Reviews for Fealty
Vanechka chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
I've forgotten to review this the last time I read, so I thought I should leave a review here.

A very interesting take on a small and seemingly insignificant event which could have happened during those vague twenty years between FE7 and FE6. And yes, I would say it makes a very nice bridge between FE6 and FE7, between two characters who would most likely have seen each other.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who sees the similarities between Heath and Miredy, especially with their fealty issues. A good comprehensive characterization of Heath is given here, and Miredy is done very well considering the fact that she's virtually two-dimensional in FE6 (sigh, FE6 has the plot with the greatest potentials, but also the plot which is the most underdeveloped in terms of characterizations; I think the creators were too ambitious in terms of cast size and thus neglected specific characterizations)

All in all, a very good take! I had to read your profile to understand that the pegasus knight in question was Florina-I almost thought it was Fiora because people do seem to support that pairing.

please do continue writing~ I enjoy your fics and it's getting increasingly hard to find FE7 writers online. It would be great if you would care to venture into FE6 as well, of course~ if you need information on the characters, you could try Serenes Forest - it has a database of all the supports and in-game conversation, which I find very useful.

I'm ranting again, so I'll end here~ I sure hope to see more of your fics around!
EternallyNostalgic chapter 1 . 8/19/2009
This was a great read. I also love how you mentioned what might have happened to Vaida, I've constantly wondered that and I think you portayed everything well. I also loved the part where his wife was about to stab Miledy while holding a child in her hands. o_O Wonder who his wife IS, really. (PleasebeFiorapleasebeFiora) Ahem, a couple typos I found- '"Yes, well... I was just recently promoted." she lowered here eyes and muttered ...' (should be 'her') 'Miledy nodded. "I would stay by her side always." she opened the door and drew op her clothes against the wind.' (should be 'drew up'.) Anyway, great story. And some justice to Heath, finally. :]
Writer Awakened chapter 1 . 8/19/2009
Hello there! In the spirit of the Little Circle of Reviewyness, I've come to give this story a review! :D

I have a bit of a weak spot for fics bridging FEs 6 and 7, so I enjoyed the premise of this story quite a bit. Heath and Miledy are both in character; Heath's cynicism and Miledy's doubt seem appropriate to both their character in-game and the circumstances of this story.

Wish there were more clues as to the identity of Heath's wife, though. Is it Florina? Fiora? Farina (she's certainly feisty enough to be her XD)? Thany? Tate? (no, they're both too young) Or is it just some random other pegasus knight we don't know about? To be honest, the parts with Heath and his wife seemed awfully tacked on; they didn't add a lot to the story, in my opinion.

Anyway, nicely written. An intriguing read. :)
Mark of the Asphodel chapter 1 . 8/19/2009
Hi, there. I was lured in from the Circle of Reviewyness; haven't played FE6 *or* FE7 but this looked promising on its own merits. And, I must say, good stuff. Beautiful attention to detail; the segment where Heath manages to banter with his wife while holding Miledy at swordpoint was well-played. I love the overall spirit of fics like this, the never-ending cycle of dashed hopes and new threats and Yet Another War. "Those who fail to learn the lessons of history," indeed. I can't vouch for the accuracy of any characterization, but all the characters were plausible- and they were plausible as *soldiers*, which I appreciate.

Nitpicks: "But there were a few other things about the figure outside that made Heath uneasy. For one thing, he had a stable, one he shared with his owner's wife's Pegasus, and would definitely take shelter in it if a storm came, no matter how mild." The way that's constructed, it reads almost like *Heath* lives in a stable with his owner's wife's Pegasus. May as well make it clear that Hyperion is the one who lives in the stable.

Also, it was a little distracting to have so much of the dialogue coming at the end of narrative sentences.

Really enjoyed it overall. The situation was perfectly clear without intimate knowledge of the game on the reader's part. I do wonder which Peg Sister married Heath, though...
Gunlord500 chapter 1 . 8/12/2009
Hey there, Wyrmseeker! Gunlord here cuz you put this fic in the Lil' Circle, and I'm glad you did! I liked it quite a bit! Just some lil' notes, first off...

“I lost three—maybe four, now—of my closest friends when I fled Bern, and part of me fears it was all in vain.

I think a quotation mark ought to be at the end there

Just a couple of small questions...Heath's wife was a Pegasus Knight, was she one of FE7's Pegasus Sisters? She wasn't named, so I was just curious Also, Galle is the blue-haired wyvern guy with the bandana from FE6, right? The translation I used called him Gale (and Nacien was Narshen) so I'm not sure, please forgive my ignorance

Aside from that, I really liked this fic, as I said! Miledy does indeed seem to be well in character, though Heath sounds a *bit* more formal than I remember him being in FE7...I can chalk that up to being 20 years older though This is a great way to tie together the events of FE7 to those in FE6. Nice goin! :D