Reviews for Artificial Joy Club 1sentence challenge
Pri-ThePuppeteer chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
I thought that the title did made sence xD lol is like Aizen's "illusion" and Grimmjow is confussed about Aizen's real feelings towards him and etc.

xD loved it!

I like fluffy fics u 'cause if Aizen is there that means that most certanly there will be something dark *drop* nyuu~~~ Fluffy endings rule! and sexy ones too! xD
cy-grl chapter 1 . 8/24/2010
Oh I love these so much!
Toeba Saki chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
Hello, nee-san~!

Oh dear, this was wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this, the tiny moments showed all the depth to their relationship perfectly and I have to admit that I am such a sucker for MASTER/servant[pet] couples! What I adore about Aizen is that he keeps smiling and seems to soften up so much for his kitten! It's the sweetest thing when the pet manages to melt their master... Ah, anyways, this was a wonderful piece to read, thank you!


RandomAmp chapter 1 . 1/18/2010
TheStolenEarth chapter 1 . 1/14/2010

shiroiyuki3111 chapter 1 . 9/5/2009
wow...i really love this...

too bad there's not much AizenxGrimm fiction out there. actually i dun't relly care about the pairing, but when Grimm playing as an uke i prever him with someone stronger and...bigger than him...

uhm could you make a short story based on point 17 and 28...i really want to see Aizen crying and worrying over someone...he's the tipe whose never knew what he had until he (almost) lose it...

well, thanks for the gud reading...keep writing..
EL0NI chapter 1 . 8/12/2009
Loved every single sentence, thanks for sharing it.:)