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Forgotsurname chapter 32 . 6/17/2014
Wait, what!? Curse you cliffhanger!

Crossing my fingers that you're bringing Vivi back, haha.
ShinOokami chapter 32 . 6/16/2014
... cute, and cool... nice chapter but a bit ? unexpected development? I don't know, I like it

(guess this is my shortest review ever, but don't worry)

A seeker of knowledge
Green Bunny chapter 32 . 6/16/2014
But you said... Naw. Don't care. I'm so dang excited to see another chapter! Ah! Thanks for the update!
Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros chapter 32 . 6/16/2014
*Raises hand!* Great chapter buuuut, it a boy or is it a girl? Also, if this is going where I think it's going I have an idea for a FF 9 story and I wanted to use your stories as a spring-board please.
Guest chapter 32 . 6/16/2014
Waiting for update became pain because I love your work. I am currently playing ff9 for like 3rd time. I recently came accross my nightmare, no goos fanfiction to read (when I started reading fanfictions I got addicted to fluff they posess, I just love fluffy moments) and so waiting for you to update became difficult, but that's just the way it is. Zidane can't reproduce? Damn, that sounds horrible for happily ever after idea. I hope he will be in the end.
-Loyal Final fantasy 9 fan
Wintermoth chapter 32 . 6/16/2014




but, um, wouldn't Garnet and Zidane not being able to have children create some...political issues?
Caitlyn-4479 chapter 31 . 6/11/2014
Do you wanna hear a funny coincidence? I've been procrastinating majorly for my exams recently and started a new ffix game - which inevitably lead me to Brick by Brick. And for that whole week I didn't notice that you'd not only updated this, but you'd posted a new oneshot too! My day is made. But I wish I had've opened my eyes when I first went to your page, damn.

This day actually came sooner than I expected! Finally, finally we have our Zidane back! (I think we all experienced an agony similar to Garnet's waiting for Zidane to return in the form of this chapter). I just loved the way he started swearing again like nothing had happened, good old Zidane. It was the only way for him to come back though, really. He never fails to disappoint!

I will never stop loving the way you write Zidane and Blank, seriously. There's something so deliciously addictive about the way you write those boys.

I love the way you designed the whole theory over how Vivi left his mark on this world and allowed the Mage lineage to continue. I can just imagine him telling the other mages about their race by the fire in the Black Mage Village. The fact that he lingers on shows how much life he had, and I love how you captured that.

I love how Zidane's sacrifice all leads back to his idiotic heroism; it really gives me that nostalgia hit from ffix. The chapter's end was much more satisfying than the last one! Oh Zidane, you monkey horndog. I missed you.

I'm caught between anticipation for the (possible) last chapter and sadness that it may indeed be the last chapter. This story has been close to my heart and so many others (I hope your other loyal reviewers make you brim with pride!) for so many years and it'll be like saying goodbye to an old friend. I'll really miss this, but I can't wait for the closing chapters. Your writing style is still impeccable and I've noticed some little style differences that make me very excited for your original works. I think you're definitely hitting the cusp of your writing skills and I just know you'll be published one day. Never give up and never stop writing!

I can't tell you how excited I am to one day read your original works. Your writing has captured me from a tender early age and keeps enthralling me well into my twenties, and that is something really special. Like ff9 is the game I always return to, your writing is always there to welcome me home. And like I always find something new when playing the game, I always come across an eloquent quote in your writing I've never noticed before. Your stories are the kind that you can read again and again and still discover something new. It's really something to treasure. I simply cannot wait for the next chapter of Foundations. I hope this long hiatus has brought you happiness and that you never lose sight of why you write and why you should keep writing. Much love!
Cadistra chapter 31 . 6/1/2014
Oh, I'm so glad you updated!
A great ending, though I'm waiting for an explanation as much as Mikoto! Wonderful work on this fic!
Overscore chapter 31 . 5/21/2014
WHAT. How did I miss this. Dang, it's been more than a week since this chapter was released! ._.

But it's nice to see this story updated again. Like, really nice. Too often you see great, incomplete stories with their "last updated" date going back 5 years. Seeing a new chapter for Foundations is kind of like revisiting an old friend. All the characters, how you portray them, and the plot behind it all... Pretty nostalgic stuff (as pathetic as that sounds lol). Seeing Mikoto being as business-like as usual, but also seeing her begin to express a tiny bit of emotion towards others is strangely satisfying. It'll be interesting to see who you turn her into by the end of the story. And I love that Zidane brings his safeguarding cock-sure attitude back with him from the dead (seeing him deal with nervousness in other ways is pretty much implausible to me after reading most of your fics XD); that one line about being too awesome for the Crystal made me cheese pretty hard lol.

As for the writing, there were a couple hitches here and there. A few clerical errors and some brief blocks in flow, but it was nothing too major. I just felt like at some parts, Garnet's voice was often overshadowed by the events of what was happening, but I guess that kinda makes sense since the events are pretty huge... But yeah. I just felt like Garnet didn't have as much impact on the way the story flowed. I've realized that writing Garnet's character to make her interesting is probably really difficult... They don't give you too much of the "playfulness" aspect of her in-game. You still wrote Zidane really well, as well as Blank. And your explanation as to how Zidane got his soul back was actually believable. I was kind of thinking that I would end up not being able to believe the resolution of the story (if it was ever written lol :P) but you proved me wrong. Pretty good theorycrafting on your part haha.

I did find the whole part about the Crystal a little bit weird though. It's been a while since I played FFIX, so bear with me, but what is the explanation for Garnet being so close to the Crystal? And why would it take away her memories? In-game, when the party fought Trance Kuja, the Crystal was very close by, but the party retained its memories. So, I dunno... And with Kuja's image appearing before Garnet, how does that happen? Is Kuja's soul a "loose" soul as well, or was his image simply a part of Garnet's mind fighting off the influence of the Crystal? Just a few questions and a minor quibble haha.

And whenever Garnet or Zidane kissed, I couldn't help but think "when was the last time they brushed their teeth" lol... But uh... Yeah. I guess that's just me being kind of immature.

Anyway, it feels really good to see this story finally coming to a close. It's been a long time since it was started, and I commend you on your determination to finish it. Writer's block, real life, and loss of interest are pretty damn hard to fight off. I hope that you continue to write even after you finish this behemoth of a story!
Green Bunny chapter 31 . 5/15/2014
*Whine* I nearly MISSED this! My dang Gmail inexplicably sent all my fiction updates to spam (after nearly a decade of NOT going there) ugh! Anyway. I am SO DANG HAPPY you updated. I have breathlessly waited for *years* for this! Thank you! I'm so looking forward to the last little bit!
Guest chapter 31 . 5/15/2014
I waited for update day after day and finally it came. I gotta say I think your ff9 fanfictions are most professional and they have real quality. When I saw BBB I got hooked to it, great idea to put situations between in game events. As much as I love BBB and Foundations, I also love your oneshots. It makes me really happy to see people who understand my thoughts about ff9 aka my favourite video game. I only hope that you will ocassionaly write some ff9 oneshots after you finish Foundations and keep your excellent work up.
ShinOokami chapter 31 . 5/14/2014
Well i intended to writ the Review here but when it started to span a few pages i changed it to a PM :) so for the other reviewers ill only say one word

sup3rl0z3r chapter 31 . 5/12/2014
You... Updated... Twice in a month's time?

Who are you and what have you done with the real crimsoncobwebs? I'm thrilled to see you writing again, and also relieved to see the story will have an ending. This chapter's ending was soooo much more satisfying than the last. If you decided to leave the story as is, I could live with that (please don't do that, though! I'm not 100% ready to say good bye to this one yet) but it's better than dagger falling into a pit of light and not knowing what happened for over a years time, heh. I still love the direction of this story and can't wait to see how it's all wrapped up in its final chapters. Hopefully, we'll see the update soon... If not, well I think we've all proved ourselves loyal enough to you to wait a long time again. Sending positive energy and inspiration your way.
Katsumara chapter 31 . 5/12/2014
First off, yay! Zidane. Secondly.. yay! Sexy!Times. Haha.

Loved it! Glad to see this one back! I've had two of my favorite stories updated over the past few days, so that's been awesome. Keep up the great work and good luck on the rest of whatever it is you're up to! :D
Wintermoth chapter 31 . 5/11/2014
*opens window*
*pulls up shudders*
*screams to the Italian countryside*

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