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Guest chapter 17 . 2/1
Wish I made it to this story earlier it's a great read and makes me laugh at the funny bits
Luluu chapter 17 . 10/15/2017
Holly SHIET I looovveee this storryyyy so farrrrr Omg so sorry but I love this . I'm only on Chapter 17:) I can't waaaaiiit
DemonsDelight chapter 3 . 3/1/2017
You're an amazing writer! Usually it takes me a really long time to get sucked into a fanfiction, but your story has really captivated me(: I can't wait to read more.
Thanks for writing this!
Lola chapter 38 . 2/1/2017
What is this, Fifty Shades of Gray? I was disgusted and didn't want to continue reading. This was probably the worst chapter yet.
Guest chapter 53 . 1/7/2017
Okay, so I accidentally clicked on the arrow which brought me to the end of the story haha just re read the whole thing now! :P I honestly thought it was a one shot before I noticed it said chapter 53/53 at the bottom after I reviewed. So I do apologise about the quick to go review. To be honest the last chapter was good I liked it worked as a one shot. The whole thing... WOAHHHH longest one I've read.

So I'll do stars and wishes. Something we do at my school for reviewing each others work.

- I know for some reason everyone loves "Kyle Rape" but I don't specifically... In fact I can't stand the fact he was well.. Raped like 5 times! And Kenny too! (Even though he copped it less). I mean far out a f***ing gun?! That was a bit well... To far maybe? I skipped all the sex scenes when I first read it because like I said I thought it was a one shot when I clicked the arrow. ( - that symbol). I'm okay with the writing style of it, but I guess the one with the gun stepped over my boundaries. But I have skipped majority of the sex scenes because well.. I'm a bit uncomfortable on that topic in general. Any pairing - homosexual, heterosexual I don't care. I'm Bisexual female myself (however my preferences of girls to guys is 70% (girls) to 30% (guys)) so if it's a gay pairing or straight pairing I'm cool with it. I did read a bit of one - I will explain later. But I'm going to be a bit like Stan at the moment - how can they have heaps of sexual intercourse without well... Getting really exhausted... Or you know...

- One thing I've noticed a lot with writers is that people make Kyle a damsel in distress... Any pairing he is a damsel... There are few where others are portrayed as one. Such as Time Heals - Stan is more emotional, one where Stan tries to commit suicide but Kyle intervenes and they get to know each other through their common thought of suicide as hope (I'm so, so, so sorry to the author I can't remember the title. It was freaking emotional as!). Liked the way how Kenny was kidnapped at one point, I didn't like what happened to the pair after that but nice to know that Kenny had his distressed moment. Cursed is also a good example where Kenny is more in despair - trying to convince anyone that he is immortal but no one believes him. Considering the fact the four boys on the show have their own problems they are pretty strong... Especially Kyle and Kenny. I MEAN KENNY WAS FREAKING MYSTERION WHO WASN'T AFRAID OF KILLING HIMSELF AND BEATING UP JESSICA TO PROTECT KAREN! Also in the fanfic Hold Fast (by scaryloita, pairing K2 - LOVE IT! READ IT!), it shows a bit of Kyle being a damsel but in a good way. He's been abused, then Kenny does something wrong which has been caused by his own problems thus making Kyle more afraid. However in the fanfic when Kyle and Kenny (more Kyle) are struggling with their own problems, they are very real..Wish there was more violence! Not just in your fanfic but in many others. Kyle well... He punches Eric Cartman and he cries (freaking hilarious XD), isn't afraid to kick his baby brother, swears at aliens who have his brother, and all the retorts towards Cartman when they argue.

- Finally.. I guess South Park vibes were missing. What happened to all the fighting! Violence too! The Terrance and Phillip? "OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY!"? Sheila holding war against gays, just like she did with Terrance and Phillip! The "suck my b***s Mr Garrison!". Stan and Wendy!

- Cartman nice? Mmmm... I was hoping for the famous "Aww you guys wanna get a room so you can make out?" from Super Best Friends. (Love both Style and K2 so yeah hahaha I know that was said to Stan and Kyle in the episode). A bit of bullying too from him because I expect that from him. Such as Prey (Style), Painted In Shrouds (K2), Unmasked (K2), basically anything with Mysterion involved primarily (love Mysterion!) those depict some full on Eric Cartman's evil. BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS TOO MUCH! I personally think it is an interesting change. To be honest I liked it.

- Really good original plot. I mean it! It's very original. Finding souls to send them back to hell while living on Earth? THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME! Far out we have the immortality implied to it's potential. Possibly a way to make Kenny understand his potential with immortality. It was an engaging plot device that didn't leave any plot holes within the story which was really good to keep it going. I liked the way how you incorporated other characters to have Kenny's powers. THAT IS SOMETHING SOUTH PARK WOULD DO! Just like the Coon & Friends saga during the series. OTHER CHARACTERS WERE INVOLVED! (Though I had nothing against Mysterion vs Coon.). It is one thing to make the protagonist hold a special power, but to get other characters involved and understand then be able to collaborate with that power is awesome. So well done on that. Since you made Kyle get some of Kenny's powers, then Stan and Cartman.

- Okay I read ONE SEX SCENE. Where Kyle dressed up in a skirt. That I read because it was Kenny's birthday (in the story obviously), and also because Kyle in a skirt is freaking hilarious! I never knew that cuffs and ice were a method? Interesting to be honest. I skipped the whole full on part. But the teasing and aftermath I read. The speech about the necklace after the sex was really beautiful. :) :) 3 Shows how we can accept one another and love one another despite differences in culture, gender or religion.

- You have a great way with words. Trust me you do. Very poetic in some cases. I liked the references of religion. Also the valedictorian speech. That was gold! Specifically when Kyle put that a$$ in his place. (I had a lot of sympathy for that kid.. AND IT'S JUST A FREAKING FANFIC!). But still the way how you made the speeches was really good. Some was a bit cliché, but I'm letting that slide as you're a naturally talented writer. Keep going.

- Humour. You had some good humorous parts of the story. Such as the few Eric and Kyle arguments we received that involved throwing funny insults back and forth. Some of the sarcastic comments were good too hahaha. Kyle dressed as a girl was funny too. :P Sorry but that image of him in a skirt, back sweater and french hat won't leave my head.

- You kept the Broflovski parents in character. KYLE'S MUM (I'm Australian) IS A BIG FAT F***ING B**CH! Played the song when I read her scenes hahahahaha. WELL DOEN FOR THAT!

Overall you had a great story, a bit too much sex, needed a bit more violence, a lot of sex and rape (I can't believe Kyle didn't do another attempt I was expecting him to do one to be honest... :'( But I'm happy he didn't..). But then again people do like sex in stories haha so that's okay, just the rape scenes I guess. (Also I read about what you went through in one of the early chapters. I hope you are doing okay hun.. You have my support). You do have a wonderful writing style, great humour, an engaging original plot line that keeps the audience intrigued. Just minus quite a few of the sex scenes (like 80%?) as well as sex talk, make Kyle less of a damsel, Kenny through some punches, throw in some of the classic punch lines and more violence between bad guys and you've got a South Park movie. Good job. Keep it up. I hope to read more from you.

Grade: A minus.

- Gallen 88
Guest chapter 53 . 1/3/2017
I didn't like it... I LOVE IT! You are a dreaming amazing writer! Make this an actual book mate (yes I called you mate my friend), you have potential to be a famous author with an original plot like that! A plus! :)

- Gallen 88
Mewsali chapter 27 . 8/10/2016
Yay! Where's Pip though? Does something happen to him in the show because i just started season three and he's fine so far.
Mewsali chapter 26 . 8/10/2016
Oh my god, is it Token, Craig, or both? XD
Mewsali chapter 25 . 8/10/2016
Omg, I can never plan something for more than 3 chapters. XD
Mewsali chapter 24 . 8/10/2016
Now I have to watch Deadly Ends because you said not to! XD
Mewsali chapter 22 . 8/10/2016
Mewsali chapter 20 . 8/10/2016
You killed Kenny!
Anony: you bastard!
Mewsali chapter 19 . 8/10/2016
Can i have lunch with kyle? i want to steal the lettuce from the salad. And any carrots because i'm a bunny. XD
Mewsali chapter 17 . 8/10/2016
Oh my god, i just watched the Panda episode this morning before looking for fiction. XD
Mewsali chapter 16 . 8/10/2016
You made an ao3 reference, lol. XD
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