Reviews for FasterHarder
Nehnah14 chapter 4 . 8/18/2011
Yeah...This needs to be expanded. I would love to know if they make it work back home. I would love to read about their HEA.

Loved the inneudos though!
jackieg01 chapter 4 . 8/13/2011
really enjoyed this story and would like to read more about their futures together... x
Itssme chapter 4 . 12/21/2010
Loved it! It was very cute and funny. I think it would be a lot of fun as a complete story. There is definite chemistry between these two. I think you are becoming one of my favorite fan fiction authors :) Good luck with all of your writing!
stacyc19791 chapter 4 . 8/8/2010
I really enjoyed reading this and thought the horse's names were hilarious. i would love to read about what happens when they leave. subscribing!
Writer-Dramaqueen chapter 3 . 8/8/2010
I hate you! I was really enjoyin the lemon! Great story!
Bell Jacobsen chapter 5 . 6/2/2010
I really enjoyed this story, I wish you would continue...please don't deprive It's a great story and I need a happy ending, please finish it. Just think of it this way, the story has gotten about 6 reviews, if you choose to finish, then mking the people who have reviewed all the more happy, if other people choose not to read or review then it's their loss our gain...right. No pressure. This juicy story has come from your mind and their fate rests in your hands...but please think about it. I love it. Have a great day, it's International Twilight Day today.

MrS.LemonyCullen chapter 1 . 5/31/2010
I 3 the story

I want a horse named


motherduckatschool chapter 4 . 5/26/2010
loved it.

can't wait to see more of your work.

sillybella46 chapter 4 . 9/9/2009
love it. you should keep going. n i would love to read the outtakes
Horse Racing Girl chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
Love it! Keep going.
SoNotNaive chapter 2 . 8/23/2009
this is like funny! luv the horses names! ;D
GetDrunkOnVictory chapter 1 . 8/13/2009
I like it so far, and I'm loving the horses names. ;D

...How about...Ben Dover, Bury A Bone, Screw Me, Swallow, Coming Soon, Bell End, Receiver or Receiving End, Good Grip, someone can own Tab A and Slot B, Spread 'Em, Cream Pie, Good Time, Up For It, ... **sigh** the product of perverted guy friends. **rolls eyes** ;)