Reviews for Put your head on my shoulder
amberraven chapter 1 . 3/18/2012
Sorry, I only managed to read this now. :)

What can I say... maaan.. where are the other FAKE fans? You deserve more reviews for this. Back when I was still watching/reading FAKE, it crossed my mind that they'll be a nice couple. There's this tension going on with those 2. haha.. I duno if I was just reading between the lines whenever they interact. But of course, I was more focused on the main pair of the series so I didn't pay much attention to B and D except now. LOL. But nonetheless, I liked how you wrote this. My mind was in a whirl, thinking all the emotions of the characters that goes with the song. I'm such an uke! Good job as always!
Ladye chapter 1 . 12/27/2009
You should definitely have reviews for this, it is certainly worth it. Berkeley and Diana are a lovely coupling and you do so well with them here, drawing out their emotions and pulling them together.

A lot of people write Berkeley in a way that he becomes more of a villain than a man with his own set of needs and wants so it's a double pleasure to see how you presented him here.

Also, just a small fannish squeal of delight seeing Diana finally receive her hearts desire, that he wasn't to late. And a little more happiness at the idea of them dancing together, close, and him calling her Deedee.

Thank you for a warming heart tug of a read.