight in October last year after the release of Midnight Sun. The twilight series is the first out of two books I’ve read more than once. I could never understand why I read twilight so many times. After doing light research on fan fiction in general then reading fan fiction myself, I’ve learned that twilight has so many holes. Stephanie Meyer created an amazing world with amazing characters, but she didn’t give any of the characters or the world in general the deserved justice. So when I came across twilight fan fiction that was better than the books themselves, I finally felt the twilight world truly was given the foundation and closure it deserves. Your story in particular was literally one of the best stories I’ve ever read. I can only hope that you truly understand that all of the heart and soul you put into your story didn’t go unnoticed. Sorry my “review” was so long. Thank you.
the wordless writer chapter 31 . 5/26
I hope the author is still on the site it has become my favorite fic I’m re reading
mmachell333 chapter 39 . 5/24
Hello! I just wanted to say I truly loved your story this is actually the first fanfic I’ve ever read and I think you did an amazing job with it, it really could and I’ll choose to believe this is what happens after breaking dawn I love how close you stuck to the true story and characters. I wish this was a film! hahaha well thank you for this and I will definitely be checking out the other story’s you suggested and the others you’ve written.
Suzy-Chapstick chapter 39 . 11/30/2020
I just read this whole fic in 3 days. Your take on the canon characters was so spot on that I honestly feel like I read another novel in the Twilight series. You are really talented!
Yvicuna chapter 1 . 11/27/2020
Looking forward to reading
the wordless writer chapter 39 . 11/16/2020
Ok I prefer to wait till I’m all done with a story and I’m glad I did I’m convinced this is Stephanie Meyer high noon feels so much like the series that I can’t believe it’s fan fic the Rio chapters are a great blast from the past and a good ending for the maid I like how you told Charlie better then you told renée the government thing was less then desirable I think renée is smarter the we give her credit and the only other thing I dident like was aros storyline but then again I did like it because it fit the story I love the new characters nick and Eli are so cool I wish they where in the series I especially love the storyline for Alice a lot. Better then the official story I love nicks power I know this is an d story but I would love to see a storyline with nick and the Romans leading up to Alice and a better idea of the plan. I love the new order and how you vote in a new leader every 2 years also the reunion was perfect I’m glad that they are actually doing good in the world instead of repeating high school and the makeup idea Is gold I don’t know why Stephanie Meyer dident think of that I love all the jobs they have Esmé opening an abuse clinic is awesome she will do great in that roll Alice has the best job and I’m glad jasper is on the council I have so much to say but a lot of the story is a blur I read it in like 4 days so I hope this account is active I would love to talk about the book honestly if this were a physical book I would buy it have a great day
counter12 chapter 36 . 10/26/2020
Thank you so much for writing this amazing story! I love the concept of a council and thought the story was very well planned throughout. Also really appreciate you writing epilogues for additional closure! I love the addition of Eli and other side characters, while developing the Cullen family at the same time. Only wish was that the ending was a bit longer!
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