Reviews for Saving the night
DaraSerian chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
I really liked this. I find Rebekah fascinating the way she is sometimes really shy and unsure yet other times is very confident and quite forward. Depending on the situation. I like that she is open to possibility regarding types of relationships yet wouldn't know how do have on herself without some guidance. And Mel...Wow I just love her to pieces. She reminds me of me in some ways and in others I'd like to be more like her. I only just watched this show for the first time a few weeks ago after watching actress Rachel Nichols in the new Continuum show. She's is amazing. now I'm going to look up the actress who plays Mel. I only just thought to look to see if anyone wrote stories for this show. So glad I found them, but wish there were more. I may look into writing one even though the show is long over. It really stinks. I'd have liked to see how it would go with Rebekah's old captor. He was alive in one of the episodes. Now we'll never know unless we write something I guess. I loved you in your story here you did a great job making the characters sound like they should. Thanks for the read.
Lady Nightspike chapter 1 . 12/6/2009
This is relatively interesting. There are a couple typos: 1st para "Who's bright idea", (whose) after halfway down "but now the topic had been breeched" (breached) "Subdued Rebecca dissapeared" (disappeared) "You keep on trowing yourself in danger." (throwing)“Wel, you are now." (well) "Mel sushed her" shushed "We kind off stuck together" (of) "Rebecca vehementely stated" (vehemently) "She was getting to old for spending the evening on the floor... Rebecca rose as well and gave her an akward hug. " (too, and awkward)

I like the closure that this gives the series. And you did a good job of capturing Rebecca's and Mel's characters. But I'm confused about the direction you're going in, or the point you're trying to make. You spend some time establishing 'girl talk' about Corey and sisters and such, and then at the end you go into how Mel is bisexual. Are you tablesetting for a Mel/Rebecca relationship, or just establishing a friendship? Anyway, I'd like to see more-hardly anyone writes Inside fic.