Reviews for If Things Were Different
t42n24t2 chapter 74 . 12/2
I like Clayton and Amelia. Nice group of folks for Rosenshire. Molly is going to be very busy.
ranchan-akari chapter 74 . 12/2
Love all the quotations from Pride and Prejudice!
Fallwalker chapter 47 . 11/26
Good story I am enjoying it. However, some issues with word spelling and phasing . In the previous chapter, Neville' s gran is Augusta, in this chapter, you call her Agatha.
ranchan-akari chapter 73 . 11/25
Aww, I love how Kreacher actually totally loves kids!
t42n24t2 chapter 73 . 11/25
I love seeing little Harry playing with Kreacher. Seeing him with the Weasleys will be interesting. Hope you feel better soon.
HuffPride chapter 71 . 11/11
An interesting chapter!
ranchan-akari chapter 71 . 11/11
Niiiiiice! I love how Severus and Sirius don't fall immediately to Narcissa's pleas. While I would feel really bad if she was sincere, I love how Severus and Sirius point out the contradictory manner of her pleas and walk away. Seriously, if she sincerely wanted help for herself and Draco, why would she still worry about what her "family" would say about her? Because isn't she trying to get away from them? *scoffs* Yeah.

Lovely update! I wonder what's going on at the hospital! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Fallwalker chapter 70 . 11/10
I like your story, the style of writing reminds me of one of my favorite author, Jane Austin. I look forward to your update and see how far you take your story.
HuffPride chapter 70 . 11/8
I have spent the last few hours catching up! I love this story and love how frequently you seem to update :). I am glad the apple didn't do anything harmful to Harry and Severus, Sirius and Remus are now amongst friends! I am definetky looking forward to the Weasleys and the Grangers moving!

Early in the chapters you mentioned that Severus and Sirius found it sad how Draco would be brought up, are you changing that? Or will he still be brought up by his parents?
ranchan-akari chapter 70 . 11/6
I lovelovelove how muggles and wizards are mingling so naturally at the Bard! I love how it's Hermione's dad that Severus meets, and how everybody awesome is getting invited to Rosenshire! I foresee a future population explosion there! And everybody will be team Harry. Awesome~! I can't wait!
Locket1 chapter 70 . 11/6
Thankyou again! Always nice to catch up with this one.
t42n24t2 chapter 70 . 11/5
I do like this club, and I like the meeting with Dr. Granger!
hwyla chapter 70 . 11/5
I do hope Sev has put up anti-animagus wards! Rita sounds a nasty piece of work here - asking if Harry is disfigured, etc.

And how provident to make the acquaintance of Dr. Granger. I'm eagerly awaiting the introduction of Hermione to Rosenshire. Very cute that she not only levitated her books, but had them alphabetize themselves as well. I think she might have had a trip or two to the library already ;p
WerewolfKing350 chapter 69 . 11/1
I really like this story. It has potential but I can't help but think Snape hiding all magic from Harry isn't a good idea... maybe he can begin easing Harry back into the concept of magic.
ranchan-akari chapter 69 . 11/1
Yes! This is exactly the type of story I like to read about Severus! I adore how you've recreated almost regency era in the wizarding society while the muggle society is modern! I adore how you have Severus slowly changing and forcing change around him by his actions! I can't wait for more! Hopefully this second club is better because I find myself really unenamored by the Patronum...except perhaps the way that Severus would shake it up if he accepted membership. Maybe. Not.
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