Reviews for Each Other
Katara chapter 28 . 6/9
I don't like when you do the inappropriate part.
Katara chapter 21 . 6/9
Maybe for the girls they become like zuko and the boy becomes like katara. And when they're a few years old something really exciting happens, maybe some fire benders come looking for waterbenders (katara and aani)
DyrtyLyttleSecret chapter 31 . 3/27
Just re-read your story! Cause its awesome! You deserce so many mpre reivews and likes! I have clicked favorite story!
DyrtyLyttleSecret chapter 32 . 3/15
Whoa! I love th is,story! This,was the first Avatar story I read many years ago, I couldn't find it a while but I'm very glad I found it now. This totally believiable! The live scenes were tastefully done and yes it does deserve the 'M' rating. I have clicked favorite story and thanks for sharing this with us and keep on writing!
Totally Spazz-tastic chapter 3 . 2/28
I just realized he hid out with Song and her mother. *weeps* Anyway, back to my re-read...
Dreamer.Ally chapter 32 . 1/31
Love love love! This story is awesome! Action, lemon, feels! Aaaargh! I'm drooling!
Jane Doe chapter 32 . 12/28/2015
I loved it
But am i the only one who wants to know how Aani ,Kazue and Kyrsa are as adults
Wolf chapter 22 . 12/21/2015
Linda getting Boeing want some action
zukofire chapter 16 . 11/14/2015
i think you really rushed through this chapter...the familly met after this huge time...and they were that all?! there needs to be more emotion here...and no talking about aang?!anyone would expect katara to be mental asking about what exactly happened at ba sing se...
zukofire chapter 9 . 11/14/2015
this chapter was absolutely mindblowing! the kissing was both sensuous and loving as well as erotic all at the same time! :-D i'm in love with this... cheers...keep up the good work
zukofire chapter 6 . 11/14/2015
this chapter was breathtakingly beautiful beautiful had re-reading this over and over made me connect to a girl i have a crush on and i had an amazing time imagining us as zuko and katara. Great work! you have a diehard fan in me now...
Totally Spazz-tastic chapter 31 . 10/6/2015
Holy cow this is amazing! Love you.
Devante chapter 4 . 8/17/2015
Devante chapter 3 . 8/17/2015
Oh my goodness this is amazing! I love the story so far! I am reading this at the hotel I work at and this weekend was an anime convention where I met Dante Basco. He would absolutely love this!
dramioneotp chapter 31 . 7/27/2015
this truly is a REALLY great fanfic. your writing is amazing and I just love how light hearted and fun the middle chapters were. the ending was great... you're a great writer! one of the greatest zutara fanfics i ever read
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